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Take One Tale

Over the past few weeks Sycamore have been looking at the story of The Four Brothers. We have done a conscience ally one side tried to convince Pedro (one of the brothers) to go with his other brothers and the other tried to convince him not to go. 

Here is our S2S:

  • Use persuasive language
  • Loud and clear voices
  • Expression
  • Rhetorical Questions
  • Facial Expression

Conscience Alley

Conscience Alley  1
Conscience Alley  2
Conscience Alley  3

Also we have done freeze frames of each scene.

Freeze Frames

Freeze Frames 1
Freeze Frames 2
Freeze Frames 3
Freeze Frames 4
Freeze Frames 5
Freeze Frames 6
Freeze Frames 7
Freeze Frames 8