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Welcome to our homework page.

There will be daily challenges to help you continue your learning while you are at home. Every day there will be a selection of different challenges, try to complete as many as you can.

Each day, please challenge yourself to:

  • Practise your reading skills on Read Theory
  • Practise your times tables in TT Rockstars
  • Use Hit the Button to practise your mental maths skills
  • Choose a spelling challenge (from the spelling grid) to help you learn your spelling words


I will be updating this part of the website with exciting new challenges every day for you to choose from.



Easter holidays

I can't believe we have had two weeks working at home. Well done everyone! I hope you are all enjoying the activities and want to say a great big thank you to your parents and families for supporting you! THANK YOU! Well done to you if you sent me some of your work - I hope you like seeing it on our 'shout-out' board! It's not too late to send something!!


It is now the Easter holidays, so I won't be setting daily work. Please check back in on MONDAY 20th APRIL for activities connected to our new project!!

Enjoy the Easter break - Joe Wicks is still doing his exercises and there are some other things for you to do here ....

Stay safe, be good!
Mrs Hillier 



First news - read it here!


Shout-outs! 1 Ryan used his number skills to play Monopoly
Shout-outs! 2 Tom typed his non-chronological report
Shout-outs! 3 Part two!
Shout-outs! 4 Jack solves countdown again!
Shout-outs! 5 Sebastian's non chronological report
Shout-outs! 6 Jacob is busy working
Shout-outs! 7 Gethin has designed and made a longboat!
Shout-outs! 8 Sapphire's longboat drawing
Shout-outs! 9 Sapphire's Viking boat made from beads
Shout-outs! 10 Josie's picture
Shout-outs! 11 Josie's sword
Shout-outs! 12 Josie's Viking soldier
Shout-outs! 13 Rosie has caterpillars to watch
Shout-outs! 14 Anya wrote a beautiful poem about a Kingfisher
Shout-outs! 15 Can you crack Tom's code?
Shout-outs! 16 The rest of Tom's code
Shout-outs! 17 Can you crack Gethin's code?
Shout-outs! 18 Sapphire's desert island postcard
Shout-outs! 19 Sapphire has made a beautiful Anglo Saxon bracelet
Shout-outs! 20 Alicia's animal poem - such imagery
Shout-outs! 21 Jack should be the next countdown presenter!
Shout-outs! 22 Well done Jack!
Shout-outs! 23 Billy has drawn an Anglo Saxon farm
Shout-outs! 24 Billy's family all joined in!
Shout-outs! 25 Sam's spellings
Shout-outs! 26 Ryan and his family are keeping fit!
Shout-outs! 27 Ryan's been cooking too
Shout-outs! 28 I am loving Ryan's new look!
Shout-outs! 29 Something exciting through my letter box
Shout-outs! 30 A letter from Alicia!
Shout-outs! 31 Anys is practising her spellings
Shout-outs! 32 Sam's menu 1
Shout-outs! 33 Sam's menu 2
Shout-outs! 34 Oscar's Anglo Saxon game
Shout-outs! 35 Oscar's Blue Peter story
Shout-outs! 36 Oscar's footy kit design
Shout-outs! 37 Rosie's Anglo Saxon card houses
Shout-outs! 38 Rosie's spelling story
Shout-outs! 39 Rosie's reading list - thanks for recommendations!
Shout-outs! 40 Tom has been busy drawing a Viking!
Shout-outs! 41 Tom's newspaper article
Shout-outs! 42 Billy is busy doing maths
Shout-outs! 43 Anglo Saxon house at Earth Trust
Shout-outs! 44 Anya in the construction process
Shout-outs! 45 The finished house! Well done Anya!

A message from our brass teacher!

Spelling activity menu

Week beginning 30th March Spellings:

Mrs Hillier’s group – Word families based on common words

Length, strength, purpose, history, different, difficult, separate, suppose, therefore, knowledge


Mrs Hutton’s group – ‘z’ sound spelt ‘s’

Television, treasure, usual, division, vision, pleasure, measure, occasion, usually, leisure



Week beginning 23rd March Spellings:

Mrs Hillier's group  (word families)

solve, solution, insoluble, dissolve, solvent and sign, signature, assign, design, signal

Week 2 Activity Menu

Week 1 Activity Menu


If you want to let me know anything then feel free to send a message - I'd love to hear from you even if it's just a hello! You'll need an email address though so you may need to ask someone for help.