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PE Report – Week 1: Football

On Wednesday 24th February 2016, Sycamore class (us) had a football lesson with the brilliant coach Mr Smith, also our caretaker, first he showed us the lay-out of the pitch and got us to run to the different places on the pitch. Everyone used their positive personal power and those who were less confidence became the most confident. After we did the warm up, Mr Smith taught us how to throw in and did an excellent demonstration with George. Although some people were beginners at the start they got so good at throwing that they move onto the boys favourite…kicking! 


By Emily

PE Report – Week 1: Hockey

Every week on Friday we have a hockey lesson (my favourite)! This week we started off by choosing our own groups and captains. We then completed warm ups and stretches independently - what’s fun is Miss Hillier says each team can earn points by: cooperating, showing resilience, working as a team and demonstrating fantastic hockey skills. Secondly, we spent time developing our dribbling skills which was really enjoyable. Later in the lesson, after we got the hang of dribbling, we discussed how we could improve and develop our skills within a game situation.


By Amelie

PE Report - Week 2: Shuffle Ball

On Wednesday 2nd March, Sycamore class, spent an hour of the afternoon with Mr Smith. Due to the very bad weather, we had to spend the PE lesson inside, although it was very unfortunate, we had lots of fun playing shuffle ball and practising stretches. During the start of the session, we practised our stretching and here is a quote from Luca (one of our classmates): "It was very fun, but at the same time it was hard keeping our legs up from the ground six inches." After our long lesson of stretches, we gathered in four different teams and played shuffle ball where you had to hit the bench (that was on the floor). Another one of our classmates (Toby) told us: "Shuffle ball was very fun and energetic sport, I very much enjoyed it."


By George and Jim

PE Report - Week 2: Hockey

In hockey, amazing Mrs Atkins coached us on different passes - how to do them and when we would use them in a match situation. We learnt and recapped:

  • the push pass
  • the trick pass 
  • the hit pass

We tried out these tricks and methods to play 'piggy in the middle'. As some people improved, Mrs Atkins added another defender to a few groups to help develop our dribbling, passing and faking/tricking skills futher. 


By Jim and Toby