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Term 6

Key Dates for Diaries

  • Monday 6th June - Inset Day
  • Tuesday 7th June - Term 6 starts
  • Wednesday 8th June - STEM Net Ambassador Visit - Working Scientifically
  • Saturday 11th June - Fir Tree School Fete
  • Tuesday 14th June - Upper School Samba Drumming
  • Thursday 16th June - SMART Assembly at 9:15
  • Thursday 16th June - Upper School Production Props and Costume Evening
  • Saturday 18th June - Carnival
  • Monday 27th June - Upper School Dress Rehearsal
  • Monday 27th June - Upper School Production at 6pm
  • Tuesday 28th June - Upper School Production at 1pm and 6pm
  • Thursday 30th June - Sports Day
  • Friday 1st July - Sycamore's Themed Lunch - Australia
  • Friday 8th July - Gospel Proms 
  • Thursday 14th July - Change Over Day
  • Tuesday 9th July - Term 6 ends

STEM Net Ambassador for Working Scientifically - Genes and Gene Therapy

Cooking in Sycamore

On Thursday 9th June, we (Sycamore) made scones for the Summer Fete. First, we all got into groups to make the scones. We added flour, butter, caster sugar, eggs, milk and baking powder into a bowl and mixed it all up – each ingredient was added one by one. Plus we had to mix the butter and flour differently using the ‘breadcrumb’ method. When we rolled out the dough we cut out four scones each (we used a medium sized cutter because the others were too small or too large). Then Miss Hillier put them in the oven to cook. After they had cooled we placed them on a place with a napkin, pot of jam and decorated label. It took us all afternoon to make them and they looked really nice!  

Summer Fete

On the 11th June (Saturday) we had a school fete. Sycamore class made ‘Sycamore Summer Scones’ to sell - we decorated them by adding a label, napkin and pot of jam. There were lots of stalls and games to play – the PTA served hot dogs, curry and lots more. It was a really fun day! 

Samba Drumming

On Tuesday 14th June, we had a Samba drumming morning with a visitor called Andy. First we learnt all the names of the drums and percussion instruments we were going to learn how to play, for example the tamborim and surdo. We spent the morning learning the different house rhythms that followed the beat of the following phrases:

  • I like fish and chips
  • Samba drums are the best, that’s right
  • David Beckham, he likes bananas

As well as this, we all got the chance to play the 6 different Brazilian instruments that Andy brought with him. We all thoroughly enjoyed it! 

EU Referendum

In Sycamore class we have the opportunity to spend the afternoon learning about British Values, the EU Referendum and the impact of the Referendum results. We started the afternoon by sharing some knowledge of the EU and asking any questions we wanted to gain more knowledge about this major event. We also discussed that this was a significant event in British history as the last Referendum took place in the 1970s. Then we split into different groups, based on whether we believed in staying or leaving the EU and held a discussion about our views. After holding a debate, we set the classroom up as a polling station and everyone had the chance to vote using the following Ballot Paper. 

Sports Day

This week (on Thursday 30th June) the whole of our school enjoyed a day dedicated to sports. In the morning – from 10am to 12am – we went round in a carousel of sport activities, for example: cross country, javelin, hurdles, long jump, discuss and agility run, where we could earn points for our team. Then, after a well-earned lunch, we started races like: the three-legged, 80m sprint, sack race and the egg and spoon. The winners of the People Smart Award was Poland and the winners of the Body Smart award was Hungary. It was a very enjoyable day! 

Sycamore Guitar Assembly

On the 1st of July 2016, Sycamore held a guitar assembly to showcase our learning over the past year. Before the performance we came up with a list of S2S for a good assembly and then we got to work – discussing and writing our assembly script in groups. During the assembly we performed three different pieces of music that we had learnt: Soli Sycamore Style, Sycamore Whip and Oh when the Sycamore. We had a lovely time and would like to thank Joules for all the help he has given us. 

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Sycamore Whip

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Soli Sycamore Style

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