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Science Visits and Visitors 2015-2016

Science Visits and Events 


On Monday 22nd February, Sycamore Class and Cherry Class were visited by Jamie Halls who taught us about Earth, Space and the Universe! Click here to find out more!


On Friday 11th December, Willow Class and Ash Class were lucky enough to welcome Mr Hunt, a sound expert, into our classes for the day ! Click here to read about it!


On November 27th, during their All Creatures Great And Small project, Cedar Class and Maple Class were learning about animals. They were lucky to have a visit from an animal expert called Mr Pearce. Mr Pearce was very knowledgeable about different species of worms. He explained that humans know very little about worms in the world and that they are very under-researched, especially in the UK. We have about 26 species and they do different tasks. He brought some different worms with him for Cedar and Maple to look at and identify. 



It was a great opportunity to learn from a science expert! Thank you Mr Pearce!


Upper School enjoyed 'launching' our Out of this World project with an amazing visit from the Explorer Dome! We discovered hundreds of fascinating facts including: information about the planets in our solar system; different star constellations and why we have day, night and different seasons. 




On Monday 16th March we had a visit from Mr Brunstrom who works for the European Space Agency. He came to work with children in year 5 and 6 who are currently learning about earth and space in their Out Of This World project as well as a group of year 3 and 4 scientists.


Mr Brunstrom knows a lot about satellites and how they are useful in our every day life. We learnt about what satellites are used for, how they are made, how people get satellites into space, how they are powered, what it is like for people who go into space and so much more! The children had lots of fantastic questions for Mr Brunstrom. 


'I learnt about the European Spaceport.'- Toby (Cedar Class)

'I think Mr Brunstrom would be a great science teacher. He really knew what he was doing and it was good to meet an expert.'- Sam (Willow Class)



On Thursday 12th March, Year 6 enjoyed an amazing visit to the NEC for the National Big Bang Science and Technology Fair. As we walked around the exhibits, we had a brilliant time learning about how people use science and tech in the real world. After lunch, we even got to watch a Lonely Planet Space Show by a famous science author and find out even more fascinating facts about living in space.



On Friday 20th March we gathered in the hall to watch the solar eclipse on a live stream on our big screen!




World Water Day

Mr Singer came to talk to us about water on World Water Day, we learnt......
1) They put chlorine in the water to kill bacteria
2) Astronauts do not take water into space - they treat their own wee then drink it!
3) Not all places have taps - some people have to go to a river and collect their water then carry it to where they live.


Thank you Mr Singer!