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Term 5

Key Dates for Diaries

  • Monday 11th April - Term 5 starts
  • Monday 18th April - Dance Festival
  • Tuesday 19th April - STEM Net Ambassador Visit Year 5
  • Friday 22nd April - St George's Day Themed Menu
  • Monday 2nd May - Bank Holiday
  • Thursday 19th May - Smart Assembly
  • Friday 27th May - Term 5 ends

Guided Reading - World Water Day

In our Guided Reading, Fantasy group read a non-fiction article about World Water Day, where we learnt about water wastage and its effects on the population. This is a day which we think about how much water we use and waste in just one day. You might not think this is bad but the Coke Company are using most of the water up in the poorest countries who need the water to survive and live their lives. To help make these people’s lives better you can reduce the amount of time you spend in the shower, cut out fizz drinks from your lifestyle and switch the tap off while cleaning your teeth. Please try and do as much as you can to help save water allowing people in poor countries better lives.


Emily and Amelie

Wasp Nest

On Tuesday 12th April 2016, Mrs Bevis brought in a wasp nest that was found in her house whilst undergoing building work - the builders had never seen one as big as this before! From the outside it looked like a big bundle of dried up leaves, although it looked fluffy, it was rough and delicate. Inside there were lots of layers that looked like honey comb which were held together by mini, but strong pillars. We all sat outside and were amazed when Mrs Bevis broke it open and revealed what the wasps had abandoned a long time ago.  


By Leo and Poppy

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A visit from a STEM Net expert!

Today (Tuesday 19th April) at Fir Tree Junior school, Sycamore had a visit from an expert (named Jamie Halls). He taught us about forces and how this helps a rocket to move - which was really interesting. We were all put into partners and proceeded by collecting a bottle, card and paper. Then we were given a short amount of time to design our own rockets. At 1.15pm (only a few hours after the making of our rockets) we all queued up to fire our rockets, which was awesome! First, we tested them to see how far they could travel and whether our rocket designs worked. Next,  we watched as Jamie added water to dry ice (a mixture of carbon dixoide at a whopping temperature of -170c within a bottle) and saw it zoom into the sky. 


By Addison and Emily 

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St George's Day Lunch

On Friday 22nd April, we had a St George's Day themed lunch cooked by Siva...but guess was fish and chips (which were incredibly delicious)!


By Amelie and Emily 

Anna Wilson Visits Fir Tree

On Wednesday 27th April 2016, Anna Wilson (a famous author) visited Fir Tree to talk to Cherry and of course us, Sycamore. Everyone loved her because she was hilarious, expressive and acted out her funny, inspirational stories that form the story lines of her books. Our favourite bit was about her trouble-maker dog and how dog training was a fail (in the end Anna couldn't take her dog to training)! Everyone enjoyed Anna's visit and we all had a lovely time. 


By Amelie and Emily 

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Dance Festival

On Monday, some Year 5’s in Fir Tree went to the Dance Festival at Wallingford School. When we went to Wallingford School we stayed in the Dance Studio for 3 hours practising before going into the hall to practise our own dance. We got to watch other schools practise their dances too. The theme for the Dance Festival was dances in unusual spaces. In the evening we performed our dance in front of parents – it was a huge success. We had a great time!


By Matthew and Kai 


We learnt about Bar and Bat Mitzvah during our Judaism project. A Bar Mitzvah occurs when a boy turns 13 and in the Jewish faith symbolises becoming an adult and taking more responsibility for his own actions. A Bat Mitzvah is when a girl turns 12 and becomes an adult in the Jewish faith.


By Kadi and Rebecca


On Friday 13th May 2016 we had Joules (our guitar teacher) teach us two new songs: Sycamore Whip and the Soli Sycamore Style. As we are practicing for a guitar assembly or concert. So far we have learnt the notes E, D, C, B, A, G, low G, F sharp and F flat. As well we have started to develop knowledge of crochets, minims, quarters, semi-breaths, repeats and rest beats. We are looking forward to the guitar assembly.


By Joel and Ed 

SMART Assembly

On Thursday 19th May, Fir Tree held a Smart Assembly (from 9:15 to 10:15) and these people got certificates from Sycamore class: Aaron, Jim, Ollie, Matthew and Lucy for being Maths Smart. Plus we got to congratulate other children from different classes. These are assemblies to celebrate how good and hardworking people are in school but also outside of school.


By Aaron and Dylan 


In Maths, Sycamore class have been learning to find percentages (which are of amounts), adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions from other fractions. Some people expanded their knowledge by adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing mixed numbers to improper fractions then converting the answer.


We also worked on converting decimal fractions, percentages and fractions between themselves. For example 58% à 0.58 à 58/100 or 29/50.


Sycamore persevered to learn these methods and showed a great deal of resilience.


By Toby, George and Addison

Sound Project with visitors from Oxford Brookes University

Ladies Pamper Evening 

On Thursday 26th May, we had a Ladies Paper Evening, which occurred between 7-10pm. We raised over £1,000 for the South Children's Hospice. The class that had the most tickets sold won a hamper to share. Thank you very much for everyone who came. 


By Jim and Toby