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Term 1



We found out that we would be studying Hamlet as our Shakespearean text this term. We discussed who William Shakespeare was and when he was born. Then, we received a list of the characters, and used our inference and deducing skills to find clues about them. Concentrating on their names, body language, facial expressions, clothing etc, we made predictions about their behaviour in the story of Hamlet. After we read a few pages, we looked at the main events in the story so far. Reading the story has caused a lot of reason for discussion as we have learnt that Hamlet's father was killed by his brother (Hamlet's father), and it's only Hamlet that is aware of this! As a class, we discussed reasons for and against Hamlet getting revenge on his uncle Claudius. Here are some of the ideas we came up with:



We then created a conscience alley (1 row for avenge and 1 row for not), where we took it in turns to walk down the alley and listen to the opinions of one another. By the end of the 'alley,' we made a decision based on which side gave the best reasons. 


We then looked in to discussion writing, and generated the S2S based on an example of a discussion piece. Here is an example of our work: 




Our trip to Waitrose to investigate Fairtrade products


On Tuesday afternoon (26th September), we walked to Waitrose to discover which Fairtrade products were available in our local supermarket. We were welcomed by one of the staff members (Julia), who guided us around the store to show us the main Fairtrade products. These products included:

  • Flowers
  • Fruit (oranges, bananas, apples)
  • Tea/Coffee
  • Wine
  • Chocolate 
  • Sugar 


Julia kindly explained where the products came from, and the benefits of Fairtrade. We learnt who created Fairtrade which was FLO (Fairtrade local organisation). At the end of the visit, we were extremely fortunate to recieve a treat of Fairtrade chocolate. 







Our Visit to Site B

On Thursday (28th September), we went to Site B to investigate what the archaeologists had discovered. Firstly, we had to wear safety jackets, and then we had the opportunity to walk around the site. The most interesting things we found were: 

  • The ancient path
  • The remains of a cow
  • Skull of a goat
  • Old artifacts
  • Outline of old houses/ buildings


Finally, we were informed about a competition. Here are the details: 



Here are some more pictures: 




Shakespeare sharing afternoon 


To end our 'To be or not to be' project, we show-cased our learning through hosting a sharing afternoon. This has been a good way for us to show all the learning we have done in school, and all the amazing projects we have worked so hard to create at home. 


Here are some pictures of our wonderful afternoon: