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Take One Picture

Claude Monet - Dusk in Venice


We started our Take One Picture project by looking at the picture we would be focusing on (Dusk in Venice). Concentrating on the colours and textures, we had to describe what we could see, guess who the artist could be and where the picture was painted. In our English lesson we learnt that the artist was Claude Monet and we read information from different sources to collect facts about him. We learnt that Monet was a French Impressionist artist, therefore we looked more in to the history and techniques of Impressionism. Then, we experimented with using different techniques (blending, hatching, cross-hatching, stippling etc), before going ahead to create our own pictures (using the same style as Claude Monet). Using our knowledge that light is important to impressionist artists, we used oil pastels to create our art outside (capturing the natural light). Knowing that Claude Monet was French and he painted in Italy, we went ahead to label a map of Europe (and the capital cities). We tried to label as many countries as we could independently, and then we used an atlas to check our work and fill in the rest. Also, looking at the population of the countries was interesting, and we were able to see which country in Europe was the most/least populated (this linked in well with our maths, where we ordered large numbers). Here are some examples of the work we have produced during our project: