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Lockdown Homework

Welcome to your Homework page. This has been designed to help you continue your learning whilst school is shut. We will post activities daily for Writing and Maths. There will also be a Homework Map that contains more fun and varied activities for you to do which will be posted weekly to support your cross curricular learning.   Please record the work you complete in an exercise book.


Each day, please challenge yourself to:

  • Practise your reading skills on Read Theory or read for 10 minutes
  • Practise your times tables in TT Rockstars
  • Use Hit the Button to practise your mental maths skills
  • Choose a spelling challenge (from the spelling grid) to help you learn your spelling words
  • Writing Challenge
  • Maths Challenge


Each week, we expect you to:

  • Practise your spellings (there is a Beginner, Competent, Proficient or Expert version) using the Spelling Bingo Map
  • Complete a range of activities from the Weekly Homework Map

You could also complete another task from the Project Homework Map or a ‘Surprise Me Homework’. 

I will be updating this part of the website with exciting new challenges every day for you to choose from.


Thank you for your patience. We look forward to seeing you back at school soon! J


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Harry's Magnificient Take One Country Fiji Project

Toby's Superb Powerpoint About Greece

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Shared Work

Toby's Perfect Partioning
Grid Method Expertly Modelled
Toby's Superb 3D Shapes
Toby and Alice's Rainforest
Harry's Grid Method
Oliver's Map of France
Ellie's French profiteroles with choc sauce! Yum!
Oliver's maths games challenges
Oliver's Wordsearch of French Foods

Take Phoebe's Fantastic Rainforest Quiz!

Phoebe's Fabulous Nail-Biting Story

Useful Links

Shared Work

Oliver's flag + spider-gram. Guess which country!
Isla and Lexie are talk partners! (Look closely!)
Herbie's Amazing Amazon Animals 1
Herbie's Amazing Amazon Animals 2
Herbie's Amazing Amazon Animals 3
Finn cracked the maths code challenge!
Herbie's Rainforest
Herbie's Egypt work
Herbies Wonderful Writing!
Nilah's Marvellous Multiplying
Nilah's Time Work
Nilah's Amazing Amazon Wordsearch
Scrumptious cherry picking!

Harry's yes and no's in different languages!

Finn's Powerfully Passionate and Persuasive Writing

Harry's (VERY!) Persuasive Letter to Ms Khan

Finn's Egg-citing Eggs-periment!

Homework Week Beginning 22nd June

Guess where Isla visited pre lockdown?
Have you guessed?
Isla, is your favourite colour red?
Yum! Mr Giles is jealous of this!
Celebratory breakfast for CHAMPIONS!
Harry's HRFP map created on Paint on the computer
Baby hedgehogs found in Jude's shed!
Hogs taken to be looked after
Jude, you are a hedgehog hero!
Max's learning about  continents
Zach's maths
Zach, more maths!
Oliver's maths starter
Max busy cooking!
Tayla's fab adjectives and adverbs
Zach - A letter to feel very proud of!
Max's fab time work
Tayla's maths
Tayla - more maths!
Max busy doing art
Zach....even more marvellous maths!
Tayla's super synonyms
There's just no stopping Zach and his maths!
Max all set ready for work

Jess - Persuasive text

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Harry's Rainforest Rainfall Excel Graph

Harry's Super Story of The Bird in the Rainforest

Children's Work Week Beginning 15th June

Oliver's Foil Art
Jackson's The Bird in the Forest Story
Isla's Acrostic Rain Forest Poem
Up close to the acrostic poem
Jackson's fan maths!
Louis' Rainforest drawing
Harry's net of a cube,turned into a torturous game
Jackson's marvellous mind map about 'Persuasion'
Ellie's Expert Example of a Washing Line Text Map
Oliver's radiant rainforest picture
Isla working hard!
Harry's rainforest spider. Look at leg detail!
Isla's 3D shapes
Harry's terrific toucan made from Hamma beads
Isla's Marvellous Maths 1
Isla's Marvellous Maths 2
Isla going for EXPERT!
Camping excitement!
Feeding time!
Nilah's rainforest animals
Nilah's rainforest wordsearch
Ready, steady, GO NILAH!
Aye, aye, Captain Nilah!

