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Ash Year 4

Ash Class 2019/2020

Welcome back Ash Class - we are going to have such fun this year! smiley


Ash Class - this wasn't the goodbye I had imagined at the start of the year! But I have to say WELL DONE!!! You have all been amazing - I am so proud of each and every one of you - you have learnt new skills and values such as patience and resilience during this unusual time. I can't wait to see you all in September - look after yourselves and enjoy the summer!! 

Our working walls

Maths working wall - it might help!
Look on here for more reading book ideas
Don't forget your growth mindset is important!

Sports Relief - we all did a different physical activity every day

Skipping and hula hooping
Walking round the field
Go noodle dances

Ash Class visit the museum

Ash Class visited the museum.

We went to see Sue and Judy at Wallingford Museum. We had a wonderful time dissecting replica Anglo Saxon poo to discover what they ate. We were able to find out that they ate mainly peas, grain, oats, cherries as these were evident in their poo. They also ate milk and meat, but there wasn't any evidence. We also learnt how to be an archaeologist by asking questions to find out more about an artefact. Sue showed us some real Anglo Saxon beads that were found in Wallingford. 

The museum was great fun!


We have learnt so much about the fantastic job our bodies do to digest the food we eat - just have a look:

Our disgusting digestion learning wall

Ash Class won the most school dinners eaten competition!

For our Sound and Take One Tune project we made our own musical instruments

We spoke to each other on our old fashioned mobile phones, made from two paper cups and string. The noise travels along the string by vibrating it, the cup acts as an amplifier.

Update on our daffodils

In groups we visited the garden with Mel, we all planted some bulbs

Brass assembly

Still image for this video

Brass photos

Ash Class thoroughly enjoyed their trip to the library. Did you know - you can borrow electronic books to download too?

Skateboard session was enjoyed by all

Ash Class showing their odd socks to support Anti-bullying week

The Iron Man visits Ash Class!

Creating Robots at the Fair by Eric Joyner

Robots visit the fairground! Based on Eric Joyner's painting

All about me tshirts

Our designs show all our favourite things