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Ash Year 3

Welcome to Ash Class 2016/2017 We hope you enjoy looking at all the fun learning we are doing!

Meet our class

Meet our class 1

Parent information 2016

Homework information 2016

Project information for parents 2016/2017

We have been busy sharing stories in our Take One Tale project.

For Ash Class Roman Museum, some people made some fantastic powerpoints to share their information. Have a look!

Demonstrating our maths skills constructing a scale version of Hadrian's Wall. We worked as teams, measured and calculated scale to draw sections of the wall.

Teamwork making collage Roman gods

Wonderful World Book Day! We spent some time enjoying our favourite books - some of them were in other languages too!

Our faboulous Indian peacock! We all worked together to produce this amazing peacock.

Our faboulous Indian peacock! We all worked together to produce this amazing peacock. 1

We have learnt about animal skeletons by drawing them in chalk on black paper

In dance today we have been exploring contact improvisation!

We have spent this morning examining bones ... we have learnt the common names of bones, some of us have learnt scientific names for bones and the functions of various bones in the body.

Guess 'whats in the box!' with Dr Eaton!

Click here to read our work about our visit with the STEMNet Ambassador! It was a great morning.

Ash Class' turn in the forest - we made fat balls to feed the birds, sawed fire wood and toasted marshmallows!

Take One Piece of Music

Our project for this week is 'Take One Piece' we are looking at the performance: In the Hall Of The Mountain King from Peer Gynt by Edvard Grieg. Its really exciting and it gets very loud! After listening to the piece of music once we wrote from our own imaginations - some very scary stories. This afternoon we have learnt a lot of new musical words to describe volume (dynamics), repeated rhythm (ostinato), speed (tempo) and tone (timbre) of the music. 

Please have a listen to the music on the BBC:



Stories written using our imagination inspired by 'In the hall of the Mountain King'.

Look at our amazing Christmas dinner photos!

Our fantastic Christmas table decorations - well done Jamie for winning!

Come and buy our wonderful Christmas Craft Fayre makes - £1 each.

Our new science project is 'Forces and Magnets' can you spot the different forces in action?

We really enjoyed the Capoeira session - thank you Marvin!

Ash Class at Earth Trust November 2016

Ash Class at Earth Trust November 2016 1

We've just returned from our trip to Earth Trust - it was amazing! Look at some of the activities we have enjoyed...

We spent the morning working with Mr Knapp on Islamic Art

Ash and Willow Class enjoyed listening to an interesting talk by Holly - she's a Geothermal Engineer!

Smart Assembly October children - well done

Smart Assembly October children - well done 1

Our rendition of The Little Red Hen was fantastic in Harvest Festival

One Picture work - the portraits of us with Salvador Dali moustaches are fantastic. We worked really hard on our observational drawings of butterflies to recreate the 'Ship with Butterfly Sails'.

Ash Class had the first visit to Fir Tree Forest - it was great fun!

We put a camera in the Forest - look what we found!

We've been learning to ask someone how they feel in French - "Ca va?"

Ask me to tell you the story of Little Charlie

Ask me to tell you the story of Little Charlie 1

We made flapjacks for you to buy at the Macmillan Cake Sale on Friday afternoon!

We made flapjacks for you to buy at the Macmillan Cake Sale on Friday afternoon! 1

Ms Khan came and read us a story today!

Ms Khan came and read us a story today! 1
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Year 4 Brass Assembly - Singing the Calypso Song

Still image for this video
We have enjoyed all of our learning with Mr P and will be very sad to say goodbye. We hope you enjoyed our performance, we have enjoyed learning the cornet!

Fishy Scales - a scale is a row of eight notes that move up and down.

Still image for this video

Pease Pudding - singing and playing cornets, but not at the same time!

Still image for this video

Wrap it up! Demonstrates our use of articulation to give variety to our performance.

Still image for this video

Sword Dance demonstrates our harmony (playing two or more different notes at the same time) and unison (playing the same note at the same time.)

Still image for this video

and some photos too

Sports Day fun!

We are learning about the Olympics, Samba Drumming is a big part of the culture in Rio, where the Olympics are going to be held this summer. We had a great time learning how to play them.

Still image for this video

more video ...

