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Ash Year 4

Welcome to Ash Class Year 4 2021/22!

We are a class of 30 bright, caring, smiling and enthusiastic children. Miss Hutchings is the class teacher but we are also very lucky to have Mrs Johansen and Mrs Somarakis, the teaching assistants that are on hand to help. We are all really excited about coming back to school and having some fun! 

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you ever have any queries or concerns.


PE days for term 3 will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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Term 3

Our topics for term 3 are 'Take One Piece' and 'Fantastic Mr Fox'.

To kickstart our Take One Piece work, we listened to the song 'Connect It' by Anna Meredith and wrote in our Writers Workshop books. Some chose to write an Acrostic poem, others described a story linking to the song and some wrote down how the song made them feel.

Here are some examples of our work;

Continuing our Take One Piece project, we decided to go into the hall and create our own percussion pieces. We had lots of fun in groups making sounds using our bodies and voices. Here are some pictures;

Body Percussion Composition.

Following our fantastic work in the hall creating our own performances inspired by our Take One Piece song, we filled in a body percussion composition form identifying the actions or sounds used.

Artwork in Response to 'Connect It'.

In art, we listened to our Take One Piece song and drew what we thought of whilst listening. See some pictures below!

Science - Electricity!

In our first lesson, we were learning about where electricity comes from and how it is generated. We found out about non-renewable and renewable forms of electricity. This inspired us to create a script imagining we had our very own TV show, in pairs each child came up with lines to make others aware of different ways electricity is generated. As the weather was so beautiful, we went outside to show other children our TV programmes!

Street Dance!

On a Tuesday morning this term, we are having lessons with Phoebe who comes in school to teach us street dance. Our first lesson was lots of fun, engaging and motivating! 

English - Play scripts!

In our English lessons, we have been focusing on play scripts. So far, we have explored different features of play scripts, using stage directions and speech. We had so much fun acting out Little Red Riding Hood to help us understand character emotions. 

"I really enjoyed today's lesson, when will we do another play?"

"Being a director was lots of fun!"

"Stage directions help us know what to do."


Our first lesson of Yoga with Pheobe was lots of fun; we started by moving around the room as different animals, we learnt different yoga poses and their names, we made new poses for different animals and we ended the session with calming meditation

"I enjoyed being different animals."

"I nearly fell asleep in the meditation, I was so relaxed!"

Term 2

Term 2 - Our topics are 'Disgusting Digestion' and 'Marvellous Mappers'.

Disgusting Digestion!

To start our Disgusting Digestion topic work, we learnt about the main functions of the digestive system by labelling a drawing in our books. We carried our learning into our class display by drawing round a person, then drawing and labelling the parts of the digestive system. Take a look at our display below:

Dance in PE!

This term we are doing dance in PE and we have been having fantastic fun learning about freezeframes! Inspired by the James Bond films, we took on the role of agents and use freeze frames to create a story. Here are some comments from different class members:

"I learnt how to stand use a freezeframe."

"I enjoyed being an agent and creating freezeframes."

"Dancing is my favourite thing, the lesson was fun."

"I like creating a plot twist at the end when the queen takes out her own weapon."

"We learnt how to freeze in different poses as an agent, for example the ground pose and the cuff pose."


In our geography lessons, we began learning to draw maps by drawing sketch maps of part of our school. 

Here are some comments from members of the class:

"We learnt how to draw a sketch map."

"Today we drew sketch maps and found out they must have a key to label key buildings."

"We learnt about sketch maps and draw on in our books of our school."


Sketch maps

Maths - Addition!

In Maths we have been using place value to add together two 4-digit numbers, we start by drawing the value of each digit using counters and move onto using the column method. See pictures below of examples on whiteboards:

"drawing the counters helps me visualise the number."

"using place value helps me to ensure I correctly add each number."


James Bond inspired freezeframes!

In dance we have been learning how to use freezeframes and here we were focusing on using our whole body and facial expressions to tell a story. We were inspired by James Bond and used different movements to move into each freezeframe. 


Compass points in Geography!

To make our lesson fun and memorable we went outside! In pairs, the children directed one another to an object outside, they used directional language such as "North, South, East and West" and "turn 90 degrees" or "turn clockwise/anti-clockwise."

"I enjoyed going outside to learn about the compass points."

"I enjoyed going outside leading our partner in different directions, like North, South, east and West to different objects and putting them somewhere else."

"I also learnt North East, South East, North West and South West."

"I already knew the compass points but it was fun recapping it with games."

"I learnt which way was clockwise and anti-clockwise."

Digesting Digestion Topic Homework!

Take a look at some of the incredible homework completed so far, we are so proud of all the hard work each individual has put into their homework. From models of teeth, to power points, to word searches. Each one is amazing.

Teeth and their functions!

In science, we learnt about the different types of teeth and their functions. We compared the difference between animal and human teeth, discussing what would happen is a lion would have an elephants teeth. Finally, we discussed the impact of being a herbivore, omnivore or carnivore on different animals teeth.

We have been learning about the poem called "Refugee" and a book called My Beautiful Birds by Suzanne Del Rizzo. Both have had an incredible impact on our understanding of a Refugee; we discussed how they would be feelings and what we can do to help them. Such an inspiring lesson with wonderful, heartfelt ideas from the class.

"I think they have been through a really hard time because they've had to evacuate their home."

"I think they would feel anxious because they weren't safe anymore in their home. They would have gone through having to hurry away from somewhere they loved, and had to walk for days and nights to find somewhere safe. We could help by welcoming them to our country."

