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Groovy Greeks


As part of our ‘Groovy Greeks’ project, we have read one of the most famous Ancient Greek myths – the story of Icarus and Daedalus. To help us learn the story by memory, we stepped it out in groups by using a step to represent the end of a sentence. 


We have also freeze-framed the main events of the story. To complete this activity, we had to follow the S2S which was :

  • Facial expressions 
  • Different levels 
  • The event needs to be clear 
  • Body language 
  • No giggling 

We then planned our stories:

And then we wrote our story, and also edited them by making some improvements.

In Science, we have learnt about the different parts of the flower and their functions. We are able to label and explain the purpose of the:

  • Stigma
  • Style
  • Ovary
  • Petal
  • Anther
  • Sepal
  • Roots


We have also looked at the different steps of pollination for flowering plants and created a life cycle of a plant.



We researched Greek Vases and learnt some interesting facts including:

  • They usually depict myths and legends.
  • Vases were usually made out of clay. 
  • They weren't used for a decorative purpose. 
  • The most common colours were black, brown and orange


Then, we designed our own design for a Greek Vase. After this, we transferred our design on to a pot using acrylic paint.