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Take One Place - India

Indian Dance

During our Take One Place project on India, the children had the opportunity to learn an Indian dance using the music Chaiyya Chaiyya by A. R. Rahman – a piece found in Bombay Dreams. We discussed and practised a selection of traditional Indian movements and then added a modern twist to a few of them. As a group we then ordered the movements to create a dance, we had a very fun morning. Here are some photographs: 

Bhangra Drumming

On Wednesday 22nd February 2017, at 9:00am to 9:45, Sycamore Class had their opportunity to learn how to play the Bhangra drums in the hall. This was led by a man called Andy – someone who had previously visited the school to teach us how to play the Samba Drums (in the Summer of 2016). The reason behind learning how to play the Bhangra drums was because our Take One Project was based on India. Sycamore wanted to learn about the different types of music played and this gave us a perfect opportunity to learn about Indian culture. Over the course of our session, we learnt how to play the following Indian instruments:


  • Dhol – A large drum with two sticks – one bendy stick that you hold with your thumb and first finger and a large thick stick with an arched top
  • Dholak– A smaller version of the Dohl and instead of using sticks you use your hands
  • Daf Drum – There are two ways of playing this drum; you can either play it by hitting the skin on the drum or hit the side / edge of the drum with a beater
  • Shaker – These are similar to a tambourine and to create a sound you shake it
  • Bells – These are like cymbals that you clap together
  • Tombi – This is an Indian version of a guitar that has three strings - usually in festivals there are between 40 / 50 people playing these instruments because they are normally a very quiet instrument.


We thoroughly enjoyed our session and learnt some of the commands like:

  • Bhangra drums are the best à That’s right
  • Lets go India à Here we go
  • Na Na, Ga Ga, DA!
  • Rumble

Bhangra Drums Are The Best!

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Hickory Dickory Dock

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Call and Response

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Mehndi Art

On Thursday 23rd February, Sycamore Class - of Fir Tree Junior School - had an art lesson on Mehndi hand art (originating from Asia). We spent some time looking at different patterns and designs of Mehndi which we noticed focused on different patterns and symbols that could be found in the natural world. We then had the chance to design our own, here are some photos: 


Rangoli Art