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Learning at Home!

Welcome to our homework page. Here you will find daily ideas to help you continue your learning while you are at home.  Every day there will be a selection of different challenges – try to complete as many as you can!


Each day, please challenge yourself to:


  • Practice your times tables on TT Rockstars
  • Practice your reading skills on Read Theory
  • Use Hit The Button to develop your mental maths skills
  • Choose a spelling challenge/strategy (from the spelling grid) to help your learn your spelling words
  • Visit GoNoodle or Cosmic Kids Yoga to keep up your daily exercise
  • Choose a research project from our ‘Homework Ideas’ grid and spend time investigating and presenting your new, fascinating, knowledge! (We will share these once we’re back in school!)
  • Explore our daily maths problem to consolidate your knowledge


If you find any of the challenges a bit tricky at home, please don’t worry – make a note of what you were unsure about and we will go through these together when we’re back at school.


We want you, while school is closed, to be able to practice your reading, writing, maths and problem solving skills. When you’ve chosen your homework research project from our menu, think about what kind of things you could write about. What text types could you write about when linked to your projects (e.g. diary or recount / newspaper report / instructions/ discussion/ persuasion/ instructions/ story/ poetry) and remember our steps to success (how is the text organised? What types of sentences do you need? What types of words? What about punctuation and presentation?).

Getting in touch :)

If there's anything you'd like to ask me about the work or you'd like to share: *some of your brilliant learning *top tips *useful or interesting internet links *book reviews or *anything else, please ping me a message here! Remember to ask your parents first, as you'll need to include an email address.

Easter Holidays


As it’s the Easter Holidays next week, Fir Tree have agreed that work will not be set daily. I wish you all a happy and safe Easter and I’ll be back on Monday 20th. Of course, I know that most of you will carry on with bits (reading, times tables, projects/other areas of learning); I will still be responding to messages if you'd like to send me any pictures or work to pop on the website or to get in touch. I've set myself the task of finishing 'Max and the Millions' (Josh - you've definitely beaten me on this one!) as Jasmine had loaned me the next installment from the Murder Most Unladylike series called 'Arsenic for Tea' which I was desperate to finish so I could find out who the murderer was...fab plot twist again! If you're looking for non-fiction reading, I've uploaded the latest copy of 'First News' so that you can catch up, too - this edition has an interview with Cressida Cowell (author of 'How to Train Your Dragon'), some super Easter activity ideas (p.13-16) and an interesting article about food delivery robots!



In addition to the documents in the 'Activities to Help Your Child' at the top of this page, these are links to some fun activities you and your families might like to try over the Easter Hols (let me know if you find any other good ones and I'll pop them on here!):

Latest Edition of First News

Eve's Moana Values Homework

Still image for this video
On Wednesday, I set Chestnut a Values challenge to watch 'Moana' (E's - and my - favourite film) and reflect on the Values Moana as a character shows. Eve, as ever, rose to the challenge and presented her reflections in an incredibly Technology Smart Powerpoint (I particularly love the circle and the bubble themed arrow on the turtle slide!). I hope you enjoy watching her thoughtful Powerpoint as much as E and I did :)

Leighton's Fantastic Artwork

Leighton's Fantastic Artwork 1 Working hard to paint each of the figures
Leighton's Fantastic Artwork 2 The finished rainbow - absolutely beautiful!
This week, Leighton has been developing his Art and DT skills by cutting, painting and arranging figures to create an inspirational rainbow artwork for his window. I'm sure you'll agree, it's absolutely fantastic and has shown phenomenal patience and determination too! Well done, Leighton! 

Jasmine's Hockey News

Jasmine's Hockey News 1
Jasmine's Hockey News 2

Jasmine has some brilliant news about her Hockey Club,  'WildCats Hockey', where she plays with the Under 10's team. 


They had a tournament in Bicester last month and did really well, despite the torrential rain! She demonstrated resilience and determination against some really strong teams, and kept her spirits up, encouraging other team members too. Jasmine was very much looking forward to representing Fir Tree for our hockey tournament too, before recent circumstances meant that it needed to be cancelled.


Jasmine and her family received an e-mail this morning to say that, although the annual awards ceremony had to be cancelled, they were announcing the winners - Jasmine won an award!


The following was written: 

Most Improved Player of the Year - Jasmine Gibbin -
Jasmine started hockey at the beginning of this season, showing true commitment to hockey from the start. Attending sessions every week her confidence, skills and games awareness have developed greatly making her a valuable contribution to any team, and always with a smile. We look forward to helping her develop further over the coming years. Congratulations!


