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Cedar Year 4

Welcome to Cedar Class Year 4 2021-2022

Welcome to Cedar Class 2021 - 2022!

As of term 5, Cedar Class has 30  bright, smiling, sociable, friendly, caring and enthusiastic children who have a great appetite for fun and learning. We are pleased to welcome 3 new children to the class team and we are looking forward to getting to know them. There are now 16 girls and 14 boys in our class.   Mrs Giles is the teacher and we  also have Mrs Hall and Mrs Hutton as our classroom assistants  on hand to help. We are looking forward to continuing working with you all. Making learning fun is our speciality!  There are so many fun things still to look forward to which we look forward to telling you all about. 

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you ever have any queries  or concerns. 



PE days for term 5 are Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Project homework is due Friday 20th May



Cedar Class 2021-2022

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In the event of your child needing to self isolate, please the use the above homework links provided for activities.

In the event of our class bubble isolating or a whole school closure due to lockdown, we will be using Teams online. Your child will need their username and password to access Teams.

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We begin term 5 with a ‘Take One Tale’ project about ‘Anansi the Spider’. We shall be exploring story telling techniques, becoming storytelling experts ourselves and then writing the story with our own individual stamp of personality woven through it.

To celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations, together with the other classes of the school, we shall be creating a display that will appear in Louise Claire Millinery in St Mary’s Street at the end of May.  Each child will be contributing.    More details about this later!

Our ‘Creepy Crawlies’ project has largely a scientific focus, thinking about animals, their habitats and the impact of the changing environment. We will be exploring creepy crawlies first-hand, developing close observational skills which will be necessary for naming the different parts of their bodies using correct technical vocabulary and drawing them accurately in art. 

It promises to be a fun term ahead!


Please could lower school have any newspapers for an art project this term.  Also, if you have any old men’s shirts  that we could use as painting aprons we would be very pleased to take them off your hands! Thank you.


Learning our times tables in memorable ways.

Mrs Gren has been helping us to learn about life processes. We have been thinking about the things that all living things have in common and used drama to help remember the 7 different processes.

We're going on an invertebrate hunt! We're going to catch some small ones! We're not scared! What a beautiful day!...... Uh oh........

Exploring the artwork and intentions of the artist, Jennifer Angus

Exploring ideas in an Anansi the Spider story, 'How the Spider Got His Thin Legs'.

Story maps help us to remember the story and the correct sequence.

Story telling 'Anansi the Spider - How He Got His Thin Legs' to the Year 3's who were a very appreciative audience. The challenge is on now for Cedar Class to tell the story to their families!

The final spiders were too good not to show them all!

To begin, we each drew a small, quick sketch of a spider from memory. We talked about which ones were realistic and what made them realistic.  Next we watched a video, (153) How To Draw A Black Widow Spider - YouTube,  which shows the  different stages of drawing a black widow spider.   The chap who does this is amazing and makes everything seem so simple. He talks clearly about shapes, lines and comparisons of sizes, and everything is broken down into bite-size pieces.

It is fair to say that the class were very impressed with their end results.  Many  children felt much more confident in their drawing ability.  If you enjoyed this and found the process useful, please do  explore further activities on the Art Hub website - there are so many different ideas on there for you to try and there are bound to be some topics that interest you!

PSHE this term is all about healthy relationships

Controlling feelings of jealousy

  • breathing deeply
  • meditate/count if you are feeling cross as a result of jealousy
  • don't blame other people for you feeling jealous
  • possibly save up money if you are jealous of another person's possession - work hard and save up for it!
  • is what you are jealous of real? 
  •  don't judge yourself or compare yourself to others
  • most importantly, talk to people calmly (friends, family and teachers) and let them know how you feel


What other ideas can you think of that would help you or others to control feelings of jealousy?

Calculating fractions of a quantity

French with Madame Darke

Athletics - Exploring what is good running technique

Learning printing skills for the Queen's platinum jubilee celebrations

We were treated to a play of the classic story, 'The Secret Garden,' by visiting M and M theatre company.

Street dance with Phoebe starts a Tuesday morning off on a positive vibe!

Yoga with Phoebe

Athletics - Aiming and throwing underarm

Gardening with Mel

Beginning to make our own 3D creepy crawlies with newspaper

This term our main project is ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ by William Shakespeare.

Over the course of the term, we shall be exploring the life and historical times of William Shakespeare as well as this famous play and story. We begin with looking at examples of other fantasy story settings so that we can compare the work of Shakespeare with modern day equivalents, drawing on parallels between settings, character relationships, character analysis and plot.  We shall be tapping into drama and role play to explore ideas and dilemmas through techniques such as freeze frames, role on the wall and conscious alley.  Our writing will recreate the features of fantasy writing and include high levels of description and writing techniques.


Please see below for the project overview for term 4 for a further breakdown of learning to be explored and also the home learning ideas sheet for pursuing areas of interest.  We always welcome surprise me homework related to our projects!


This term, PE is on Thursdays and Fridays.

