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Ash Year 4

Ash Class 2020/2021

Welcome to Ash Class 2020 - 2021! We are a class of 28 bright, caring and enthusiastic children. Mrs Hillier is the class teacher but we are also very lucky to have Mrs Hutton and Mrs North, the teaching assistants that are on hand to help with anything. We are all really excited about coming back to school and having some fun! 

Please can you bring your own pencil case to school (due to Covid).


In the event of self isolation or further lockdown

In the event of your child needing to self isolate please use the homework links provided for activities. In the event of our class bubbles isolating or a whole school closure due to lockdown, we will be using Teams online. Your child will need their username and password to access Teams.

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Recognition of Achievement

Hello autumn!

Science - water cycle in a cup - how is yours developing?

Can you see the 'rain clouds' forming?
Water vapour is forming on the sides of the cup

Term 1 


This term, we begin with a mini project, ‘Take One Picture’ where we will be looking at a painting by Wassily Kandinsky. We shall be exploring the artwork, the artist, the historical context and making links with different curriculum areas. Recreating the artwork, exploring how it makes us feel and writing about it descriptively will be a large focus of the work we do.

Our main project is ‘River Journey’, with largely a geographical and scientific focus looking at how rivers form and the water cycle. There are many new scientific terms to learn which you can find on our project map for the term. We would strongly recommend a visit to ‘The River and Rowing Museum‘ in Henley.

Our overriding goal this term is to settle the children back into school routines and support their social, emotional and academic progress. Please drop us an email via the school office with any worries or concerns.

Celebrating the meaning of Harvest Festival

Ash Class visited the garden!

Science has been all about investigations

How much does the gas in the fizzy drink weigh?
What temperature melts chocolate the quickest?

Surprise me work on rivers - I've already been blown away by some children bringing in model rivers and research - well done!

Ryan's model
Ben's model
Evie's 5W about rivers
Lisa's model river
Jess's scrummy river cake
Alice's powerpoint about the river Thames
Leila's powerpoint about rivers
Freya's river picture
Freya's river poem
Haruki's Kandinsky
Liv's story
Evie's pointillism tree

Ash Class visited the forest!

Ash Collaborative Artwork!

It has been great to return to school, we started by looking at a famous painting by Kandinsky – Squares with concentric circles. We each chose a colour that made us happy, our favourite colour and one that made us feel calm. As you can see, our collaborative work is very different – we all think of different colours when we are thinking about our emotions. We have enjoyed reading lots of books that helped us understand our emotions too – have a look at Lucy’s Blue Day, The Colour Monster and The Day the Pencils Quit. We have really enjoyed our colourful start to the year!