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Claude Monet - Dusk in Venice 


As part of our Take One Picture project we have been looking at one of Claude Monet's less known picture - Dusk in Venice. We started our project by looking carefully at the picture to see what we can see, the colours used and the style of the painting. As a class we noticed that the painting looks 'blurry' and we discussed the style of Impressionism that this artist had used. Learning that the artist is Claude Monet, we used the i-pads to research and learn more about him. 


We learnt that Monet had a passion and love for nature and enjoyed painting scenes in his garden. He observed variations of colour and light caused by the daily or seasonal changes. Using Monet as our inspiration, we wanted to capture the beauty of the trees available in our school field - making sure we capture the correct light to show that it is Autumn. 








In English, we have been looking at descriptive language to help us paint a picture of 'The Dusk in Venice' in the reader's mind. We learnt that we need to include a lot of detail if we want the reader to get a clear picture in their mind. Using the 5 senses were key in our descriptions, and we needed to use lots of effective adjectives (using a thesaurus to help us up-level our word choices). We also had a look at figurative language. Here are some examples of sentences that were used in our work: 


"Splash! The deep dark waves rumbled against the sharp rocks."


"Up above me, I hear seagulls screeching.'


"In the distance I see a beautiful rainbow like sky reflecting on the deep blue river.'


"Sitting on the edge of the water in Venice, the water is as beautiful as a peacock."


"Beside the roaring sea stands an ancient church that attracts the eyes of visitors."


"Never had I known such a peaceful sea, lightly rippling as if the wind was breathing softly,"