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During today’s PE lesson we were developing our technique of throwing the shot-put. Our aim was to throw the shot-put as far as we could and record the distance it travelled in our teams (with the hope that we would increase the distance with every throw) and beat our personal best. We completed some cross-curricular maths learning by developing our measurement skills at the same time. Throughout this session we were able to:


  • Use appropriate equipment to measure distances
  • Estimate a distance
  • Develop our accuracy when measuring set distances
  • Develop our accuracy when reading a metre ruler
  • Read scales with increasing accuracy
  • Convert between different metric measures – metres, centimetres and millimetres
  • Organise work and refine ways of recording
  • Record measurements using decimal notation (for metres)
  • Record distances in a variety of ways
  • Add different measurements together
  • Compare different measurements to see if we beat our personal best 


In PE, this term with Mr Smith, we are learning about rounders. On Wednesday, we practiced our catching and throwing skills.


Charlie and Lucy


This term Sycamore have been doing Athletics (in PE) with our amazing teacher and TA Miss Hillier and Mrs Bevis. This list shows what we have been learning:

  • Shotput
  • Javelin
  • Starting positions for races
  • Races
  • Relay races
  • Long jump

Kadi: I learnt how to be safe when throwing a shot-put

Rebecca: I learnt how to throw a javelin properly


By Kadi and Rebecca