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Term 1:

Sycamore class has started their guitar lessons with Mr Roberts on Friday afternoons. During our first few weeks we have learnt so much – including how to hold the guitar in the tuning position, the anatomy of the guitar and the different types of strings (nylon and metal). Mr Roberts has taught us where the B, E and G strings, A and C notes can be found and we are using this knowledge to help us create a short tune. We are also learning the difference between pulse (or beat) and rhythm which is key to a successful guitarist. We are all thoroughly enjoying our lessons and are looking forward to learning more. 

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Term 2: 

Every Friday afternoon we have been working really hard with Mr Roberts learning the guitar – we have even got to the stage where we are able to read music on a stave! During this week’s session we were able to apply all of our knowledge so far in playing our first ever song! It sounded amazing and all the children really enjoyed it! Over the last 2 weeks of term, Sycamore have been learning to read 4 lines of music off a stave! We have been working really hard and applied all of our knowledge to play Jingle Bells! It sounded incredible and all the children really enjoyed it! We even got to sing which helped us get into the Christmas spirit.  

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Term 3:

On Friday 8th January 2016, our class were learning the ‘E chord’ for the first time and concentrating really hard. Mr Roberts, our expert, taught us how to play and change between different chords (including the ones we had already learnt and the new ‘E chord’). After a while we started to find it a little bit easier and played a tune. We had a really fun time!


By Ed and Dylan



Friday 15th January 2016

In our guitar lesson last week, Sycamore class learnt a chord called 'A Minor' and 2 different chord tunes (1. Am, G, C and 2. Em, C, G). We had lots of fun with Mr Roberts teaching us!


By Leo



Friday 21st January 2015

This week, we have learnt how to use the 'Barring technique' in guitar. We also rehearsed a tune involving the: 

1. G, Am, C Chords

2. EM, C, G Chords


By Amelie and Addison

Mr Roberts has encouraged everyone in Sycamore to practise the notes and chords we have been learning in class, at home. For people who would like some support, Mr Roberts has suggested a book which you can buy - it covers the notes and chords (we have learnt) and allows children to explore the guitar further: 

Guitar Basics by James Longworth and Nick Walker


Friday 5th February 2016

In today's lesson, we have learnt the new note of 'F sharp', which we used in our new D chord. Also, we recapped our blues song (playing it in different groups) and practised the tune by clapping in unison. Mr Roberts (the music teacher) then told us it was important that we were listening to music as it can be inspiring and make us want to pick up our guitar at home. 


By George

Term 4 

On the 4th March, Sycamore class participated in their guitar lesson. In this lesson we carried on with our tunes from the week before and completed an awesome listening game - where we listen to the tune / note Mr Roberts plays and have to guess what it was. It was so much fun!


By Amelie and Emily 

Term 5 

On Friday 13th May 2016 we had Joules (our guitar teacher) teach us two new songs: Sycamore Whip and the Soli Sycamore Style. As we are practicing for a guitar assembly or concert. So far we have learnt the notes E, D, C, B, A, G, low G, F sharp and F flat. As well we have started to develop knowledge of crochets, minims, quarters, semi-breaths, repeats and rest beats. We are looking forward to the guitar assembly.


By Joel and Ed