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Hi Cherry, this is generally a message for those of you who will not be coming into school on the 15th of June. I will do my best to upload as many things as possible that we will be doing in school. Not all we do in school will be suitable for you to necessarily do at home so I will do my best to only upload things you can do at home - if you can't, just ignore the task! I would suggest that you keep doing the BBC Bitesize lessons every day as well as any exercise and you use what I upload to supplement that learning. As I will be in school all day, every day, it will be quite difficult for me to reply to your messages quickly but I will do the best I can when I am able to. I would love for you to get involved with what we are doing in school sometimes via video-calling at some point so look out for that too!


Although you may not be back before the end of term, we will definitely try to organise something as soon as we are able to, so please don't worry about things like getting memory boxes, things from trays or just being able to say goodbye - we will find a way! I will try and find ways of sharing what we do in school with you as much as I can either via the class blog or my YouTube page - keep looking as I have ideas...! Looking forward to seeing you all, be it face-to-face or virtually very soon!


Mr Wilcox yes

Home Learning from the 15th June

Fir Tree Choc Off - The Results

Dear viewer - here are the results for the Fir Tree Choc Off 2020 - well done to all who took part. Yours, Haul Pollywood.

Week 1 - Chocolate!


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