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Cedar Class Year 4

Welcome to Cedar Class Year 4 2020-2021

Welcome to Cedar Class 2020 - 2021

Cedar Class has 30  bright, smiling, sociable, caring and enthusiastic children who have a great appetite for fun and learning.   Mrs Giles is our teacher and we are very lucky to also have Ms Coverdale and Mrs Benny as our classroom assistants  on hand to help. Aren't we the lucky ones to have  our wonderful Cedar Class for another year! We are going to have such fun!

Please make sure you bring your own pencil case to school with you this year due to Covid!


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Term 1

Our project this term is.........

This term, we begin with a mini project, ‘Take One Picture’ where we will be looking at a painting by Wassily Kandinsky. We shall be exploring the artwork, the artist, the historical context and making links with different curriculum areas.  Recreating the artwork, exploring how it makes us feel and writing about it descriptively will be a large focus of the work we do.

Our main project is ‘River Journey’, with largely a geographical and scientific focus looking at how rivers form and the water cycle.   There are many new scientific terms to learn which you can find on our project map for the term. We would strongly recommend a visit to ‘The River and Rowing Museum ‘in Henley to reinforce learning.

Our overriding goal this term is to settle the children back into school routines and support their social, emotional and academic progress.   Please drop us an email via the school office with any worries or concerns you or your child may have.

Composition 8 by Wassily Kandinsky