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Silver Birch's Homework Page


Hi to everyone in Silver Birch! This is the page you need for all the information for things to do over the next few weeks. There will be an update every day - just download the latest message in the section below. 


On a daily basis try to complete the following:

  • Read the daily message
  • Maths activity
  • Writing activity
  • Any extra reading, times tables etc practise
  • A choice of activity from the homework menu 
  • Some sort of exercise
  • A diary entry in your book (can be very short)


On a weekly basis:

  • Spellings using the spelling ideas mat
  • Login to any of our online sites
  • Explore the multiple options in the links section below


Any questions, just send me a message using the box at the bottom of the page. Speak to you all soon! 👍

Fir Tree Choc Off - The Results

Dear viewer - here are the results for the Fir Tree Choc Off 2020 - well done to all who took part. Yours, Haul Pollywood.

Week 1 - Chocolate!



For those of you who have forgotten your TT Rockstars user name and password. This is how you login:

First name followed by your initial of your surname eg LouisaJ  (capital letter for L and J)

Password is Silverbirch  (capital letter S)

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Say Hi

If you want to let us know anything then feel free to send a message - we'd love to hear from you even if it's just a hello! You'll need an email address though so you may need to ask someone for help.