I’m not at all surprised Jasmine has been recognised for her progress in hockey – she’s been invaluable in our class lessons this year. She demonstrates techniques and strategies brilliantly and coaches her peers with patience and positivity (as well as helping her teacher to brush up on her skills!). We're so proud of you, Jasmine! Well done! :) 




Friday 3rd April

Friday 3rd April 1 I miss your inquisitive minds - keep questioning!
Friday 3rd April 2 Apply your skills & knowledge to these challenges

Hints for today's Maths Challenge:


  • Section 5) Numerals is a technical word for numbers or digits  
  • Section 6) Litres/ml - Milli means thousand so 1,000ml = 1l   250ml is less than 1,000ml so your answer will need to be less than 1l (i.e. 0.something)
  • Section 7) Shapes - regular shapes have equal length sides; irregular shapes have sides of different lengths. 
  • Section 8) Data - find the total number of children by adding up the frequency (total) for each animal 

Haaaaaappppy Friiiiiiday! Well done for making it to the end of another week, Chestnut class - I'm sure you've been working extremely hard this week and are ready for a restful weekend. Just before we get there, let's see what learning and progress you can squeeze into today! Keep going with those projects...I can't wait to see what fascinating information you've been discovering and how you're going to present it. 

How have you been getting on with your spelling words this week? I'm sure you've found some great ways to practice and learn these super verbs; now you know what they mean and how to spell them, you'll be able to apply them into your writing in the future. If you haven't yet, try to use them in sentences today - you can use the 'Spelling Sentences' document below to fill in the gaps, if that helps!

Spelling Sentences Sheet

Thanks to lots of you who have been in touch and have shared your fantastic learning - Eve has sent some great pictures of her family keeping fit to Joe Wicks (body smartie Eve has been doing this at 9am every day - such a star!) and a brilliant spelling wordsearch that you could print off to use as extra practice, too! Fabulous work, thanks, Eve! :)





Eve's Fantastic Learning from Home

Eve's Fantastic Learning from Home 1 Joe Wicks workout action shot - bunny hops!
Eve's Fantastic Learning from Home 2 Eve's -ify verbs wordsearch - can you solve it?

Tuesday 2nd April

Tuesday 2nd April 1 How does this link to our Growth Mindset?
Tuesday 2nd April 2 Apply your Maths knowledge & skills to solve these

Hints for today's Maths Challenge:


  • Section 1) Place value - start from the Units and work up
  • Section 2) Mental addition and subtraction - try partitioning e.g. units + units, tens + tens and if a number ends in a 9 try to make it up to the next ten first 
  • Section 3) Multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 - count the 0s to help you know how many places to move each digit e.g. x 100 has 2 00 so move each digit 2 places to the left to get bigger 
  • Section 4) Comparing fractions - crocodile eats the bigger number and you may need to convert to common denominators for some of them 

Hi Chestnut! Happy Thursday! How is it Thursday already? This week seems to have FLOWN by! Thanks so much for your messages and examples of work - I felt wonderfully proud reading through Jasmine's today, I'm sure you'll feel the same when you read it, too :)


The weather hasn't been quite so sunny this week, so maybe you have been keeping up your active minutes indoors rather than outside? Don't forget to use the 'Keeping Active' document in the 'Homework Documents' section at the top of the page for ideas of fun ways to exercise while you're at home and the poster below also has lots great links and ideas. E and A are still loving 'Go Noodle'; A becomes very animated when the Trolls start dancing to 'Can't Stop the Feeling'. His 'go to' dance move is spinning around with his eyes closed - which he has copied from his sister - for obvious reasons, we have to make sure he's not too close to any furniture, or people, for this!


If you'd like any ideas for linking Maths or Science into your learning at home, have a look at the poster below as it has lots of brilliant ideas to try and websites to visit. If you have any other recommended websites, videos or ideas yourself, do let me know and I can add them on here for others to see!


Again, I would absolutely love to hear from you (and if you'd like to share some of your work that would be wonderful, too) so don't hesitate to get in touch with the 'contact me' form! 



Learning Website Posters

Learning Website Posters 1 Keeping Active Websites
Learning Website Posters 2 Maths and Science Websites

Jasmine's Wonderful Learning from Home

Jasmine's Wonderful Learning from Home 1 Shakespeare's Family Tree - Art, History & English
Jasmine's Wonderful Learning from Home 2 Cheesecake Making - Food Technology & English
Jasmine's Wonderful Learning from Home 3 Cheesecake Making - Food Technology & English
Jasmine's Wonderful Learning from Home 4 Cheesecake Making - Food Technology & English

Jasmine has been working extremely hard at home to develop her skills and knowledge in lots of different areas of the curriculum - History, Food Technology, English and Science, to name but a few! I'm so proud to see such fabulous learning and presentation, well done, Jasmine!


From Jasmine: "I have attached my Shakespeare family tree, I painted the blossom tree, using acrylic paint, before adding Shakespeare's family onto it.


In addition to the chocolate cheese cake, we also made a birthday cake for my Granda's 70th birthday - we were going to have a family party, but had to do a family 'Zoom' get together instead. 


