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Cedar Class Year 4

Welcome to Cedar Class Year 4 2021-2022

Welcome to Cedar Class 2021 - 2022

Cedar Class has 28  bright, smiling, sociable, friendly, caring and enthusiastic children who have a great appetite for fun and learning. There are 15  girls and 13 boys in our class.   Mrs Giles is the teacher and we  also have Mrs Hall and Mrs Hutton as our classroom assistants  on hand to help. 

We are looking forward to working with you this year and getting to know you really well. Making learning fun is our speciality!  There are so many fun things in the year ahead to look forward to which we look forward to telling you all about. 

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you ever have any queries  or concerns. 



PE days for term three are  also Tuesdays and Thursdays.



Introducing the new and fantastic Cedar Class.

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In the event of your child needing to self isolate, please the use the above homework links provided for activities.

In the event of our class bubble isolating or a whole school closure due to lockdown, we will be using Teams online. Your child will need their username and password to access Teams.

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We begin this term with a ‘Take One Piece’ project which has a contemporary music focus. Our project explores a piece entitled, ‘Connect It’ and makes cross curricular links to history, art, drama, storytelling and dance.  We shall be looking at the life of the Scottish composer, Anna Meredith, and the circumstances, purposes and visions of her music. Characteristic sounds and motifs will be explored and replicated using body percussion and voice whilst reinforcing musical terminology. The class will be working towards a final performance.

After ‘Take One Piece’, we shall be working on our next project, ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’. Acting and performance skills will be practised and developed. Our writing will be exploring characterisation and playscript writing.

Making puppets of the characters is going to be a design and technology focus which promises to be fun, exploring designing, making and evaluating skills.

Please note that PE will be on Tuesday and Thursdays this term and children still need to come to school dressed in their PE kit on these days.

Take One Piece - Music

Electricity - Showing our current knowledge and understanding before we begin our project

Take One Piece - exploring body, mouth and percussive sound effects in groups

Performance of our compositions in the style of Anna Meredith's, 'Connect It'

Still image for this video

Another one....

Still image for this video

And another performance.....

Still image for this video

Final one!

Still image for this video

Performing from a graphic music score

RE - This term we will be learning about 'Pilgrimages' so we began by reflecting on our own special places and what makes them special.

Please read our writer's workshop work which has been inspired by Anna Meredith's 'Connect It' piece.

Our first Street Dance Lesson with our teacher, Phoebe, and we LOVED it!

Still image for this video

Learning a part of the street dance routine

Reading from a play script

Yoga with Phoebe was so relaxing!


Using Scratch Junior, some class experts were in charge of teaching  groups of less confident children new skills.   A whole range of new learning took place and everyone felt like they had improved their knowledge and understanding of coding – even the experts themselves!   We were so proud of their People Smart skills and sensitive way in which they helped and inspired others.

“Today I learnt how to move two characters at the same time so it looked like  the fox was running off with the chicken.”  Noah T

 “I learnt how to edit a character by drawing extra things on to them.“  Emie

“I can now move a character in any direction. Mr Fox was chasing the chickens!” Ayden

“I have learnt how to make the speech suddenly pop up. “

“I learnt how to watch my on show full screen.”  Eva



This term, our main project is entitled ‘Disgusting Digestion’. We shall be learning about key organs in the body and their functions.  The different types of teeth and their functions will also be explored.   There is a lot of technical vocabulary with this project and we would appreciate it if you could reinforce this  at home. Many of the key words are written on the project map sheet for you to refer to.   Tea-time is the perfect opportunity to discuss some of the ideas associated with this project, although it is not for the faint hearted!

A mini-project with a local history and geography focus is also part of this term’s work. A key text will be about an Anglo-Saxon princess entitled, ‘The Princes Who Hid in the Tree’ which is about Saint Frideswide who has a medieval shrine in the cathedral in what is now the site of Christ Church. Her tale is one of adventure, courage, danger, friendship and kindness.  We shall also be exploring mapping skills in a mini project entitled, 'Marvellous Mappers'.

Please note that PE is on Tuesdays and Thursdays.   

Homework will continued to be set on a Friday and due in on the following Friday, plus there are two homework projects to be completed. For further information and ideas  on this please look at the Project Home Learning Map.

Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year to our fantastic Cedar Class and your families too

Christmas Dinner - Our thanks to Siva, Sanusha and all the helpers for a marvellous and memorable meal!

Design and Technology - Pop Up Christmas Cards

What did we learn making pop up cards?

I got better at folding and persevering. Daisy

I got better at cutting carefully.  Jake

I got better at making pop up cards. Ava

I got better at persevering with harder level challenge Christmas card designs. Micah

I got better at learning to take my time. Emie

I have learnt a new idea for making cards. Eva

Biscuit decorating - a bit of end of term fun!

Noah's Deer Antlers

Working with our fantastic Year 6 Sports Leaders

Maths - Perimeter

Developing our writing skills

We have been working on improving the structure of sentences in class.   Dull boring sentences had some of the 5W’s added to them to make them sound sophisticated with more detail. The 5W’s are who, what, where, when and why.

His pencil broke.

On Monday morning, his pencil broke in the classroom because he pressed down too hard.

It was cold.

It was bitterly cold in the classroom because all the windows were wide open in the morning.


We practised writing sentences starting with ‘ing’ words so that we are able to vary the length and structure of sentences in writing to keep the reader engaged. Below are some examples.  When reading books, see if you can spot where writers use this technique and consider it’s effectiveness.

