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Research and Partnerships

We value the importance of research in ensuring the very best outcomes for our children. Teachers evaluate their practice in light of new developments in learning and teaching to achieve excellence in what we do for the education of our children. 

Our school is participating in the Keycolab European Project, a major action research project. This brings together teachers working with young children in Belgium, Finland , Romania ,Spain and the UK. The work focuses on children learning the agreed European educational competences which are, of course, equivalent to our own national curriculum. The research is led by the National Association for Primary Education (NAPE) and we are both proud and pleased that our school was selected to be one of a group of six Oxfordshire schools to be involved and to represent the UK in the work. 
Selection was based on the school's expertise in generating learning through educational visits to places of interest. Taking children out of school to be stimulated by new experiences which can build and reinforce learning back in the classroom has always been an integral part of our teaching and it is this approach which is the distinctive contribution which the UK is making to the project. Our partners across mainland Europe have welcomed the evidence that teachers guiding learning outside the children's schools can bring undoubted success. All children gain from the challenge of real life and there are some whose interest is so prompted by their experience out of school that they begin to realise previously hidden potential.


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