I completed the attached 'pond making' photo document, but unfortunately the birds in our garden thought the tadpoles looked like a tasty treat (or fortunately for the birds!) We will try again soon!"

Jasmine's 'Making a Pond' Learning

Wednesday 1st April

Wednesday 1st April 1 How does Moana show a Growth Mindset?
Wednesday 1st April 2 Hint: solve the middle problem first to get B

Hi Chestnut! Happy Tuesday! Apologies for the Moana quote but E watched a little of it yesterday and it reminded me how many values are celebrated in the film - Moana's determination, courage, perseverance and kindness are truly inspirational - and I have decided that I'm going to try extra hard to show Moana values every day. If you haven't seen the film, I would definitely recommend it and I'd love you to let me know what values you think she shows; maybe you could make a powerpoint with screenshots of different parts of the film and captions to explain


These are two of my favourite clips... 


I hope you had a good day yesterday; did you manage to help with cooking or preparing meals at all? E assisted the prep of our bolognese sauce by chopping some of the softer vegetables - like the aubergine and peppers - and she particularly enjoyed squeezing in the tomato puree (it was, consequently, a bit more tomatoey than usual, but still very tasty!). 


I hope you got on OK with the spelling challenge and maths problem yesterday? Let me know if you need any tips through the message me section!


Which projects have you started working on this week? Try, as much as you can, to think about choosing a range of projects to cover the different subjects, like we do at school. If you've already worked on a History project, maybe try a Geography next, or a Science one, or think of ways to develop your skills in the different subjects within your chosen project. If you're a bit unsure of how to do this, please get in touch and I can help! Also, please send me any photos/examples of your work or a message of what you've been up to, as I'd really love to hear from you all.


Take care and have a happy day :) 

Tuesday 31st March

Tuesday 31st March 1 Success = determination, practice & patience
Tuesday 31st March 2 Inverse addition and subtraction today!

Hi Chestnut! I hope you're having a happy start to the week? We had a go at some Food Technology here yesterday; E has been very interested in the story of 'The Little Mermaid' lately and wanted to make Ariel some dolphin biscuits. There are so many fantastic ways that cooking can help us learn:


  • As we got our ingredients ready, she learned about weighing and measuring (Maths).
  • We followed a recipe with numbered steps and she was very interested in looking at what the different numbers looked like (Reading and Maths).
  • E learned about keeping safe during cooking - from oven safety to working hygienically by always washing our hands and surfaces (Food Tech).
  • We learned about problem solving, determination and patience too; the first batch we made were too flimsy and kept breaking, so we tried a different method of freezing the dough before cutting it into shapes which worked out much better!
  • She made a little video for her friends where she explained some of the instructions for making the biscuits (English).


I realise ingredients may be a bit short at home at the moment, but if you get chance to do any cooking (it doesn't need to be extra to what is already happening at home - helping to prepare lunch or dinner is a great way to develop your Food Tech skills) send me a message or a picture and I can pop it on the website to inspire others!

Picture 1 E's joy at presenting the finished biscuits
Picture 2 Batch one...snapped tails!

Monday 30th March

Monday 30th March 1 How might you brighten someone's day today?
Monday 30th March 2 Use your knowledge of estimating to explain this

Morning Chestnut! I hope you had an enjoyable weekend? E and A have had lots of fun being blown about by the wind over the last couple of days! Yesterday, E helped me wash my car; unfortunately (and not surprisingly for my daughter) most of the water seemed to end up on her, rather than on the car, but she had lots of fun and the car looks a little less mucky that it did before we started! 


I wonder what project you'll choose from the menu, what writing you'll link to this and how you'll present your new learning, this week? I'd love to see some of your work so far - use the 'getting in touch' link at the bottom of the page to send me a message! In addition to your TT-Rockstars, Hit the Button, Reading and Read Theory, we've got new spellings this week...


This week, in spelling, we're going to focus on converting nouns and adjectives into verbs using the -ify suffix:


  1. amplify
  2. solidify
  3. signify
  4. falsify
  5. glorify
  6. notify
  7. testify
  8. purify
  9. intensify
  10. classify


Your first challenge is to write each word into your book and use a dictionary (either book or website: ) to find and match the correct meaning of each word in the '-ify spelling challenge' document below; maybe you could draw a picture, too, to help you remember?


Friday 27th March

Friday 27th March 1 What have you been reading lately?
Friday 27th March 2 Apply your estimating - what would be 1/2 way?

