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Week 1


Swimming Group

In term 5 and 6, Sycamore class had the honour of going swimming at the Oratory. First of all, Lisa and Viv wanted to see what we already knew and so put us into groups of three and asked us to do:

  • Front crawl
  • Back stroke
  • Breast stroke


Swimming Group 1 – Lisa

On Monday 24th April 2017, we went on a coach to go to the Oratory (school) to have some swimming lessons. When we got there we each had to show the leaders (Lisa and Viv) breast stroke, back stroke and front crawl. We then were split up into 2 groups – Lisa’s or Viv’s group. In Lisa’s group, we went over a few things that we’d had to show at the beginning of the lesson. Then at the end we were allowed to do some pencil jumps into the swimming pool which were really fun.


Swimming Group 2 – Viv

On Monday 24th April 2017, Sycamore class got the chance to go swimming at a private school (the Oratory). First of all, we were told to show Viv and Lisa what we could do. After that, we got sorted into two groups – one with Viv (deep end) and the other with Lisa (shallow end). In the deep end, we started to do some front crawl and then practised our back stroke. Then, we did some pencil and star jumps into the deep end. Sadly, our swimming lesson came to an end and Sycamore went back to Fir Tree.



Week 2 - 6 

At the start of each lesson, we would begin with a warm up, then moved on to the lesson which was focused on a specific stroke. For most of the lessons, we set to work on improving our strokes which included: backstroke, front crawl, breast stroke, butterfly and dolphin kick.  For our last lesson, we got to wear our PJs in the water - this was designed to get us to feel what it is like to have clothes on in water. On the last lesson, we learnt survival and life saving skills - we completed a drill where one of us was 'trapped' in the water; another with a ball, stick or float; and the third person encouraging the person in the water to keep calm and help the person on the slide of the pool rescue them.


At the end of our lessons, we gave Lisa and Viv a big 'Hip, Hip, Horray!' 


To conclude, we all improved our swimming skills and even our survival skills - learning how to save people and get them out of the water safely. It was great fun!