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Cedar Class Year 4

Welcome to Cedar Class Year 4 2020-2021

Welcome to Cedar Class 2020 - 2021

Cedar Class has 29  bright, smiling, sociable, caring and enthusiastic children who have a great appetite for fun and learning.   Mrs Giles is our teacher and we are very lucky to also have Ms Coverdale and Mrs Benny as our classroom assistants  on hand to help. Aren't we the lucky ones to have  our wonderful Cedar Class for another year! We are going to have such fun!

Please make sure you bring your own pencil case to school with you this year due to Covid!


Useful Information and Links

In case of self isolation or further lockdown

In the event of your child needing to self isolate, please the use the above homework links provided for activities.

In the event of our class bubble isolating or a whole school closure due to lockdown, we will be using Teams online. Your child will need their username and password to access Teams.

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Smart Awards

This term, our project is all about Early Settlers, including the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings.    We shall be exploring their lives and legacies, famous stories, artefacts, and important people amongst many other things!

P.E will be on Wednesdays and Fridays. Please come dressed in kit of these days, wear sun tan cream if appropriate and bring a sun hat.

This is the last term of brass lessons. If your child is interested in continuing their instrument, please look at the Oxfordshire County Music website for more information about group lessons and also let your teacher know.

Please do look at the documents below which will give you more information including ideas about the ‘Surprise Me’ homework which is due in on the week beginning 12th July.

Double Up! Gymnastics

Sports Day

Basket weaving

Science - Early telephones!

Gymnastics - Balances on hands and feet

More Weaving

Exploring Pitch

Still image for this video
Using a plastic straw, we explored pitch and how to make a higher or lower sound. A triangle shape was cut into top of the straw to make a mouthpiece to blow into. We found out that the shorter the straw the higher the pitch was, the longer the straw the lower the sound. We thought about the sizes of instruments in an orchestra or band and related that to the pitch made. A tuba has a lot of tubing and can make very low sounds. A piccolo is very small and can make the highest sounds. In class, Jackson produced the highest pitch on his straw which we think all the dogs in the neighbourhood could hear!

Angles, angles everywhere! Can you name all the angles found below? Which are acute, right angles, obtuse, straight line or reflex?



The Anglo-Saxons used to weave lots of things, probably their most famous item being the Bayeaux Tapestry. We began some weaving research initially looking at all sorts of weaving examples from all over the world, including some work by a famous artist, Gunta  Stolzl. We have begun our  weaving experience by weaving with paper which is not as easy as it looks!   The thinner the strips of paper, the fiddlier it was to weave the paper under and over.

Our ‘Steps to Success’ for paper weaving included;

  • Cut even sized strips onto the card base
  • Choose  colours that go well together
  • Keep pushing the paper strips up to meet the strip above
  • Keep checking for the correct patterns, especially at the ends
  • Professionally glue the strips at the end, making sure they meet the edge of the card and each strip is straight.

Zach and Jessica did a brilliantly neat job. We look forward to  weaving with wool next!

This term our project is ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ by William Shakespeare.

Over the course of the term, we shall be exploring the life and historical times of William Shakespeare as well as this famous play and story. We begin with looking at examples of other fantasy story settings so that we can compare the work of Shakespeare with modern day equivalents, drawing on parallels between settings, character relationships, character analysis and plot.  We shall be tapping into drama and role play to explore ideas and dilemmas through techniques such as freeze frames, role on the wall and conscious alley.  Our writing will recreate the features of fantasy writing and include high levels of description and writing techniques.


Please see below for the project overview for term 4 for a further breakdown of learning to be explored and also the home learning ideas sheet for pursuing areas of interest.  We always welcome surprise me homework related to our projects!


This term, PE is on Tuesdays and Friday

Athletics will be with Mr Hutton on Tuesdays and rounders will be with class teachers.


We are pleased to announce that brass lessons resume once more on Monday afternoons, with Mr Browne, a specialist from the Oxfordshire County Music Service.

British History Timeline

Portraits of William Shakespeare

"We got better at looking really closely at the detail." 

" I am really proud! Mrs Giles said this is the best art I have ever done!" Jess

"I kept improving the position of the  eyes and their shape. I needed to add the eye lids."

"I needed to remember that  the shoulders are wider than the head."

" I took ages to do the hair but it is really effective."

Making Tudor Houses

Finished Tudor Houses

Forest with Fiona

Please read and enjoy our 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' haikus!

Science - Learning about Electricity

“I learnt that using more batteries makes the light brighter.” Harry

“I learnt that using too many batteries can  blow a bulb!” Finn

“I learnt that you can light multiple bulbs with one battery.” Sophie

Making lighthouses using electrical circuits

NSPCC poster design after a special assembly

Gardening with Mel and Jenny

A Skipping Workshop with a Pro! Thank you to Adam for a fun-filled session where we saw lots of progress.

Having a sneaky practise at skipping before our skipping workshop on 6th May!

Our entries for the Royal Mail Covid Hero Competition

Term 4

We begin this term with a ‘Take One Tale’ focus followed by ‘Creepy Crawlies’, a science- based project.


