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Ash Year 4

Welcome to Ash Class Year 4 2023/24

The class teacher is Miss Hutchings and our teaching assistants are Miss Walton and Mrs Hall. This page will be updated regularly to update you on what Ash class having been doing at school. 


Homework will be set on a Friday and due in the following Thursday. The first homework will be sent out and uploaded to Teams on Friday 8th September, due in Thursday 14th September. 


PE days for term 1 will be on Tuesday (football) and Wednesday (netball)

Project homework is due Friday 13th October

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Useful Information and Links

Term 1 - our projects are Take One Picture and The River Journey


In this lesson, we focused on learning how solid's change state to become a liquid and vice versa. We carried out an experiment to make 'ice cream' - we put ice and salt in one resealable bag, then chocolate flavoured milk in another and put the milk bag inside the ice bag. Then we used the temperature in our hands and the salt to help melt the ice, making sure there was contact with the ice and milk through the bags. Over a short time, the milk slowly began to solidify into an ice cream consistency. At the end, everyone got to try their ice cream concotions. 


"We made ice cream!"

"Mmm that was delicious."


Inspired by our Take One Picture – ‘The Burning of Houses of Parliament’ by J.M.W Turner. First, we researched the artists to find out key information about his life, education and work as an artist. Everyone created a well-informed research page highlighting what they had discovered. Next, we use oil pastels to practise blending colours we could see in the original painting by Turner. Finally, we recreated our own version of the painting using oil pastels focusing on the skill of using our fingers to blend colours.

English - Freezeframes

We have been learning about personification in English. Each group created their own freezeframe of an object and gave it a human feature, to create personification. The next lesson, each child stuck the picture of their freeze frame into their book and wrote a sentence describing what was happening in the picture. 

PE - netball 

in our first lesson, we learnt how to protect the ball by drawing it towards our chest. We started the lesson playing ‘head, shoulders, knees, netball’ and on ‘netball’ the children had to be the first to pick up the hall and draw it towards their chest. Next, we worked in 3’s practising a toss-up that would happen at the beginning of a game. Finally, we had 2 children throwing a ball, one at a time, to the 3rd child who had to draw the ball close to their chest after catching.

Design Technology 

we worked in small groups of 3-5 to build a bridge out of newspaper and masking tape. The challenge was the bridge needed to be strong enough to hold a small stapler. Each time were given 8 double page pieces of newspaper and 6 20cm length pieces of masking tape. See pictures below of the bridges and some designs we made on whiteboards.


using our take one picture, we identified the colours the artists used and tried to replicate these using oil pastels. Keep an eye out for our next lesson, as we recreate the painting with oil pastels.

English - research 

to help us learn more about the artist, we each created a research page highlight key information about JMW Turner’s life. 


Following our lesson exploring adjectives and nouns, we then look at using expanded noun phrases. We remember this feature with DAN - determiner, adjective, noun. 


As part of our take one picture, we explored where London was located on a map as that is where The Houses of Parliament is. Everyone sketched a map of England using atlas, identifying London as the capital. 

Take one picture - English

We explored the nouns in our picture and used adjectives to describe the nouns. Then, we use thesaurus’ to find synonyms to improve our adjectives further.