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Year 6 Residential visit to Woodlands 2023

6:40pm: They have arrived safely - have a lovely weekend everyone!

6:10pm: They are now 30 mins away - estimated arrival time is 6:40pm.  Please do not park on Radnor Road, as we need as much space as possible for the coach to manoeuvre

5:30pm: They have just left the services - the current estimated time of arrival is 6:45pm but we will update again when they are 30 minutes away

Year 6 are on their way home!  We will update this page (and the home page) with an approximate arrival time when they are half an hour away

17/4/2023 - 1:40pm - Year 6 have arrived safely at the centre and have just finished eating lunch

Day 2 - Tuesday

Good morning from Woodlands! We had a great first day yesterday - we got into our groups and rooms and collected our kit for the week. The journey seemed to go fairly well (no one was sick … PHEW). Once we were in our groups, we did a few team building games (many of which you can see in the pictures) and explored the grounds a little. We had chicken nuggets, chips and beans for tea and apple crumble and custard for pudding! After that we went on a nearby hill walk and tried to get all that energy and excitement out before bed. After that it was bed time which all went relatively smoothly!! This morning everyone was awake nice and early and we’re just having breakfast - cereal, toast and bacon rolls! More updates to follow…

The winners of the photo orienteering competition this evening!

Photo Orienteering Activity

Day 3 - Wednesday


It’s Wednesday morning - we had a fantastic day in our groups yesterday. Two went caving, two went canoeing and one did high ropes… as you can see from the pictures above, we had an amazing time and challenged ourselves. In the evening we had a photo orienteering competition to see if we could find the locations of various photos around the Woodlands site. The winners of the competition can be seen above! Finally, it might be worth noting that although the canoes are very VERY difficult to capsize, two members of our Fir Tree crew somehow miraculously achieved this incredible feat. See photo below for evidence. 

Day 4 - Thursday


Morning all! It’s Thursday morning and we have two birthdays today - Jack and Vi! Yesterday back great - groups went caving, canoeing and did high ropes! You can see lots of pictures above. Today groups are caving, canoeing, high ropes and a mountain walk - updates to follow this afternoon/evening!