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Badminton with Julia

On Monday 12th November 2017, Sycamore Class were very lucky to have a professional Badminton player at our school to teach us badminton! Julia came in the afternoon at 2:30 and had a few different activities for us to do.

  • Shooting over the net with hands or with bats
  • The net catching activity
  • The hitting activity (Bag, Balloon or a Shuttle)

We were very happy and excited to get a one time opportunity.

"I enjoyed it a lot - it was excellent!" 

"It was a nice opportunity to get us active, and get us all to try a different sport." 

"I liked the novelty of having an ex-olympian teach us some badminton knowing that she knows what she's doing." 

At the end she showed us her Gold "Olympian Medal" that she won in 1994. 


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