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Science Club (Summer 2017)

Terrific Scientific

For the next two terms, Science Club will be taking part in the BBC Terrific Scientific Project which is an exciting new Science project aimed at 7-11 year olds, encouraging them to take part in a series of investigations at schools across the UK.


We encourage you and your child to explore the Terrific Scientific website: where you will find extension activities for this investigation.


Over the course of this year we are hoping to participate in the following investigations:

  • Investigation 1: Taste (January - February)
  • Investigation 2: Water (February - March)
  • Investigation 3: Time (March - April)
  • Investigation 4: Trees (April - May)
  • Investigation 5: Forces (May to July)

Investigation 4 – Trees


This is the fourth investigation from BBC Terrific Scientific that Fir Tree are taking part in and encourages us to look at the role trees have to play in our lives. We discussed that trees are extremely important as they provide: oxygen for animals and humans to breathe, habitats for animals, a source of food, prevent areas being flooded and hold the soil together. Science Club discovered that trees convert carbon dioxide from the air into oxygen in a process called photosynthesis.


This investigation is designed to show the children the impact humans are having on the environment. We are planning on investigating the number of trees on our school site and conducting a survey which will include the following:

  • Measuring the trees circumference
  • Estimating the height of the tree
  • Identifying different species of tree
  • Calculating the carbon values of the trees


Here are some photographs from our experiments:

Investigation 4 - Tree Surveying