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Term 1

Key Dates

  • Monday 5th September - Term 1 Starts 
  • Tuesday 13th September - Roald Dahl's 100 Year Celebration 
  • Thursday 15th September - Parent Information Session 3.30pm
  • Monday 19th September - Sycamore School Council Elections 
  • Thursday 22nd September - Sycamore's Earth Trust Trip
  • Monday 26th September - PTA Meeting 6pm
  • Friday 30th September - Macmillan Cake Sale 3.15pm
  • Friday 30th September - PTA Quiz Night 6pm
  • Tuesday 11th October - Harvest Festival Assembly
  • Thursday 13th October - SMART Assembly
  • Friday 21st October - PTA Spooky Cake Sale
  • Friday 21st October - Term 1 Ends

The Sycamore Challenge - Team Building Skills:

During the first few weeks of term, Sycamore were given a task - to create the tallest paper structure which would hold a large ball of blu tac! The children were given the following materials: newspaper and masking tape. In groups they had to plan, design and make a structure, within a set time, and then test their models out a showdown. Everyone worked extremely hard and by the end of the afternoon had created a model that was able to hold the heavy blu tac! Here are some pictures of our models: 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Our School Library:

Sycamore had the opportunity to visit our school library for a Guided Reading session. We learnt how to find both fiction and non-fiction books and learnt how the books were categorised into different topics. All the children really enjoyed the visit and are looking forward to using the library over this year. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Earth Trust - Survival Day

On Thursday 22nd September, Sycamore class went to Earth Trust to work on our survival, communication and teamwork skills with Kate (our Earth Trust leader and guide for the day). Our day started by investigating bones from the Iron, Bronze and Roman era - it was fascinating because we learnt that the bones were found around Castle Hill and the surrounding land up at Wittenham Clumps. The first activity encouraged us to designing and creating our own waterproof dens out of natural materials – some of the groups even starting to consider the home comforts like a seating area, coat hanger and toilet area! To test out our den, Kate came along and threw water at them while we were inside - a few of us got a little bit soggy but most of us stayed nice and dry. In the afternoon we spent time learning how to make our own fires using cotton wool, wood shavings, leaves and twigs. We had an amazing day and worked really hard in teams to achieve all of the challenges set by Kate. Here are a few photos from the day:

Macmillan Coffee Morning

Sycamore had the opportunity to do some cooking this week in preparation for Fir Tree's Macmillan cake sale. We had a fantastic time, developing our number smart and people smart skills. As a class we split into groups and made tiffin; we practised how to measure ingredients accurately and follow a set of instructions. Here are so photos:  

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Harvest Festival Assembly

Each class took it in turns to share a poem, story or piece of drama or prayer that they had been working on. Sycamore had spent time learning about the Harvest Festival and then worked in groups to present information showing the: different seasons foods are grown in around the UK and world, as well as the location of different foods produced around the UK and world.
Picture 1

Science - Forces

During this term, Sycamore have been learning about different forces and whether the forces are balanced or unbalanced. Here are a few pictures of us investigating air resistance by designing different parachutes and dropping them from the Forty.