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Ash Year 4

Welcome to Ash Class Year 4 2021/22!

We are a class of 29 bright, caring, smiling and enthusiastic children. Miss Hutchings is the class teacher but we are also very lucky to have Mrs Johansen and Mrs Somarakis, the teaching assistants that are on hand to help. We are all really excited about coming back to school and having some fun! 

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you ever have any queries or concerns.

PE days for term 1 will be on Wednesdays and Fridays. 

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Term 1 - Our project for this term is 'Take One Picture' followed by 'River Journey'

Term 1 



To start our Take One Picture topic work, we wrote down adjectives to describe our picture; 'The Bridge of Sighs' by William Etty. 

Some creative words included; secretive, mysterious and eerie. 

We then came up with questions about the picture and began to answer some of them. 

Some questions included; What is the bridge made of? Why are there so many different shapes? Who are the people in the painting?


Time to be historic researchers as we spent time finding out interesting facts about the history of The Bridge of Sighs and why it is famous. 

We found out that it connects to old prisons in Venice which had windows with stone bars. The bridge was made out of white limestone and was built in 1602. It was believed that the view of Venice from the bridge was the last view criminals saw before being taken down to their cells. Finally, there is a belief that if you kiss someone under the bridge at sunset, you will have everlasting love. 

In Geography, we used our map skills to identify Venice, Italy on a map, including surrounding countries and oceans. 

As artists, we sketched our own Bridge of Sigh's painting and then used oil pastels to publish our work. 

When William Etty painted his version of the Bridge of Sighs he used an oil based canvas, so we used oil pastels to complete our work. 

Using our teamwork skills we designed, made and evaluated our own bridges made from either spaghetti, newspaper or art straws. 

The challenge was that the bridge needed to hold either a toy car or one of our classroom timers. 

Bridge designs!

Building bridges!

Bridges made from straws, spaghetti or newspaper!

Persuasive Writing!

In English, we have begun learning about persuasive writing! To help us learn the features, we used a persuasive leaflet entitled; Hawk Ridge Farm Park. We used a story map outlining the text in pictures and used drama to help us learn the leaflet off by heart. 

Using our drama techniques help us to remember the persuasive techniques and this will help us inform our own piece of writing. 




Persuasive leaflets!

River Journey Homework Take One!

We had a fantastic time sharing our River Journey homework with Cedar class!

PE - Netball!

We have been thoroughly enjoying learning to play netball in our Wednesday PE lessons, here we are focusing on marking and intercepting the ball:

Inspired by Claude Monet!

In class, we designed our own gardens and used watercolours to paint the pictures. 


At Fir Tree we have very important class roles, including School Council, Art Ambassador and Values Rep. 

Ash class did a fantastic job at writing and sharing speeches identifying reasons why each person would be best for one of the roles above.

We are incredibly proud of all the children who put themselves forward, it takes great courage to speak in front of the whole class. Well done to everybody who did a speech! 

Art work of fruit inspired by the Harvest Festival!