Alesha's Animal Power Point

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Nai's PE Monday

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Jackson's The Black Hat Story

Jess Go Noddle!

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Finn's Smashing Story of The Bird in the Forest

Homework 8th June

Tayla's bark rubbing
Finn's Amazing Rainforest Picture
Tayla found a Cedar tree!  Whoop, whoop!
Finn's fab sentences with similes and metaphors
Sophie's super rainforest
A bird's eye view of Sophie's rainforest
Tallulah's rainforest using  new b'day pens!
Isla rescued a baby bird she named "Sun"
....and took it to the Wildlife Centre .
Finn's super sentences!
Harry's pavement chalk art
Nature smart Jude rescuing a bee!
Toby's professional comic strip
Harry's story map for 'The Bird in the Forest'
Glorious walk in a field of poppies
Jess - Go Noodling!
Harry's brill rainforest orangutan using Art Hub!
Oliver's leaf and bark rubbings at Castle Meadows
Super Speller Harry!

Finn's fab Lego rainforest and explanation

Harry's - The Bird in the Rainforest

Still image for this video
Harry used iMovie to put together this animation. Sit back and enjoy!

Cian's Cracking Performance

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Harry's Ruckus Poem Performance

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Homework Week Beginning 18th May

Harry's 'Ruckus' Poem Based on a Free Write
Zac's Electric Fan. How cool is that!
Feel good pampering after all the hard work!
Feel good make-overs!
Harry's Marvellous Maths Challenges
Harry's Money Maths
Jackson Going Scavenger Hunting on his Bike
Ellie's Play Script  - Read Me!
Cian - an appetite for maths!
Cian's Maths
Rosie'sFab Maths
Cian's Maths
Author Phoebe -Cressida Cowell Writing Challenge!
Nilah Making Decorations
Jackson Made a Fabulous Bird Box!
Jackson Planted Cress
Jackson's Successful Cress!
Nilah Making Bird Feeders
Hard at Work!
Rosie's Fab Maths
Nilah Making Scones
Work from Hedgehog Awareness Week
Tribute to the NHS
VE Day Decorations
Paying a Visit to Zeus!
Down bythe Riverside!

Homework Week Beginning 11th May

Tayla Identified Play Script Features
Tayla's VE Day Work
Oliver - Hour of Code Expert!
Oliver's Ace Maths
Rosie's Play Script - Choosing a Dog!
Harry Embarking on Buttermilk Biscuits
Harry is on a roll!
Into the oven they go!
Ta-da!   Finished Buttermilk Biscuits!
Oliver's Amazing Antonyms!
Rosie - Spotting a Hedgehog
Hedgehog - Close up!
Ellie's Flamingo
Kai's Fab Fat Balls for the Birds!
Ellie's Cheeky Chickens!
Herbie's  Greek Myth
Jess - Making Paper Aeroplanes
Cian's Ideas for Adding Stage Directions
Zach, Acing Perimeter Work
Harry Spotted Play Script Features
More Fab Maths From Zach!
Oliver's Perimeter Maths Work
Harry - Coding Expert!
Zach's Fab Maths

Oliver's Star Wars Play Script

Oliver's 50 Ways to Say 'Hello'

Sophie's Spontaneous Play Script!

Harry's Play Script

Homework Week Beginning 4th May

Louis' Finished Bunting
Isla's VE Day Cake
Nai's Brilliant Bunting!
Isla's VE Day Window Display
Harry's  VE Day poster
Louis and Alfie's Learning about Tudor Royalty
Harry's VE Day poster 2
Isla's Beautiful Decorations for VE Day
Oliver's VE Day poster
Arthur's Brill Bunting!
Oliver making potato scones
Oliver - onto the baking tray.....
Ta dah! Oliver's finished potato scones!
Zach's fab reading comprehension
Isla's Hedgehog  Crossword
Louis' Tempest Characters
Isla Won Her Maths Game Today!
Louis' Reading Comprehension
Toby's Hedgehog!
Louis' Decorated House Ready for Celebrations
Isla's work convertng cm to mm
Oliver's Brilliant Bunting!
Louis' Bunting Close Up!
Alfie and Louis' Expert Characters Lesson
Jess' Rocket
Louis' Terffic Tudor House
Louis' Bunting Close Up 2
Ellie's Hedgehog Activities
Louis' Terffic Tudor House
Toby's Measurement Work
Jess is supporting the NHS with her hairband!
Louis' Terffic Tudor House
Isla's Length Work in Maths
Louis' Bunting Close  Up 3

Isla's Very Informative VE Day Power Point

Oliver's VE Day Facts

Take Oliver's Tempest quiz and test your knowledge!

