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Gunpowder Plot and Fireworks

This week in Sycamore class we have been studying Bonfire Night, Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder plot. Our first task was to create a storyboard on the Gunpowder Plot to help us we watched a documentary, which the class really enjoyed! In addition we formed groups and created freeze frames of the main events that happened during the Gunpowder plot.

Over the course of the week we spent time looking at poetry. Firstly, we looked at onomatopoeia and different word choices (e.g. adverbs, adjectives and exciting verbs) to help us describe fireworks or a bonfire. We then moved on to look at personification and thought about the different human characteristics we could link to a fire or bonfire. At this stage we then planned our poems before created a shape, which we wrote our final poem inside, and then to complete our shape poems we added colour!