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This year Sycamore Class are lucky enough to have Joules (the guitar teacher) and as you might of thought - he is teaching us guitar! Please look below for what we are getting up to each lesson. 


By Dylan and Claude

Lesson 1

On Friday 16th September, we had our first guitar lesson with Joules. During the lesson we spent time recapping our musical knowledge (crotchets and minims) and musical patterns before moving on to learning about different parts of the guitar (for example the tuning pegs and sound holes). We also had the opportunity to learn 3 different notes G, B and E and test these out using different patterns of crotchets and minims. Throughout the lesson we were introduced to key terminology – beat, pulse, rhythm and pattern. We thoroughly enjoyed our lesson and can’t wait for next week! 


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Lesson 2

Today we spent time recapping our learning from last lesson before developing our knowledge of the stave and repeat symbols. We had the opportunity to test out our knowledge of crotchets, minims and quavers by playing different patterns using the 3 different notes we learnt last week (G, B and E) and creating our own tune. 

Lesson 3

Today we developed our knowledge further by learning the A note (which can be found on the G string, fret number 2).  Throughout the lesson we practised using this note and changing between different notes at speed - this got us thinking carefully about where we were placing our fingers. By the end of the lesson we were using crotchets, minims and quavers to play Hot Cross BAGs which was great fun!

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Lesson 4

Today we had the opportunity to learn about the 3 metal strings on our guitars and use these to create different chords (such as the Power Chord and A minor chord) - we then used these skills to create a pulse. As well as this, we learnt how to correctly hold and use a guitar pick to make a clear sound on our guitars. At the end of the lesson, we developed our knowledge of different scales and used this in a scale test - for this Joules played 2 sets of 2 notes and we had to identify which notes were closer on the scale - this was a very fun game and by the end most of us could hear the difference between the notes.


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