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For PE this term we are swimming every Monday at the Oratory Swimming Pool – please remember to bring your swimming costume, goggles, swimming hat and towel each week!


For Monday 8th February - Please remember to bring your PJs or a top and leggings!

Week 1

On Monday 11th January Sycamore drove to the Oratory (on a coach) and got dressed for swimming. We began our swimming lesson by completing some assessments – everybody tried their hardest. Different groups were then asked to swim from the deep end to the shallow end, or from the middle part of the swimming pool to the shallow end. After that we had a small amount of time so we played the ‘Bean Game’ – we had to create different beans in the pool, for example: running bean, jumping bean, kidney bean, French bean, beans on toast, thin bean and Mexican bean. It was really fun!


By Kadi and Amelie.  


Week 2

On Monday 18th January, Sycamore class attended their second swimming lesson. Firstly, we found out which groups we would be working in over the next few weeks and then we got started. Group 1 focused on practising different strokes over a 25m distance - this included: front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke. We also practised dolphin kicking, which involves both legs moving in a whipping motion at the same time, and forms the start of the butterfly stroke. Everyone also had the opportunity to practise their sculling skills - this is where you move the water beneath you just using your hands. After this, we were able to collect a range of coloured rings from the bottom of the pool and had a brilliant time. 


Week 3

On Monday 25th January, the deep end group learnt new diving skills and developed our stroke techniques (froggy legs) by using a variety of methods including using floats to support us. Also as a treat, we all got to try and do a handstand in the water. It was really fun!! 


By Emily and Emily


In our swimming lesson we focuses on backstroke, hugging the float, and practising moving each arm at a time. At the end of the lesson we were able to jump in! Some people jumped in at the deep end. 


By Charlie and Abigail


Week 4

During our swimming lesson, we swam 25m using front crawl, breast stroke and back stroke. Our swimming teacher kept challenging us to swim the whole length of the pool using these strokes - we all tried really hard. At the end we were allowed to jump in at the deep end. 


By Belle


Our group started to learn about keeping warm (in the water) and the 'HELP' position. We were each asked to tread water for over 1 minute before being given a float and instructed to form the 'HELP' position. After this, our swimming teacher challenged us to swim as many lengths as we could in 10 minutes and practise our sitting dives. 


By Leron


Week 5

Remember to bring your PJs for our safety lesson this Monday!