Please may you save medium size cardboard boxes   for us to use when making Tudor houses. Thank you.

It was so nice to see so many children sharing their learning with family. Thank you so much for coming!

It is always hard to say goodbye to a member of the Cedar family. Muzi, we will miss you and your family and wish you lots of fun in your new adventures. Your new school are very lucky to have you.

Some of the fabulous Shakespeare project homework this term

Happy Mother's Day! We hope you like your origami cards. Origami is the art of paper folding and is often associated with Japanese culture.

Steps to Success to origami

Accurate folding,  making the edges of the paper line up accurately and checking before folding

Sharp folding, using your nail and press everything flat


"Press heavily to make it look professional."

"Take your time."

"Follow the instructions carefully."

"Get it right first time."

Daisy's fantastic fundraiser for the DEC (Disasters Emergency Committee) Ukraine. Update - Daisy has now raised £223 pounds, which with gift aid too will feed many families! We couldn't be more proud of the initiative that Daisy has shown.

String telephones - learning about how sound travels

Guided Reading


The Journey, a picture book  by Francessa Sanna 

These are some of our responses to this very beautiful story  about refugees leaving a war-torn country.    With everything that has been on the news about Ukraine, this touched the hearts of many in our class.


The story reminds me of the people in Ukraine leaving their house, friends, leaving everything...... It is important just to survive. (Harveyn)


It makes me feel terrified and worried because if you lose your loved ones then everything changes and your worries grow bigger. (Allegra)


You can relate to the story well with  war in Ukraine. (Lottie)


It makes me feel angry and sad and tearful. I am one but I don't have the power myself. (Alex)


The book makes me feel upset and sad because I know that  other people are experiencing the same thing as the characters.  (Lucy)


It makes me feel scared because it might happen to our country and sad because people are dying. (Emie)


It makes me feel sad because I can't imagine being in that situation. It's a horrible time because innocent people are dying. (Ava)


It is a sad book because war is happening in real life. (Oscar)

Science - Exploring pitch and learning about how to change pitch

Changing pitch

Still image for this video
Jake demonstrates that length of the tubing can alter pitch on his straw pipe!

The Tudor biscuits we made in class were very popular!

Tudor biscuit recipe

Maths - Exploring area by making shapes

Cedar were awarded Mr Wilcox's special prize for raising so much money in the Readathon. Well done Cedar!

More cricket skills in a carousel with proper cricket sunny weather!

Expert cricket coaching with Kieron from 'Chance to Shine'

The stages of constructing our Tudor house and the finished houses!

Science - Learning about Sound

Showing what we know about sound already and want to find out this term.

Pencil portraits of William Shakespeare

Giving Mr Shakespeare a modern day make-over.

A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare

History - Learning About Tudor Homes

Developing freeze frames of parts of the story of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'

Steps to  Success for gymnastic balances..........

Have a focal point

Hold balances for 3 seconds (3 elephants!)

Point/stretch fingers and toes

Have strong tension across all your  body

Think about making lines/shapes

Work safely at height

Be creative

Look professional at all times

Find interesting ways of getting into and out of the balances

Stand straight and tall


Learning about Shrove Tuesday and Lent and having fun with our own pancake races. Thank you to everyone who brought in frying pans and pancakes!

We begin this term with a ‘Take One Piece’ project which has a contemporary music focus. Our project explores a piece entitled, ‘Connect It’ and makes cross curricular links to history, art, drama, storytelling and dance.  We shall be looking at the life of the Scottish composer, Anna Meredith, and the circumstances, purposes and visions of her music. Characteristic sounds and motifs will be explored and replicated using body percussion and voice whilst reinforcing musical terminology. The class will be working towards a final performance.

After ‘Take One Piece’, we shall be working on our next project, ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’. Acting and performance skills will be practised and developed. Our writing will be exploring characterisation and playscript writing.

Making puppets of the characters is going to be a design and technology focus which promises to be fun, exploring designing, making and evaluating skills.

Please note that PE will be on Tuesday and Thursdays this term and children still need to come to school dressed in their PE kit on these days.

Take One Piece - Music

Electricity - Showing our current knowledge and understanding before we begin our project

Making circuits

Learning about insulators, conductors, buzzers, motors and switches

P.E - Tag rugby skills (with a huge thanks to Noah T for his expertise and demonstrations!)

Exploring 'Zones of Regulation'

"When people are angry they have strong eye contact." Muzi

Gardening with Mel - There isn't a lot we can do in our garden at this time of the year but we learnt a lot in the tour and explanations Mel gave us.

Feast your eyes on the variety of fabulous 'Fantastic Mr Fox' project homework. Such a lot of effort has been put into it and many new skills learnt and experiences had along the way.

Take One Piece - exploring body, mouth and percussive sound effects in groups

Performance of our compositions in the style of Anna Meredith's, 'Connect It'

Still image for this video

Another one....

Still image for this video

And another performance.....

Still image for this video

Final one!

Still image for this video

Performing from a graphic music score