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Cedar Class Year 4

Welcome to Cedar Class Year 4 2020-2021

Welcome to Cedar Class 2020 - 2021

Cedar Class has 30  bright, smiling, sociable, caring and enthusiastic children who have a great appetite for fun and learning.   Mrs Giles is our teacher and we are very lucky to also have Ms Coverdale and Mrs Benny as our classroom assistants  on hand to help. Aren't we the lucky ones to have  our wonderful Cedar Class for another year! We are going to have such fun!

Please make sure you bring your own pencil case to school with you this year due to Covid!


Useful Information and Links

In case of self isolation or further lockdown

In the event of your child needing to self isolate, please the use the above homework links provided for activities.

In the event of our class bubble isolating or a whole school closure due to lockdown, we will be using Teams online. Your child will need their username and password to access Teams.

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Recognition Awards

Smart Awards

This term, our main project is entitled ‘Disgusting Digestion’. We shall be learning about key organs in the body and their functions.    There is a lot of technical vocabulary with this project and we would appreciate it if you could reinforce this  at home. Many of the key words are written on the project map sheet for you to refer to.   Tea-time is the perfect opportunity to discuss some of the ideas associated with this project, although it is not for the faint hearted!

We begin the term with a local history and geography focus, centred around Oxford.   A key text will be about an Anglo-Saxon princess entitled, ‘The Princes Who Hid in the Tree’ which is about Saint Frideswide who has a medieval shrine in the cathedral in what is now the site of Christ Church. Her tale is one of adventure, courage, danger, friendship and kindness.

Thank you and well done to all those taking part in the ‘Street Tag’ challenge.  It is pleasing to see so many children from Year 4 taking part and having fun!  Keep up the good work here!

Please note that PE is on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays this term.   See more information on the generic timetable for term 2.

Cricket with our expert, Nick

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Slow ball, fast ball, bounce ball, clap ball.........! All you need is a tennis ball, space and a mindset for a challenge! Ask your child about this and see if you are half as good as them!

Friday forest time with Fiona

Children In Need

Children In Need - The Big Finish

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We couldn't be more proud of the whole of Cedar Class for the way they participated in our Children In Need running challenge. Having set an initial target of 130 laps of the school field, it quickly became apparent that they were going to achieve considerably more! The resultant 281 laps achieved was the equivalent of 66 miles, travelling from Wallingford to Southampton. That's all the way to the beach! It was their relentless support and encouragement of each other and their perseverance that made this possible. What a team! So proud!

Rangoli Patterns

Andy Warhol Inspired Art

Project Homework

Cricket with Nick from 'Chance to Shine'

Remembrance Day

One socially distancing, fantastic Cedar Class ready for the challenges of term 2!


Our main project is ‘River Journey’, with largely a geographical and scientific focus looking at how rivers form and the water cycle.   There are many new scientific terms to learn which you can find on our project map for the term. We would strongly recommend a visit to ‘The River and Rowing Museum ‘in Henley to reinforce learning.

Our overriding goal this term is to settle the children back into school routines and support their social, emotional and academic progress.   Please drop us an email via the school office with any worries or concerns you or your child may have.

River poems

The River, by Valerie Bloom, was the inspiration for our own versions of river poems.   The poems all use personification which give human qualities to the river as a living thing.

Pointillism water pictures


Brass with Mr Browne

Forest time with Fiona

Forest time with Fiona was fun!   We loved singing the songs and drinking the hot chocolate provided. It was unfortunate that we were unable to actually go down to the forest due to the high winds, but we are very much looking forward to our next opportunity to go.

Gardening with Mel

"We first dug up some yummy potatoes for Siva to cook up then we had a tour of the garden and Oliver named every single plant.   Mel showed us the sorrel and we tasted it - it was really yummy!"   Isla


"I have learnt that if there is a green potato root there are multiple potatoes!"   Alfie

"I enjoyed  digging up the potatoes and eating sorrel."  Phoebe

"Today I liked seeing al the food we grow and eating the sorrel."  Harry

"I enjoyed eating the sour leaf."  Malachi

"I loved potato digging!" Sophie

Exploring Pointillism

Science skills

River Journey

Composition 8 by Wassily Kandinsky

Work inspired by Kandinsky's Composition 8

This term, we began with a mini project, ‘Take One Picture’ where we will  looked at a painting by Wassily Kandinsky. We explored the artwork, the artist, the historical context and made links with different curriculum areas.  Recreating the artwork, exploring how it made us feel and writing about it descriptively was a large focus of the work we did.

A section of story imagining  you had been dropped into the picture.


One day I awoke in a totally different world. My bed must have been heaved or pushed, I don’t know!  I look around as my knees start quaking.  I see an eye of some sort. Is it from a bird, human or fly?   I’m petrified!

As I start flying, I realise I am on some sort of cloud or bouncy number line.  Where is home?

I try to escape but at that nerve wracking moment I see a black hole under me. I start shaking. I am so scared I have goose bumps on my arm………


By Isla


Poems inspired by  Composition 8


Waves tumbling

Brush painting

Sun gleaming

Lines looming

Eye staring

Darkness invading

Art exploding

Clouds rumbling

Shapes moving

Straw sucking


By Nilah Watts


Blocks stacking

Darkness rising

Mountains growing

Magnets connecting

Colours approaching

Shapes smashing

Boxes booming

Bombs bashing

Paintbrushes painting

Circles splattering


By Toby Ginary