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Explorer Dome

On Tuesday 12th November 2019, Year 5 had a wonderful interactive experience when the  Explorer Dome came to visit. 

Inside the Dome, the class was transported into space, visualising the planets and star constellations.  


Charlotte : "Explorer Dome has inspired me to learn more about space" 


Luke: "The Explorer Dome was amazing. We learnt so many facts about space. It was scary when the big explosion happened because there was a big explosion in space"


 Amy : "It was an interesting experience full of intriguing space facts"


Grace: "I have learnt about constellations and where the North Star is"


Gordon: "I have learnt that there is an earth like planet in every 4 solar systems"


Jacob: " Explorer Dome was very exciting and I learnt about the red star called Beetlejuice which is extremely far away"