Together We Can...

To celebrate Children in Need 2021 we discussed teamwork and what we can do well if we work together, then we created a whole class Pudsey chain. 

"Together we can learn something new."

Pudsey chain

Still image for this video

Music - Brass lessons!

In music, we have been enjoying our brass lessons where we have learnt about rhythm, pitch and dynamics. We have started to read music, including the note, clef and bar. As a class, we have enjoyed one particular piece of music where we start by saying the words, then we sing the words and finally, we play the notes using our cornets. So far, we have learnt to play C and D notes, we are excited to be moving onto E note next week.

Pop Art journey!

We have been learning about Andy Warhol and created our own pop art inspired by Warhol's portraits of celebrities. 

First, we researched Andy Warhol using the iPads and created an information page in our art books.

Next, we were inspired by Warhol's love of soup so we painted our own soup cans. 

After that, we started the creation of our own self-portraits. An adult first took a picture of each child, then they drew around their outline with whiteboard pen and using a plastic wallet. Finally, we photocopied the outlines and the children coloured in each section with a variety of colours.

Look at our journey below and take a look at our final artwork! Can you spot yourself?

Disgusting Digestion topic homework, part two!


Active Leaders!

We had a fantastic afternoon learning different fun games created by our year 6 Active Leaders.

The year 6's showed excellent encouragement, explaining each activity with great confidence and detail.

The year 3's showed great resilience and team work to the activities, showing excellent respect listening to the year 6's. Here are some comments by Ash class:

"I liked watching people enjoy themselves."

"I really enjoyed doing all the games because it was fun and inspiring."

"I really enjoyed the elephant game today, I also liked the noughts and crosses, both because they involved strategy."

"I enjoyed the dragon treasure game because you had to stay still. I learnt the value of teamwork."

Map work!

In Geography, we have been looking at maps and identifying the meaning of different OS map symbols. We had a fun lesson where we looked at three different maps; a world map, a map of Oxfordshire and a map of Wallingford.


Food chains!

In Science, we have been learning how to interpret food chains. We have learnt words such as; herbivore, omnivore, carnivore and detritivores. 

Each child drew and labelled a food chain in their books. Then we had fantastic fun in drama where we created freezeframes of different food chains!


"I enjoyed acting in a freeze frame and I learnt new words likes detritivore."

"I definitely enjoyed our science lesson, I loved being the cat in the food chain."

"I enjoyed that the lesson wasn't all sitting down."

"I learnt that a detritivore is an animal that eats decomposing animals."


St Frideswide stain glass windows!

In RE and Guided Reading, we have been learning about St Frideswide, the patron saint of Oxford. We have learnt her story of her upbringing and inspired by her story, we created our own version of the Frideswides stain glass window.

Term 1 



Term 1 - Our project for this term is 'Take One Picture' followed by 'River Journey'

To start our Take One Picture topic work, we wrote down adjectives to describe our picture; 'The Bridge of Sighs' by William Etty. 

Some creative words included; secretive, mysterious and eerie. 

We then came up with questions about the picture and began to answer some of them. 

Some questions included; What is the bridge made of? Why are there so many different shapes? Who are the people in the painting?


Time to be historic researchers as we spent time finding out interesting facts about the history of The Bridge of Sighs and why it is famous. 

We found out that it connects to old prisons in Venice which had windows with stone bars. The bridge was made out of white limestone and was built in 1602. It was believed that the view of Venice from the bridge was the last view criminals saw before being taken down to their cells. Finally, there is a belief that if you kiss someone under the bridge at sunset, you will have everlasting love. 

In Geography, we used our map skills to identify Venice, Italy on a map, including surrounding countries and oceans. 

As artists, we sketched our own Bridge of Sigh's painting and then used oil pastels to publish our work. 

When William Etty painted his version of the Bridge of Sighs he used an oil based canvas, so we used oil pastels to complete our work. 

Using our teamwork skills we designed, made and evaluated our own bridges made from either spaghetti, newspaper or art straws. 

The challenge was that the bridge needed to hold either a toy car or one of our classroom timers. 

Bridge designs!

Building bridges!

Bridges made from straws, spaghetti or newspaper!

Persuasive Writing!

In English, we have begun learning about persuasive writing! To help us learn the features, we used a persuasive leaflet entitled; Hawk Ridge Farm Park. We used a story map outlining the text in pictures and used drama to help us learn the leaflet off by heart. 

Using our drama techniques help us to remember the persuasive techniques and this will help us inform our own piece of writing. 




Persuasive leaflets!

River Journey Homework Take One!

We had a fantastic time sharing our River Journey homework with Cedar class!

PE - Netball!

We have been thoroughly enjoying learning to play netball in our Wednesday PE lessons, here we are focusing on marking and intercepting the ball:

Inspired by Claude Monet!

In class, we designed our own gardens and used watercolours to paint the pictures. 


At Fir Tree we have very important class roles, including School Council, Art Ambassador and Values Rep. 

Ash class did a fantastic job at writing and sharing speeches identifying reasons why each person would be best for one of the roles above.

We are incredibly proud of all the children who put themselves forward, it takes great courage to speak in front of the whole class. Well done to everybody who did a speech! 

Art work of fruit inspired by the Harvest Festival!

We played Football matches against Cedar, it was great fun and everyone showed excellent sportsmanship. See pictures below on the Pdf file.


We also played netball matches and reflected on two things we think we had improved; 

"I have improved my throwing and shooting skills" 

"I think I have improved my shooting skills and learned to intercept" 

"I've improved my passes and getting into a space"