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Global Club 2016- 2017 


Fir Tree’s Global Club is a brilliant group of values, people and self-smart children from across the school.


We joined Global Club to learn more about countries from around the world and ways that these are similar and different from our own. We also wanted to think of ways we can help people in different parts of the world to make the resources in their communities even better.



This year's project...


In September, Ms Khan set us a challenge to investigate the ‘Lunch 4 Learning’ foundation. We used the 5ws to generate questions to explore and used the laptops to help us retrieve the information we needed.



We discovered that ‘Lunch 4 Learning’ helps schools in Uganda (a country in Africa) by providing resources and equipment for them to make lunchtime meals for their pupils.



We liked this idea:

1) it was an example of the ‘sustainability’ (looking after themselves) rather than ‘charity’ (handing out help) approach

2) it was helping children like us and we understand how learning can be difficult if you’re constantly hungry




We decided to get fundraising so that we could make a donation to the foundation to buy…





This will be used to help the school collect rain water which they will treat to use for cooking, washing up, watering their crops and washing hands.


After we brainstormed our ideas, we used ‘dotocracy’ to vote for the ones we liked the best. 




Water Themed (?) Cake Sale








  • Children to bring in money to buy cakes and biscuits at breaktime
  • Children to bring in biscuits and cakes to sell
  • Water bake competition which will be judged by Siva
  • Siva to make a Water Cake to be raffled


  • Could happen in any term

Non-School Uniform Day and African Themed lunch menu

  • Children bring £1 to wear non-school uniform or blue coloured clothes
  • Siva to make an African themed menu


  • Could happen in any

Sponsored Walk


  • Walk to either Wittenham Clumps or Shillingford Bridge as a whole school
  • Each child raises at least £5 (this would make £1,050)
  • Children bring a packed lunch and parents can come on the walk too


  • Probably best to happen in the Spring or Summer term because of weather




  • Families pay to hire a camping space on the school field
  • Luca tried this at Brightwell and it was successful


  • Summer Term – weather

Pack Bags at Waitrose



  • Volunteer to pack bags at Waitrose and bring a bucket for people to donate money into


  • Any term

Craft Making Sale

  • Make crafts that could be sold at the Christmas Craft Fayre or Summer Fete


  • Christmas or Summer or both?

Water Bucket Challenge

  • Sponsored to pour a freezing cold water bucket over your head
  • Winter term


We then invited Ms Khan to a meeting to explain our ideas further and discuss how these might work in school.






As a result of the meeting, we created an action plan including: letter writing and event organising and promoting. We have spread out some of these fundraising ideas across the year, so look out for the next one! 



On the 20th of January, Fir Tree will be holding a 'Water Day' fundraiser to start our journey towards funding the Lunch4Learning water tank. We have created advertising posters so look out for these to find out more!


Global Club 2015-2016!


Who are Global club?

An enthusiastic group of self-smart and value-smart children from across the school. We joined the club because we wanted to learn more about different parts of the world; issues that are affecting our world (local, national and international) and ways we can help to make the world a better place for everyone.




What do we do in Global club?

In our first week of the club, we brainstormed different global issues and ways we could help to make them better. We also designed lettering and images to make a Global Club display board to let visitors know what we’ve been learning about.

In week two, we divided into teams after choosing our first issue to focus on: climate change! After using the ipad to learn more about it, Toby and Kai made a story map to explain how Global warming happens. Maisy and Evelyn investigated ways global warming is affecting our world using books and the internet.


Using books, Smriti, Shreya and Ola found ways to prevent climate change and made these into instructions. Our goal is to teach the whole school what we’ve learned in an assembly.




In week three, Ms Khan brought us exciting news about the ‘Make Some Noise’ charity she had received in an email from Heart Radio and asked us to plan a day to raise as much money as we possibly could. Our club worked together to organise the day and let everyone know about it. These are some of the things we learned how to do:

  • Wrote an email to Matt and Michelle to let them know how we were raising money
  • Designed a special menu for the day
  • Organised a dance-a-thon for the classes (and made a playlist of songs which would help people dance)
  • Wrote a letter to let parents know what was happening on the day
  • Helped Mrs Ash answer questions in a radio interview by Matt and Michelle on their breakfast show
  • Made special decorations for the hatch and entrance
  • Hosted Northern Ross (the producer of the Matt and Michelle radio show) for lunch and gave him a tour of the school
  • Counted the money we had raised and put it in bags to go to the bank







In week four, we investigated a charity scheme called ‘Children in Need’ and decided this was something we wanted to become involved in at our school. After we found out more about it and who it would help, we organised a special collection day for the school.


Then we divided into teams with different jobs, for example: Toby and Maisy wrote a letter to parents to let them know about it.  Kai and Smriti researched dishes for the spotty theme. Our publicity team (Ola, Evelyn and Shreya) designed posters using the key information to put up around school and advertise the day.


Global Club were lucky to be visited by Ike Garson, the coordinator of a charity called Lunch4Learning.




We found out a bit about the charity before his visit so that we could ask thoughtful questions. Here is the website if you want to find out even more about this fantastic charity: 




A Special Visitor to Global Club


We were lucky to be visited by Gina (a researcher at Oxford University in International Development) who helped us to learn more about her study ‘YOUNG LIVES’. We found out that she tracks 15,000 children in 4 different countries to find out how their opportunities are affecting their lives. They use this data to help governments of these countries to find solutions for their communities to ensure all children have equality. 




Rights of the Fir Tree Child


We investigated and talked about the UN Human Rights for children and used these to help us write our own rights for children we think all children at Fir Tree should have. 





Pancake Day Around The World!


Global club have had the chance to research pancake day traditions around the world. We looked at traditions in:







We then transferred the interesting facts on to paper plates. Here are some of the facts we learnt: 


1) Pancakes in Australia are too thick to roll.

2) Pancakes are known as pikelets, which are smaller, thicker version of the pancake, which are served cold with butter or jam and cream.



1) In Canada, they add things to their pancakes such as coins, pieces of string, nails, wedding rings, buttons. The lucky one to find coins in their pancake will be rich, the finder of the ring will be the first married, the finder of the name will become a carpenter and the finder of the thimble will be a seamstress or tailor.

2) Pancakes are served with syrup, partridgeberry jam and sausages.



1) Pancake day is called 'Mardi Gras' in France, which means 'Fat Tuesday.'

2) It comes from the tradition of parading a fat ox through Paris streets to remind people not to eat meat until Easter.

3) During 'Mardi Gras.' people disguise themselves by putting on masks.

4) One tradition that goes with the day is to hold a coin in your writing hand and a crêpe pan in the other, and flip the crêpe into the air. If you manage to catch the crêpe in the pan, your family will have good luck for the rest of the year.