Bawling like a baby,

Bawling like a baby, he had to get in to the bath.  (Samuel)

Bawling like a baby, Chloe got sent to her room. (Cordelia)

Bawling like a baby, he hurt himself at home. (Muzi)

Bawling like a baby, Tim, the cheeky five year old, was sent to bed for stealing chocolate biscuits. (Lucy)

Bawling like a baby, Tommy stamped upstairs like a toddler having a tantrum.  (Alex)


Quaking with fear,

Quaking with fear, the tarantula had scared my pet! (Samuel)

Quaking with fear, the Mandalorian pulled the trigger on his own gun. (Micah)

Quaking with fear, Jack saw a slight movement in a bog of the Amazon rainforest. (Alex)


Wiping away the tears,

Wiping away the tears, my embarrassing mum swelled with pride as my little sister, Jesse, stepped up on the stage. (Cordelia)


Snoring like lion,

Snowing like a lion, Lewis Hamilton is late for his race. (Samuel)

Snoring like a lion, Mrs Hutton was dreaming of a massive chocolate bar! (Jake)


Shouting at the top of her voice,

Shouting at the top of her voice, Tilly tried to get everyone’s attention! (Lucy)

Shouting at the top of his voice, he awoke the baby, (Muzi)

Singing Lessons with Sandy (plus a guest appearance of a queen bee!)

UPDATE! The Year 4 record has been annihilated! Challenge, determination, personal target setting and persistence reign! So proud!

Our finished 'Pop Art' portraits

Exploring teeth on animal skulls

Geography - understanding map symbols

When we couldn't use the hall for dance... we took dance outside!

Learning about the different types and functions of teeth

Learning about graffiti lettering

Refugee poem by Brian Bilston

This was a very thought provoking text today which the class found to be very cleverly written indeed by the author.   This are just some of our thoughts about the text.

"People have different points of views about refugees."

"Refugees  come from countries affected by war."

"Refugees may have lost families and left important people behind."

"Refugees have been forced to leave their home - we should respect  them."

"The journeys refugees make to be safe are dangerous."

More hockey skills

We couldn't be more proud of this young lady who raised £210 for the Little Princess Trust by having a lot of her hair cut off! What a 'People Smart' thing to do!

Personal, Social, Health Education - Recognising signs of illness

Meet fit, healthy Oscar and poorly Oscar!

In class we have been thinking about how we feel when we are feeling fit, healthy and strong and then how we feel by contrast when we recognise that we are feeling poorly.

Some of the signs of feeling poorly include.....

  • headaches, feeling confused, feeling dizzy or faint
  • hot/sweaty/sticky or cold/clammy/shaky/trembling, heart may race
  • feeling drowsy, lethargic, tired, weak, tired, floppy, flimsy
  • aches, pains
  • rashes and spots, feeling sick
  • cough, cold, running nose, sniffy,
  • tummy aches, needing to go to the toilet more often, diarrhoea,  urine is darker
  • off food 
  • looking pale


We talked about the different things we should do if we feel ill. Talking to grown ups and letting them know is the most important thing of all. Other things we can do is get some rest or sleep,  and  drink water to keep hydrated.  



Using to freeze frames to explore the role of Mary in Bible stories

Compass work

Happy Diwali on Thursday 4th November - Diwali is the Hindu festival of light

Dance - Using freeze frames in a James Bond dance.

Learning hockey skills

How we are using ICT in our learning

Brass Progress

Mapping part of the school and the grounds

Why do we learn about maps?

"Maps help us to get  from one place to another."

"We can use satnavs to get to new places or give directions."

"It helps to understand about distances."

"Maps can show lots of different information that is useful."

"You can find the best way to get somewhere."

What we already know about digestion and want we want to find out during this project

Maths - beginning column addition

Learning about Pop Art and the artist Andy Warhol

Writer's Workshop - We watched a video of a fireworks display then wrote a fireworks themed piece of writing

What would you choose to write about fireworks given the free choice?

There was a wide range in the class from  descriptions, recounts, diary entries, interviews, poems,  persuasion texts to  prevent animals from suffering the anxiety  from the banging to stories and more!

" I like having the choice of what to write!"

" I like sharing my writing with other people!"

"I spot mistakes when I am reading my work through!"

"I like hearing other people's work and ideas."

Children In Need celebration

Still image for this video
We had lots of fun dancing along to various 'Just Dance' videos to acknowledge Children In Need..

NEW! 'Surprise Me Homework' section, voted for by Cedar Class.


We begin the academic year with a 'Take One Picture' project which will explore a  painting in depth through many different curriculum areas. We shall also be looking at the artist, his life, location and inspirations.  Throughout this time we shall be getting to know each other, establishing classroom agreements and good learning behaviours. 

 Our main project is ‘River Journey’, with largely a geographical and scientific focus looking at how rivers form and the water cycle.   There are many new scientific terms to learn which you can find on our project map for the term. We would strongly recommend a visit to ‘The River and Rowing Museum ‘in Henley  if possible to reinforce learning.

Our overriding goal this term is to settle the children back into school routines and support their social, emotional and academic progress.   Please drop us an email  with any worries or concerns you or your child may have.

More project homework sharing which was great fun! Thank you to everyone for your hard work and work which was of a very high standard indeed!

Our learning in Term 1

Take One Picture - A Starry Night in Paris by Van Gogh

Eiffel Towers on a Starry Night

Practising our design technology skills before making our own Eiffel Towers