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Oxfordshire Remembers

Oxfordshire Remembers 


On July 28th 1914 began the outbreak of the First World War, aka World War 1 or The Great War for Civilisation. When the First World War began that summer, most people thought it would be over by Christmas. Many believed that Britain was so powerful it could win very quickly. In fact, the First World War lasted four terrible years, not four months. To celebrate 100 years since the ending of WW1 (in 2018), Oxfordshire Remembers is a local project that will enable people from different backgrounds and age groups to learn about their local military heritage.


To begin this exciting project, Sycamore class created a timeline of British history, which enabled us to see when WW1 took place in comparison to other events we have studied in school.


Then, we zoomed in and focused on placing events that happened during WW1 (1914-1918) in chronological order: