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Maple Year 3

Welcome to Maple Class 



Our teacher is Miss Lloyd and our wonderful teaching assistants are Mrs Bones and Mrs Benny.


On this page you will find information about how things work in Maple Class and some useful resources that you can use to help us in our learning.


This page will be updated termly with information that may be of interest to you regarding projects, timetables, curriculum maps, videos, pictures and more. It will be useful to keep checking this page for any helpful documents and pages that will keep you informed about this year. We have another exciting year ahead!


Our term 3 P.E. days are: Monday and Friday

In the event of self-isolation or further lockdown


In the event of your child needing to self-isolate please use the links above that your child can do in any of the subjects. In the event of our class bubble isolating or a school closure lockdown, we will be using Teams online. Your child will need their username and password to access Teams.

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Term 1 - Our projects this term are Take One Picture and The Stone Age

Term 2 - Our project this term is Extraordinary Journeys

Term 3 - Our project this term is Romans

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Our learning in Term 3:

Forest School

This term we had a brilliant time in the forest exploring and trying new outdoor experiences. We started our session by storytelling using pictures clues from around the forest. Then, we painted them on wooden discs to further add to our story. In addition, it was amazing to have time to use the forest campfire to sit round and create our own cheese toasties. We were able to enjoy our snacks by sharing our wishes for this yyear. We got to learn how the fire is started and what we need to do to create the perfect campfire toasties!

P.E. Hockey


This term, Maple have been learning new ball handling skills in hockey. We have been working on our control of the ball using a range of speeds and stopping whilst dribbling. We have looked at how moving into space and working collaboratively using teamwork can make scoring easier. Alongside this, we have used defensive body language and positioning in game situations to aid with tackling in various situations. We have enjoyed applying these skills to game situations where we have tested our defence and passing skills too. 

Health and Wellbeing - Yoga Sessions


This term we have been very excited to try our first ever yoga sessions. We learnt a variety of new poses including child's pose, kobra, downward dog and the cat. We also had fun using our bodies to create different animal shapes whilst also having time to reflect on how we are feeling and learning how to release negative energy from our bodies. We used a range of generated positive messages from the class to encourage and reinforce to ourselves during quiet time. We also learnt a new fluid routine which we practised alongside calming music. At the end of our sessions we had time to once again release more energy and feel our bodies reunite in harmony. 

What we thought of our first session:

"This made me feel so calm, I am so relaxed now." - Amy

"I feel super relaxed, I love yyoga!." - Logan

"I think this will help our learning by feeling refreshed and ready." - Freddie

"It was so much fun moving around the room as different animals, I liked being a snake." - Alba

Our Learning in Term 2:



This term, Maple have had a chance to explore light and dark. We have investigated where light comes from, experimented with different light filters and seen what happens when light is directed through triangular prisms. This led us to discover how rainbows are formed. We have also compared and contrasted light sources and light reflectors and why the latter are essential during times of low light. We have looked at various materials which make these so effective. In addition to this, we have experimented with mirrors and how their surfaces reflect light. This led on to using our research skills to create posters about sun safety and why it is important to protect ourselves from sunlight. Finally, we investigated how shadows are formed and put our knowledge into a practical setting by creating shadow puppets in a shadow puppet theatre to perform to the rest of the class.

Polar Express Train Performance


This term, Maple had a fantastic time on the Polar Express train from Wallingford to Cholsey train station. We were treated to a production of the Polar Express whilst sipping on a warm hot chocolate and a tasty cookie. We joined in with singing and dancing by the performers and were even lucky enough to be visited by Father Christmas. Having read the book together before our trip, it was great to be part of what we had read as a performance.



In writing, we have been looking at how write an effective set of instructions for someone wishing to pack a bag for an adventure. We first began by looking at a range of instructions including recipes, step by step construction instructions, and directions. We were able to identify a range of features used in varying instructions. We have explored why imperative verbs and time conjunctions are essential in our instructions as well as the use of clear, short steps. We have compared sentence structures and how we can edit examples to make them more effective. We have been able to write a set of instructions which include a title, introduction to 'hook' the reader in, list of equipment needed, bullet points of step by step insytructions and a final note to add a word of warning or encouragement to the reader. We also had fun story mapping each step to remember what to write and using drama to act out with a group each part. 

Christmas Craft and Cards


To celebrate the end of term in a festive way, the children have made their very own Christmas ornaments to sell as our class makes. The children looked at mark making and a range of clay modelling techniques. We have also used our creativity to design our own Christmas cards.




During term 2, we have been looking at extreme Earth. This has involved investigating what makes up the ground beneath our feet, including the various layers which are built up. Our research continued by describing and explaining how different volcano formations are created. We have been able to label and describe key characteristics also. In addition to this, we have identified and explained how volcanoes affect people's lives around the world, noting how the geography of other places around the world are different to where we live and what implications that might have. 



In reading, we have looked at a range of texts including picture books and chapter books. Our class read this term has been 'Oliver and the Seawigs' by Philip Reeves and Sarah McIntyre. We have focused largely on the reading viper skill to 'predict' what might happen in the text by using examples of what we already know from the book to back up our response. We have also supported this by using our explaining skills and started to infer meaning from this. We have continued to look at a range of vocabulary, and the children have enjoyed ticking off which reading skill they have been using in each lesson. 



This term we have enjoyed sharing our singing sessions with the rest of lower school and Sandy who plays brilliantly on the piano, whilst teaching us. We have considered singing posture, range of tone, breathing exercises to get our vocal chords to warm up and standing professionally to present to others. We have learnt a range of fun songs, some with actions and others with a festive Christmas twist. 



In maths this term, we have started to explore multiplication and addition. We have recapped and consolidated on our knowledge of multiplying and dividing by 2, 5 and 10. Following this, we have been learning to divide and multiply by 3, 4 and 8 - the children have had fun learning their new times tables too. We have pushed our knowledge further by applying our times-tables to problem solving questions where it has been essential to use these to easily see patterns and links between questions. 



Within P.E. this term, we have been learning lots of new skills in Netball. For some us this has been the first time we have played, so it has been very exciting. We have learnt to pass and receive the ball in a variety of ways and to work collaboratively to keep possession of the ball by passing accurately. In doing so, we have recognise the need to 'get free' from opposition players and used dodging techniques. We have also played in attacking and defending zones and created opportunities to shoot. Finally, we have started to use a range of accurate passes to build an attack, for example; using chest pass, over arm throw and bounce pass.



This term, Maple have used the theme of 'Light' to explore a range of celebrations. We have explored the festival of Diwali by looking at the story of Rama and Sita and created our own Rangoli patterns using geometric patterns. Then, we looked at Hanukkah and how it uses light and discussed why it might be an important part of the celebration. Finally, we researched Advent and how this compares and contrasts to the way Diwali and Hanukkah use light in their celebrations. 

Our Learning in term 1:

Take One Picture


Maple have had great fun learning during our Take One Picture project. We have been exploring 'The Arrival of Spring in Woldgate' by David Hockney. We have used research skills to discover more about the background of David Hockney and what inspires him to create his work. This has led us to create small biographies about our chosen artist. In addition to this, we have enjoyed really looking at the artwork and extending a section of our image to help generate ideas related to  where, when, what, why and who before continuing to look at the artistic techniques more in depth. Furthermore, we have explored the use of perspective and how Hockney uses size, scale, shape and line direction to create this in his work. We have created our own versions of Hockney's work by looking at the horizon line and considering where the vanishing point is. Consequently, we have been able to create beautiful haiku poems inspired by our own artworks. 



This term, Maple have time-travelled back to the Stone Age and written their own postcards into the future. We have explored the features of a postcard and included our own examples of time connectives and adjectives. To add greater detail to our writing and paint a picture in the reader's mind, we have also used the five senses and the 5W's. Further to this, we have enjoyed exploring the text 'The Secret of Black Rock' by Jo Todd Stanton. This began by learning the narrative through drama, asking questions by hot-seating and story mapping in order to remember sequenced events. Then, we used our five senses again to start to generate interesting vocabulary to describe what we wanted the reader to know. We have also looked at adjectives, and used what, when, where and how starter phrases to set the scene of our story opening. Next, we used our sequenced story understanding to apply our ideas to writing our own narrative for 'The Secret of Black Rock'.



Maple have enjoyed learning about rocks this term as part of their science work. We have carried out investigations which observe and group rocks based on their properties. This has included testing their permeability, density and durability. We have also explored the fossilisation process by story boarding step by step stages. Maple also enjoyed acting this process out to help memorise each stage. This was further complemented by researching Mary Anning’s contribution to palaeontology. Additionally, we have explored soil formation and how soil is made up from different processes happening.



This term, we have been exploring place value alongside addition and subtraction. We have reinforced our understanding of number as well as learning different methods for solving addition and subtraction number problems. Further to this, we have applied our new understanding to problem solving and reasoning questions.

Art & Design


Maple have enjoyed creating their own Stone Age cave art this term. We have looked at mark-making techniques by practising observational drawing. We have considered how shading and texture can be shown differently using different techniques. Once we became more confident with our own drawing skills, we used our planning and design skills to come up with a rough design of what we wanted our Stone Age cave art to look like. Finally, we created our own cave art using pastels whilst also looking at blending techniques. 



This term, Maple have started our first music lessons. We have learnt to and are practising using the correct hand hold for playing (left hand at the top, right hand at the bottom) We are also practising the 'b' note and playing in a rhythm. To further compliment our instrument playing, we have also explored, pitch, pulse, beat and rhythm whilst singing. 



This term, we have used our research skills to learn about the Stone Age. First, we began by looking at the timeline of the Stone Age and how it can be split into three sections. In doing so, we have learnt how each stage of the timeline has affected change in Britain. We have also compared modern life to Stone Age life, and considered whether we would liked to have been a Stone Age human. Next, we spent time getting into role as a hunter gatherer and compared the diet of a Stone Age human to our own. Further to this, we have used our ICT skills to research the history and background of Stone Henge and Skara Brae and their importance to the Stone Age.



Maple have explored a range of different texts and extracts whilst using the reading viper skills to aid their reading comprehension. We have retrieved information from the text by answering quick quiz questions. We have also learnt how to predict, explain, infer and summarise information from the text whilst looking at a range of vocabulary. 



This term we have been looking at friendships and what makes a good friend. We have explored a range of scenarios and how we could respond as a good friend. We have looked at our school values and discussed what it means to be responsible, courageous, respectful, tolerant whilst also persevering and demonstrating friendship. 



This term we have explored how people show they are Christian and applied our understanding to different scenarios. We have also learnt what happens at communion and why it is important to Christians. Followed by what Christians do as part of their beliefs. 



Maple have enjoyed learning dribbling and passing skills in football and applying these to game situations. Alongside this, we have practised our throwing, catching and receiving skills in rounders. This has focused a lot on co-ordination and we were able to apply this to small game scenarios before consolidating our skills in a bigger game situation. We have also enjoyed working as a team and supporting each other, whilst discussing what it means to be a good sportsman/woman.

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