For our week long ‘Take One Tale’ project, we have chosen ‘Anansi, the Spider’, an African and Caribbean myth. We shall be exploring and further developing storytelling techniques, resulting in being able to confidently retell the story. Cross curricular links will be made to art, history and geography too.

Our ‘Creepy Crawlies’ project will be exploring the characteristics and classification of minibeasts. Exploration of different local habitats is central to our learning as is the impact of human and natural changes on environments.

Please see the project overview for term 4 for a further breakdown of learning to be explored.


This  term, P.E  is on Mondays and Thursdays, so please wear full PE kit on these days.   

Please remember to bring your pencil cases back to school with you on the 8th March, with a pencil sharpener please!

Brass lessons will resume after the Easter holidays.

Mapping the different habitats around school

The Easter Story in the style of the author and illustrator, Brian Wildsmith


Personal, social, health education and  well-being lesson

Cedar Class wrote a collaborative poem focusing on positivity  and happiness.


Happiness is………………


Happiness is……

Learning adding with fractions and getting it right

Playing football with my friends at breaks

Snuggling up with my Uncle’s dog called Pig

Watching fish swimming around in the fish tank

Visiting my nan with my sister and dad

Seeing my dog and two cats and having hugs

Reading about the mischievous ‘Ickabog’ with the class

Climbing trees adventurously with friends

Playing with my cats at their loopy stage in the evening

Jumping into bed after a tiring day

Sitting down and reading a good book

Having an icy cold squash on a hot day

Hearing the sound of thunderous waterfalls after a jog

Listening to brilliant music with a friend

Returning home to my majestic tortoise

Going home to my mum and my dog and watching a relaxing DVD


What ideas could you add to this about what happiness is?

Return to school following lockdown...

Supporting Comic Relief - Red Nose Day 19th March 2021

The Classification of Living Things

We have been learning about the classification of living things.  By asking scientific questions with a yes or no answer, we were able to sort a group of 8  rainforest animals into individual groups.

The questions had to be based on facts about their characteristics rather than opinion.

‘Does it run fast?’ and ‘Is it playful?’  are examples of questions which are a matter of opinion.    ‘Does it have wings?’  and  ‘Does it have two legs?’ are more specific and scientific.

International Women's Day March 8th 2021

Using Fimo to Make Creepy Crawlies

Flight of the Bumble Bee - Appraising and responding to music

Below are some responses to listening to 'Flight of the Bumble Bee' by Russian composer Rimsky Korsakov. The whole piece is less than 2 minutes long. We heard it played on many different instruments including violin, flute, tuba, glockenspiel, trumpet, piano and guitar. The musicians all had to move their fingers very quickly indeed!

"It sounds dangerous. "

"It is exciting like the cartoon Tom and Jerry and full of adventure."

"I  can hear the buzzing."

"A bee moves really quickly and so does the music - it races around and up and down." 

"It is  just crazy!"


World Book Day 2021 Potatoes Gallery - Which book characters can you spot?

Ms Khan's caption task

What caption would you give this picture?

 Zach - Best friends!

Tayla – When you read a good book it becomes your friend and you can’t let it go

Louis - You never feel alone with a book. A good friend is a good book.   We share our adventures, we share our minds.

Jess - My friend is a book and we go everywhere together. We are best friends forever!

Rosie –A  book is a wonder

Alfie - I am lost with a book

Leila - My best friend is a book

Ellie - Books are your best friends

Sophie - A book is your friend who can play with you any time of the day. A book is magical and adventurous too, and maybe romantic.

Toby - This book is an adventure  and a thought you can read but you don’t have to talk.   A book is magical, you’ll have fun, start reading now, so come on!

Cian – When you find a good book you will always like it, it will always make you laugh and smile

Isla -  If it’s a good book you can disappear into a whole new world

Take One Tale - Anansi Story Maps

Creating Art with Nature

Observational Drawings

Finn's Fantastic Food Art and Story

Creepy Crawlies Project Work

Fractions Doughnut Challenge

Still image for this video
Cut a doughnut into 8 equal pieces using only 3 cuts of a knife or scissors.

Ellie and Finn also solved the doughnut challenge!

We begin this term with a classical music focus. Our project explores a piece of music in depth whilst making cross curricular links to history, art, drama, storytelling and dance.  We shall be looking at the life of the composer and the circumstances, purposes and visions for the music. Characteristic sounds and motifs will be explored and replicated using body, voice and percussion instruments whilst learning further musical terminology. The class will be working towards an end performance.

After ‘Take One Piece’, without Covid, we would have been working towards a Year 4 production of ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’. The same skills will be practised and developed, covering many drama elements and we aim to record aspects of the work for you to enjoy. Our writing will be exploring characterisation and script writing.

Making puppets of the characters is going to be a design and technology focus which promises to be fun, exploring and refining sewing skills.

Please note that PE will be on Tuesday and Fridays this term and children still need to come to school dressed in their PE kit on these days.

Please ensure that pencil cases are replenished with writing and colouring pencils, a pencil sharpener, glue stick, ruler and rubber where possible.

Our online learning in Term 3 during lockdown


Louis' power point about the invention of toothpaste and Eleanor's experiment

Toothpaste and it's inventor!