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We have started to read Hamlet. At the beginning of the story, we have been left to answer a controversial question....Should Hamlet avenge the death of his father? Should Hamlet kill his Uncle Claudius? As a class, we have thought of reasons 'for' and 'against' Hamlet avenging the death of his father. Then, we have had a debate. 


Debate 1
Debate 2
Debate 3
Debate 4
We used our reasons 'for' and 'against' to help us write a discussion. Here are a few examples: 
Picture 1
Picture 2


For our humanities, we have focused on Denmark as this is where Hamlet was set. To begin, we labelled a map of Europe by using atlases to help us and we have been able to locate Denmark on the map. Also, we have labelled a map of Denmark and researched the physical and human characteristics of the country. We have learnt a lot about this country, for example:

  • It is in Europe.
  • Copenhagen is the capital city.
  • Their currency is the Danish krone.
  • Lego was founded in Denmark.


Sharing Afternoon

Sharing Afternoon  1
Sharing Afternoon  2
Sharing Afternoon  3
Sharing Afternoon  4
Sharing Afternoon  5
Sharing Afternoon  6
Sharing Afternoon  7
Sharing Afternoon  8
Sharing Afternoon  9
Sharing Afternoon  10