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Summer Show

To showcase our talents and learning, we invited our parents and year 4 to watch our fantastic performance. Not only did our Summer Show give us the opportunity to perform, we also showed a variety of our school values. For example:


  1. Perseverance - We all tried our best and kept going - even when mistakes were made. 
  2. Tolerance - When our friends got something wrong, we encouraged them to carry on and were tolerant of them.
  3. Courage - It took a lot of courage to stand on the stage and perform in front of such a large audience. 
  4. Respect - We listened to each other perform as well as taking each act seriously.
  5. Responsibility - We organised our own acts including choreographing dances, writing poetry, organising groups and choosing our songs. 
  6. Friendship - We worked together and made sure we included everyone. Enjoying each others performances and complimenting them really reflects the friendship our class has.  


We had an amazing afternoon and the response we had from our audience clearly showed that they enjoyed it just as much! 

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