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Maple Year 4

Welcome to Maple Class!


Maple Class 2016-2017


Welcome to Maple Class! There are 26 children in our class and three adults. Mr Wilcox is our class teacher, Mrs Harris  and Miss Buck are our Teaching Assistants. 

There is so much across the year to look forward to and get excited for, please keep checking this page as the year goes on to see all the amazing things that have been happening. We will do our best to make sure the highlights are included on this page as well as ensuring that the yearly project info is also here!

If you do have any questions then do not hesitate to get in touch!


Maple Class Yearly Overview 2016/17 (click me!)


We participate in P.E. lessons on Monday and Tuesday this term but occasionally this will not be possible for whatever reason. Therefore, please ensure that P.E. kits are in school ALL week so that if the weather causes issues for example, then the lesson can take place the following day.

On both days, P.E. will be outdoors meaning your child will need suitable footwear (trainers/astro turfs). 




This year there will be various pieces of homework set each week. Homework will be due in on Friday but if you'd like to bring it in before then, feel free.

The first, a task designed to build upon spelling lessons done in class. The second is times table practise. Times tables will be assessed each Friday and a score of 12/12 will mean moving onto the next times table. We will also do a weekly mental maths in class that can be taken home so scores can be improved on the following week.

Reading- children are encouraged to read three times during the week. These can be recorded as entries in either the homework books or reading journals. Reading entries can vary from books to magazines to recipes to shopping lists! The more the merrier.

We also love to see children going the extra mile and completing 'Surprise Me' homework. This can be on absolutely anything!


**For more detailed information, see the link below**

Brass and Clarinet Assembly

Brass Assembly - Maple and Cedar

Project Overviews



Take One Picture: The High Street & The Jungle Book (Term 1)

We start the year with our Take One Picture project. This year, we are looking at the painting of Oxford High Street by JMW Turner. Within the project, we will explore the history of Oxford and how it came to be the famous city it is today. We will also look at the painting technically and try our own drawings using the clever perspective techniques used by Turner. Finally, we will compose diary entries taken from the point of view of people in the street. Our second project of the term is The Jungle Book. This is very special as it will be our production! We will be working exceptionally hard this term to rehearse for the production which will be arriving in early November. Please see the attached overview at the bottom of the page for more information on all our activities this term. Equally, see the yearly overviews at the top of the page for dates and termly info. 



Sound (Term 2)

Our second term's project this year is 'Sound'. This is, of course, a science-based project and so we will be conducting various experiments and creating contraptions all revolving around sound. Throughout the course of this term, we hope to create our own instruments that display the learning which has taken place during the term relating to sound. Keeping in theme with sound, we will continue to learn our cornets each week with a special assembly scheduled in for Monday 12th December. The class have made some outstanding progression within the first term and so we would relish the opportunity to show you what we can now do! As this is the term leading up to Christmas, the final few weeks will involve various Christmas activities such as creating makes for the Christmas Craft Fayre.




Digestion (Term 3)

This term, Maple will be exploring the digestive system. We will be investigating each of the different components that helps food travel through our bodies and understand how we are able to get nutrients as the food passes through. After looking at the human digestive system, we will look at other animals and how their digestive systems differ from our own. This will then lead into food chains and the way in which animals rely on each other for their food. There will be an initial week of 'Take One Tune' however, to begin Term 3. This will focus on 'A Night on the Bare Mountain' by Mussorgsky. We will listen carefully to the piece and complete several tasks based around what we here and the images that the music creates.



Water (Term 4)

This term we will be looking at water, the journey of the river and the changing of states. However, the first week will be a week of Take One Place where we will study the country of India as we are partnering with a school out there. After that, we will be exploring lots of aspects of water including the water cycle, freezing and melting, the impact of water around us, and much more. Our writing focus will be newspapers as we look to create a newspaper from scratch that includes headlines, stand-firsts, speech (indirect and direct), bylines, captions and anything else you can think of! Finally, we hope to end the term with a visit to the River and Rowing Museum in Henley to really see how the Thames travels from source to the sea. 



Anglo-Saxons (Term 5)


This term, we will be placing the Saxons on a timeline and will be looking at aspects of their daily lives. Throughout the project, we will be learning how the Saxons came to arrive in Britain and how they were eventually conquered by the Normans. Specifically, the areas that will be explored are culture, food, art, homes, military, kings etc... Significant journeys and locations will also be mapped. We shall be exploring ideas through different areas of the curriculum and pulling it all together for our Open morning which we hope you will be able to attend.



Dance - Fireworks

Questions and Queries

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