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Groovy Greeks

Greek Launch Day!

On Tuesday 12th January, Sycamore had their Greek launch day – everyone came dressed up as an ancient Greek (and looked amazing!). So much effort was put into the costumes. We had a really fun day where we got to taste some Greek food (including, pita, feta, olives and tzatziki) – some of us were a little surprised by the taste of some foods, whereas others really enjoyed it. Sycamore also had the chance to be creative and, using different collage techniques, recreate a selection of Greek gods for our display – these look fantastic. The children were able to share their Greek Gods homework which included Top Trump cards and fact files – these were extremely detailed and enabled the children in Sycamore to learn lots of exciting facts. It was a really enjoyable day where we all extended our learning. Here are some photographs:

Greek Vases

As part of our Greek Topic Sycamore class made, with Mr Knapp, some Greek Vases (which look excellent) using paper mache. Firstly we were each given a balloon and our challenge was to put collars on the top and bottom (made from cardboard). We masking taped these on and created handles for the vase. Secondly, the fun bit, we used paper mache (a combination of glue and newspaper) to cover the balloon. As a result, our balloons were covered and we had the chance to paint them one block colour. After this, when all our balloons were dry, we were able to decorate our vases! They look amazing:


By Michael and Amelie

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