Still image for this video

Please come to the Summer fete and buy our Peppermint Runes £1.50 a bag!

This weeks homework was to write a poem using words with the 'ng' digraph. Here is Dylan's:


The Karate Kid

The kid starts by punching, 

Followed by some kicking, 

His opponent attacks but the kid did some blocking, 

The kid, jumping forwards,

Bouncing up and down.

The kid sparing, pounding his opponent ...

down to the ground!



Thank you for coming to our Museum - we loved sharing our learning with you

We also learnt how to use a bow and arrow with an expert archer!

Art with Mr Knapp - we made a Dragon's head using block printing, just like the type the Vikings had on their longboats.

Anna Wilson, the author, came to talk to us about the inspiration for her books - her pets!

Learning maths is fun! We had a great time learning our times tables!

Learning maths is fun! We had a great time learning our times tables!  1

Ms Khan rewarded our group with a sticker for our hard work!

Ms Khan rewarded our group with a sticker for our hard work! 1

We started by putting the main events in chronological order

We started by putting the main events in chronological order 1

Verbally rehearsing generalisers and conjunctions before using them to writing our non chronological reports.

We ran, skipped, jumped and walked our way from Land's End to John O'Groats - please send any more sponsor money into school as soon as possible - thank you!

Term 4

We are starting this term with two weeks learning a Tale in our Take One Tale Storytelling event. Our tale has a clever moral - can you spot it?

Then we will be learning all about rivers and water in our 'River Journey' project. During this time we will be reviewing our learning and have our second Parents Evening of the school year. 

Our amazing celebration of music - Ash and Willow Class impressed everyone with their musical abilities!

Click here to see the program for the Music Concert

The children thoroughly enjoyed performing to the rest of the school and parents. Some of their comments were:

"That felt scary!" "I am so proud of myself" "I feel great!" "When can we do that again?" "I've conquered my fear" "I really enjoyed it!"

"My favourite bit was singing the Three Bear Rap!" "I enjoyed getting notes out of my cornet" "I liked singing with Willow Class"


We would all like to thank Mr Probert - his fantastic tuition has given the children the confidence to enjoy playing their instruments and perform in front of an audience. All of the children have made so much progress and look forward to our lessons on Monday mornings!

March Smart Assembly children from Ash Class enjoy getting their certificates! What Smart are you improving?

Ms Khan and Ali from the bookshop declared our new school library - open! Come and see...

We went to meet the Editor of the Phoenix Comic as a special treat for World Book Day and enjoyed creating our own comic characters

To celebrate World Book Day we did buddy reading with Cherry Class and shared who we had dressed up as and some of our favourite stories

Look at some of our sketches of the character in our story - Baba Yaga - she's horrible!

Music - playing the cornet at Fir Tree. Mr Probert has given us some music to rehearse - ready for our performance in a sharing assembly on Monday 21st March at 9.15.

Cornet Music

Here is music from Mr Probert for you to use when rehearsing with your cornets.

Ash Class have thoroughly enjoyed the Take One Tune project - our music was Mars, Bringer of War

Welcome to Ash Class 2015

Welcome to Ash Class 2015 1

A great big welcome to Ash Class - all the children have worked so hard this week in getting to know each other - what an amazing team we have!

Being a part of Ash Class is important because we learn about our new topics in interesting ways, mainly by doing things and visiting new places.

Our teachers help us to learn by knowing what we are 'smart' at and encourage us to work on the things we need to improve on to achieve our next target. We all know what our next steps will be because we write the steps to success for each task together. We use computers, resources and lots of fun to help us learn!

"Being in Ash Class makes me feel happy because I know everyone will support me in my learning."

"Our teachers help us to learn in very special ways."

Ash Class step into the shoes of Gaudi's chimneys on the Casa Mila

Lower School raising money for Heart FM

Brass lessons with Ash Class - we are making so much progress!

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Term Two - Project information and generic timetable

Mary Poppins - rehearsals in full swing!

Ash and Cedar class enjoy storytelling

Smart assembly photos

Ash Class visit Wallingford library

Christmas at Fir Tree!

Ash Class visit the Kindergarden and the Wild Area

Parents enjoy our Open afternoon to celebrate the work we have completed for Take One Tune.
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