Happy Friday, Chestnut! I hope you've had a restful night and are ready for another day of learning and fun. How have you been keeping up your active minutes this week? GoNoodle is a fabulous place to start, as is Cosmic Kids Yoga (E has been loving this - we tried the Moana one yesterday which was brilliant!). Also, Joe Wicks 'The Body Coach' has been live-streaming a 30 minute PE session each morning at 9am from his Youtube channel: These are the links to each session so far, in case you have missed them: - 23.3.20 - 24.3.20 - 25.3.20 - 26.3 20 


We'll be ready for a new set of spellings next week but to secure your -ise spellings, how about writing them into sentences today? Think about challenging yourself with 5ws sentence starters, embedded clauses and using a range of punctuation (as well as experimenting with exciting word choices!).


e.g. At half-time in the tense changing room (with his team 2-0 down) the fearful football manager desperately hoped his players would be able to at least equalise, in order to go through to the next round. 


criticise       advertise       capitalise

finalise        equalise         fertilise

terrorise      socialise         visualise         vandalise

Thursday 26th March

Thursday 26th March 1 Can you think of some examples? Our lockdown?
Thursday 26th March 2 Use your column subtraction skills!

Happy Thursday, Chestnut! I hope you are feeling well and safe this morning. I'm missing seeing you each day but I'm having a lovely time - and feeling very proud - looking at some examples of your amazing learning from home. If you want to send anything to share with the class on here (or just to me!) then send a message using the contact form at the bottom of the page.


In addition to your daily spelling, reading and maths activities, I hope you're getting on well with your projects, too? You might even have completed one by now? I think my two little people would have chosen the 'Deadly 60 Cards' - A is loving finding insects in the garden at the moment and gets very animated whenever he sees an ant/beetle/ladybird (his favourite seems to be little spiders). I think, if he could, he would write a non-chronological report all about spiders and include lots of diagrams and pictures. 

Jasmine's Fantastic Hamlet Diary

Still image for this video

Jasmine has put so much effort into these blood-curdling, frightful, diary extracts from Hamlet. Can you see how she has used the S2S for a recount here to step into the character's shoes whilst recalling events they have seen and experienced? 

  • First person narrative
  • Written in the past tense
  • Adverbial phrases to add 5ws to the beginning, middle and end of her sentences
  • Punctuation for effect and to give clarity to her reader
  • Descriptive details, including figurative language, to paint a picture in the reader's mind 

I'm blown away - fabulous writing, Jasmine! 

Macey's Inspirational Letter Writing

Macey's Inspirational Letter Writing  1 Macey's thoughtful letter to NHS workers
Macey's Inspirational Letter Writing  2 One of her many, grateful, responses

Macey was set an English challenge to write a letter to someone; she chose the NHS staff. First, Macey spent time planning her letter and thinking about what she wanted to say. With her ideas planned, she then put lots of effort into using the S2S for letter writing. After completing her letter, it was uploaded to an NHS support page on Facebook where it was shared and praised by lots of NHS staff. 


Macey has had many responses from thankful NHS staff via comments, private messages and even in the post! Macey has today responded to one of those letters (a nurse in isolation called Kim).


As a result of this, Macey has developed her letter writing skills and she has learnt to respond to questions asked of her in a letter. Furthermore, she has discovered the wonderful, unlimited, power the Internet can have when used for kind, thoughtful things! We're so proud of you, Macey!

Wednesday 25th March

Wednesday 25th March 1 What change would you make in the world?
Wednesday 25th March 2 RPS Challenge - try working backwards from the =

Hi Chestnut! Hope you've had a restful sleep and are ready for the sunny Wednesday ahead!


How have you been getting on with your '-ise' spellings so far? If you wanted another way of practicing, try to make a wordsearch like the one below (or use this one to find the words yourself!). Remember to always check the meaning of words using a dictionary, like this online one, so that you'll be able to use them in your writing. 


I hope you're learning lots of interesting things through your project choice? Try to include some writing each day that's linked to your project - think about what types of writing would work best (e.g. story/ diary/ newspaper/ poetry/ non-chronological report/ letter/ instructions) and the S2S (Organisation/ Sentences/ Words/ Punctuation and Presentation) for each one. 

Tuesday 24th March

Tuesday 24th March 1 I wonder what you're reading today?
Tuesday 24th March 2 Practice your column addition with this problem!

Hi Chestnut Class! I hope you had a happy day yesterday and have been able to stay safe, learn lots and keep active. My little ones have been loving 'Go Noodle' today - particularly the 'Milkshake' song which they have taken to singing as LOUDLY as they can! Have you chosen your first project from the homework menu yet? I can't wait to see all of your fantastic work and ideas when we get back to school! 

Monday 23rd March

Monday 23rd March  1 What new things will you discover today?
Monday 23rd March  2 Apply your column addition skills to solve this!

Hi Chestnut Class! I hope you have had a happy weekend! Lucy emailed school with some of her wonderful home learning which I thought you would all love to see too - she's put lots of effort into her fabulous timetable and comic strip recount of Hamlet *contains SPOILERS ... she's read to the end of the story!*

Lucy's Hamlet Comic and Self-Smart Learning Timetable

Picture 1