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Cedar Year 3

Team building with Maple

Congratulations Harry and Meghan!

Congratulations Harry and Meghan! 1

Comic relief day

Comic relief day 1

Tower building team challenges in the forest with Mrs Smith

The year 3 judo battle where Cedar Class came out as champions......... but everyone who took part were champions really as they were all superb in their attitudes and effort!

Interpretting a character's thoughts and feelings from 'War Game' by Michael Foreman and performing them

Christmas dinner

Art competition - Christmas Tree decorations

The collar and sleeve hold

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Supporting Children in Need

Supporting Children in Need 1

The visit to Highcroft archaelogical dig

Our 'Tempest' dance so far....

Acting out the first scene of 'The Tempest'

Take One Picture - Beach Scene by Degas

The first few days of term and so far so good!  The children are settling well and learning about how we do things at Fir Tree and  what our expectations are.  We have spent the days so far getting to know one another through a variety of games, learning to work as a team and generally had fun.  The photos below show us at work and play doing  our maths assessment, exploring playground equipment and playing a team game to get into specific orders without falling off the bench into the lava or shark-infested water.  We had to  look after each other, communicate clearly and try out different ideas and suggestions. These skills will stand us in good stead for the whole year ahead.  Ms Khan came to have a chat too and told them story.   She had all their names mastered in 15 minutes!

Cedar Class 2017-2018 on 'Change Over Day'

Cedar Class 2017-2018 on 'Change Over Day' 1

Cedar Class 2016-2017

Cedar Class 2016-2017 1
Welcome to year 4 Cedar Class 2016-2017.   We hope you enjoy reading our news over the coming year.

Cedar Class have been finding out about the life, inventions and legacy of Alexander Graham Bell as part of our science project about inventors and their discoveries. We have made posters all about him with our own faces peeping through which caused much laughter!

Picture 1

Our art project is focussing on the work of Romanian sculptor, Brancusi, (1876-1957) who had a particular liking for sculpting birds. Using scrunched up newspaper and masking tape only, the children had just half an hour to make their own bird. Over the next few weeks we shall be honing our skills and exploring quality finishing techniques.

Our ‘Take One Tale’ project focusses on a book entitled Birthday Battle Bunny by Jon Scieszka. This is positively one of the best books we have ever looked at in terms of its concept and the humour packed into it. Cedar Class definitely recommend it if you haven’t come across it before! (Boys in particular love it!) In the photos we have been engaging in role play and answering questions in role as either the sweet and sugar Birthday Bunny or the evil, powerful Battle Bunny.

Going on an invertebrate hunt

Anglo-Saxons (Term 5)


This term, we will be placing the Saxons on a timeline and will be looking at aspects of their daily lives. Throughout the project, we will be learning how the Saxons came to arrive in Britain and how they were eventually conquered by the Normans. Specifically, the areas that will be explored are culture, food, art, homes, military, kings etc... Significant journeys and locations will also be mapped. We shall be exploring ideas through different areas of the curriculum and pulling it all together for our Open morning which we hope you will be able to attend.



'Old MacDonald Had a Farm'........ a very fast one to make things that extra bit challenging!

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Beautiful daffodils using wet and dry watercolour techniques

Exploring ideas about temperature and reading scales correctly

Dressed up for World Book Day

Dressed up for World Book Day 1

Working with Year 10 students from Walligford School on PE to develop their leadership skills

A science expert from stem net came to talk to us about digestion and teeth in humans and animals

Learning Hindi ....girls

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We are saying, "My name is ________" in Hindi

Learning Hindi......boys

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French numbers to 20

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Madame Taylor is teaching us again this term!

Bhangra Drumming session with Andy

A short Bhangra drumming video

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Timetable and parent overview for term 4 and the River Journey project

Our fantastic maquettes we made with Mrs Harris

Learning about teeth

Brass update

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More gymnastics work requiring strength, trust and cooperation

Our counter balances in gymnastics

To begin term 3 we have studied 'Mars, the Bringer of War' from The Planet Suite by the English composer, Gustav Holst.  This piece features an 'ostinato' which is a repeated idea which occurs throughout.    It is heard first of all quietly by the string section of the orchestra then loudly and confidently by the trumpets.   Many of us guessed that this piece was about a war or a battle without knowing the title or story behind the music.  The way it was carefully written suggested these ideas very clearly.

Ostinato excerpts

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and another group....

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Homework Information

Overview of Take One Tune and Disgusting Digestion Project

Christmas dinner

Brass Assembly

Our finished jumpers for the craft fayre!

Our visit to Gospel Hall, Atwell Close, to see their baptistry pool and hear about baptism

Supporting Children in Need

Supporting Children in Need 1

Our visit to the Botanical Gardens

Exploring ideas about 'Sound'

Our sewing project for the Christmas fayre

We are looking forward to entertaining you with our 'Jungle Book' performance!

We are looking forward to entertaining you with our  'Jungle Book' performance! 1

Term 2 and we have dance with Mrs Sparrey

Over the next three weeks we shall be exploring a 'firework' project. We shall be focussing on using different levels, pathways, body parts and speeds to choreograph our group dances. Unison and canon motifs will be used.  As always, Mrs Sparrey will be teaching us about the importance of warming up and cooling  correctly down to look after our bodies.

What a treat to spend the morning in the Fir Tree Forest!   Even though it rained heavily, did we complain or even notice?  No!

We spent a fun few hours exploring the area and developing our teamwork skills in the challenge to 'build the biggest pile of leaves'.  This required cooperation, communication and initiative! How might the boards help?   How can we best use the bags? Will the wheelbarrow help? How can we work quicker to catch up with the other team and be more efficient?

We also learnt how to use secateurs  (not tweezers!)  loppers, pliers, and saws safely whilst having respect for the area and the wildlife within it.    Some of us got creative and made dens and colour wheels using the leaves too.  

We are look forward to going again and hope it can be soon! Thank you Emma!

Thank you parents too for providing wellies and raincoats at short notice.

Let us persuade you to come along to our production..........

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Working with Mr Knapp on an Art project


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Making a 'buzz wire' type game

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Science pictures....

Cedar prayers in Harvest assembly

Cedar prayers in Harvest assembly 1

Our first blow of a brass instrument!

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A sneaky peak at brass lessons with Jemma

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A glimpse at maths.....

Cooking for the Macmillan cake sale

Year 4 overview of the year ahead

Take One Picture and Jungle Book overview

Picture 1 The serious look!
Picture 2 The fun look!

Cooking cheese scones

Photo and magazine cut-outs recreating Picasso's style on SMART DAY

Picture 1 Change over day visit!