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Take One

Take One Tale 



To begin our English for this term, we have looked at story telling. We worked with a partner to re-tell a story by telling an event each by clapping to let our partner know it was their turn. Some of the stories told by our class were:

  • Little Red Riding Hood
  • The Three Little Pigs 
  • The Ginger bread Man 


We also watched some examples of story-tellers, and discussed what makes a good story-teller. This formed our S2S. Here is an example of our S2S:


Tone/ volume of voice                                              

Chronological order


Clear speed 

Facial expressions                                                    

Sound effects 

Added information to interest the listener                    



Descriptive words


Eye contact with the audience


Focused/ no giggling 

Rhetorical questions - involving the listener 

Acting parts out to show speech




Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
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Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11

Conscience Alley 


Should the three brothers listen to their older brother (Alfredo)?


In groups, we discussed both sides to the argument, and came up with reasons for and against. We created a conscience alley, where one side gave reasons for, and the other side gave reasons against. The three brothers walked down the alley, and decided if they would listen to Alfredo based on which side they thought gave the best argument. 





In groups we freeze-framed a scene from the story. We had to think carefully about the thoughts and feelings of the characters, and had to show this clearly in our freeze-frames. Some of the S2S we followed were:

-Facial expressions

-Scene needs to be clear

-Different levels 

-Face the audience 



Take One Place  


As part of our Take One Place project, we learnt about the south-western country of Spain.


For our English work, we looked at examples of non-chronological reports to generate our S2S. After that we wrote our introductions and conclusions (ready for our full report). When we were getting ready to write our report, we had a quick brainstorm of ideas then we started writing! Once finished, we edited our writing to make sure it is perfect. 




Also, for computing, we used the Ipads to search up our ideas and recorded them on a piece of paper with different categories. For this project, we began a scratch quiz on the topic which was Spain.


For art, we researched two artists (Pablo Picasso and Antoni Gaudi). After that we recorded facts about them. We used the information to help us draw in their styles of art and put some up on our "Take One" wall for us to admire. We are also learning about mosaics that Antoni Gaudi made. Antoni Gaudi is best known for his work on the Sagrada Familia.


For geography, we had a look at the difference between human and physical landmarks. Then, we had to draw and write facts about some famous European human landmarks. A few examples of these are: Trevi Fountain, The Colloseum, Big Ben and The Antomium. These are all examples of human landmarks (landmarks that have been handmade by famous people from 0 AD to now). 







Sharing Museum with Chestnut class