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Year 6 Residential 2017

Day 5

3:15pm - Year 6 have left Woodlands and are on their way back!  

They have promised to keep us updated with their progress and we will post each update here.


5.20 Year 6 left the services, the driver has estimated another 1 hour and 20 minutes. At 5.35 they were passing Junction 16 on the M4 and they will update us again when they get to the A34.


6.05 UPDATE - Just on the A34 - should be back at school in around 40 minutes.


6.20pm Just passed Tesco! See you soon!


Picture 1 Group 1 just about to start our mountain walk.

Day 5


Sent through last night:  'It's our last night and this evening we packed, bought souvenirs and enjoyed free-time. We also had the opportunity to reflect on the things we have learned and enjoyed this week. All children and adults have had an amazing week'.

Picture 1

Day 4


Apologies for late update.  Yesterday evening's map orienteering was a huge success - the instructors didn't expect the children to complete all three levels but they rose to the challenge and finished all of them.  


They all thoroughly enjoyed their 'midnight' feasts and had lots of laughs.  The girls decided that they would have a midnight feast on their landing rather than in their rooms. This meant the adults got to share sweets – bonus! Ms. Khan told her infamous midnight feast story.


Group 1 have excelled at climbing and high ropes today.


Today has been another successful day for all activities.  The weather has held out for them, despite being overcast.  This evening will be taken up with souvenir buying and packing.  Tomorrow they will finish their week off with a mountain walk and will be leaving to begin the journey home at 3pm. Traffic permitting, they hope to be back by 6:30pm but we will keep you posted on their progress.

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Picture 2
Picture 3

Day 3


All are in great spirits this morning.  The sun is shining again and the skies are bright blue - although the temperature is predicted to drop to 2 degrees this afternoon!


After a yummy breakfast of bacon, eggs and toast, all groups are ready to begin the day's activities.


There was more praise from the instructors at this morning's meeting.  They commended the children on their behaviour and the respect they have for each other.  Fir Tree staff are so proud of them all - as should the parents be, they are a credit to you.


Day 3 update: All the groups thoroughly enjoyed their activities today, with their usual self-smart and people-smart approach.  Dinner tonight was roast pork with all the trimmings or individual vegetable pies.  This evening they are all map orienteering.  


The children don't know this yet, but tonight they will be having their 'midnight' feast!  

Picture 1 Enjoying canoeing in the sunshine and hail!
Picture 2 Great teamwork/communication skills from canoeists
Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 2

Day 2


There is snow on the Brecon Beacons this morning!


Everyone had a good night last night.  They've had breakfast, done the chores and are all in their groups ready for today's activities - mountain climbing, canoeing, caving and jungle gym.  More updates to come later, and hopefully some more photos.



It's been a hugely successful day, despite the wind, rain and intermittent hail.  


One group were highly commended for their teamwork, perseverance and leadership skills.  They were able to complete the climbing wall three times and the high ropes and zip wire twice.  The instructor said in all her time of being an instructor, she has never seen a group work so well together to achieve so much in one day.  Well done Fir Tree!


Now the sun is shining and the children are enjoying football and games before the evening's activity, 'photo orienteering'.


Special mention to birthday boy Callum Coupar - who celebrated with a banner, cards and delicious cake.  He has had a lovely day and they all sang Happy Birthday' in the cave.  Happy Birthday Callum! 



Picture 1
Picture 1

Day 1

12:30 pm - Year 6 have arrived safely at Woodlands!


2:15pm - After a hearty lunch of subway pizza, flapjacks and orange squash, the children found their rooms and were sorted into their groups.  They are being kitted out with walking boots, fleeces and rucksacks before their first activity this afternoon.  Everyone is happy - Ms Khan asked them all how happy on a scale of 1-10 and they all said 10 and higher!


Sadly, the wifi is not working this week at Woodlands and the teachers have been unable to get 4G signals on their phones.  This means that it will be difficult for them to send daily photos as they have in previous years.  But they will keep trying.  In the meantime, their daily updates will be posted here.


17:30 - Luckily a staff member has managed to find a bit of signal and has sent through some photos! 



Team games: testing and building team work, resilience and perseverance with tough challenges set by the instructors.

Followed by free time before tea.

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