Jess' Tudor Living Powerpoint

Cian's Haikus of The Tempest Story

Homework Week Beginning 27th April

Louis' Free Write Poem
Nai's Historical Research
Tayla's Capacity Work
Oliver's Heroes Poster
Max's Finished Stormy Sea
Oliver's Playdough Spellings
Oliver's Playdough Spellings 2
Tayla's Haikus
Cian's Hero Picture
Tayla's Hangman Spelling
Finn's Finished Sea Scape!
Oliver's Haikus
Max's Capacity Work
Tayla's Spelling Practise
Phoebe's Cakes!
Tayla's Roman Work
Nai's Haikus and Antonio's "thirst for power!"
Rosie's Tempest Picture
Harry's Globe Theatre Research
Rosie and Mum's Haikus!
Oliver busy cake baking
Harry's improved Haikus
Kai's Maths
Oliver will be turbo charged for PE with Joe!
Tayla's Roman Wordsearch
Harry's improved Haikus 2
Ellie's Spring Haiku
Nilah's Mosaic
Louis' Tudor Rose
Zachary's Pet Haiku
Daniel's Key Worker Poster
Max's Spelling Practise
Finn's Capacity Maths Work
Ellie's NHS Poster
Louis' NHS poster
Malachi turns decorator!
Finn's Capacity Work 2
Ayda's Feelings Words
Louis' Time Tables Practse
Lesson with an English expert on the green!
Daniel Keeping Fit
The beginning of Finn's seascape
Nilah Planting Seeds
Max's 'Our School'
Louis' 11x table  with a sneaky 10x thrown in!
Louis' Ariel Character Write Up
Harry's Boat from The Tempest
Nilah's Spellings
Oliver's Feelings Words
Louis' Times Tables 2
Nilah's Cooking
Harry's Ariel Character Write Up
Max's Extra Maths Work
Oliver's 11x Maths
Rosie's Heroes Artwork
Nilah's Money Work
Max's Stormy Sea
Rosie's Heroes Artwork 2
Nilah's Clay Coil Pot
Max Watching Live Orchestras

Friday 1st May

Have you seen the message from all the staff?   Look for the rainbow at the bottom of the classes page!

Homework Week Beginning 20th April

Jackson's Super Similes!
Harry's Marvellous Metaphors!
Louis' Next Lego Challenge outside
Louis' Next Lego Challenge inside
Jackson's maths
Louis' Super Similes
Zac's  maths
Toby's Tempest Characters
Louis' reflections on The Tempest clip
Zac's more maths!
Rosie's breakfast pancakes, yum!
Jackson's expert maths
Louis' fab writing
Rosie's fab descriptive writing
Jackson's maths challenge
Toby has been using Art Hub for  kids
Jackson's descriptive writing
Alesha hard at work
Louis' stunning presentation
Ayda's fab descriptive writing
Zac's wrting about the Tempest characters
Harry's Tempest scene
Oliver's birthday card for Captain Tom Moore
Rosie's Coronavirus Acrostic Poem
Rosie's Roman Mosaic
Louis' Lego challenge day 1

Easter Holidays

Well done Cedar Class for making it to the end of another week! I appreciate these last two weeks have not been easy. It has been a learning curve for us all.  I want to say a huge thank you to your parents and family members who have supported you with your learning. Thanks again to those of you who have been in touch and shared your wonderful learning. It’s been fantastic to see!


It’s the Easter holidays! You’ll be glad to hear work will not be set daily. I’ll be back on Monday 20th April with more exciting activities for you to do and details of our new project! Hope you have a relaxing break. If you are in need of ideas to keep you busy over the Easter break, have a look at the following documents.


Stay safe and look after yourselves.

Cedar Class Team

Optional Easter Activities

This way to lots of amazing work - art, craft and design, videos, posters, writing..... and MORE!

Toby's Roman Rap!

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