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Ash Year 4

Ash Class 2020/2021

Welcome to Ash Class 2020 - 2021! We are a class of 28 bright, caring and enthusiastic children. Mrs Hillier is the class teacher but we are also very lucky to have Mrs Hutton and Mrs North, the teaching assistants that are on hand to help with anything. We are all really excited about coming back to school and having some fun! 

Please can you bring your own pencil case to school (due to Covid).


In the event of self isolation or further lockdown

In the event of your child needing to self isolate please use the homework links provided for activities. In the event of our class bubbles isolating or a whole school closure due to lockdown, we will be using Teams online. Your child will need their username and password to access Teams.

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Term 3

We begin this term with a classical music focus. Our project explores a piece of music in depth whilst making cross curricular links to history, art, drama, storytelling and dance.  We shall be looking at the life of the composer and the circumstances, purposes and visions for the music. Characteristic sounds and motifs will be explored and replicated using body, voice and percussion instruments whilst learning further musical terminology. The class will be working towards an end performance.

After ‘Take One Piece’, without Covid, we would have been working towards a Year 4 production of ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’. The same skills will be practised and developed, covering many drama elements and we aim to record aspects of the work for you to enjoy. Our writing will be exploring characterisation and script writing.

Making puppets of the characters is going to be a design and technology focus which promises to be fun, exploring and refining sewing skills.

Please note that PE will be on Tuesday and Fridays this term and children still need to come to school dressed in their PE kit on these days.

Please ensure that pencil cases are replenished with writing and colouring pencils, a pencil sharpener, glue stick, ruler and rubber where possible.

Hello from Frank!

Still image for this video

Lockdown learning

Hello autumn!

Term 2

This term, our main project is entitled ‘Disgusting Digestion’. We shall be learning about key organs in the body and their functions. There is a lot of technical vocabulary with this project and we would appreciate it if you could reinforce this language at home. Many of the keywords are written on the project map sheet for you to refer to. Tea-time is the perfect opportunity to discuss some of the ideas associated with this project, although it is not for the faint-hearted!

We begin the term with a local history and geography focus, centred around Oxford. A key text will be about an Anglo-Saxon princess entitled, ‘The Princes Who Hid in the Tree’ which is about Saint Frideswide who has a medieval shrine in the cathedral in what is now the site of Christ Church. Her tale is one of adventure, courage, danger, friendship and kindness.

Thank you and well done to all those taking part in the ‘Street Tag’ challenge. It is pleasing to see so many children from Year 4 taking part and having fun! Keep up the good work here!

Christmas week

Stained Glass Windows

We learned the story of Saint Frideswide, the Patron Saint of Oxford. We wanted to demonstrate our learning by making stained glass windows, like the one that is dedicated to her in Christ Church Cathedral.

We collected information and decided to make our windows using a collage effect with tissue paper. In the process of making the stained glass window, we have learned to use a variety of techniques for cutting, overlapping and layering and we designed a silhouette in the window which considered a key element of the story.

Unfortunately, we couldn't have an open morning, but here is a selection of the learning we would have shown you!

Andy Warhol inspired art

Disgusting Digestion - our shared learning

My World construction morning

In constructing 'My World' we learned 

To use our imaginations,

To plan our ideas and think about the resources we needed,

We used a range of techniques - painting, cutting, gluing, moulding and building with bricks which developed our artistic techniques

After we finished, we described our finished worlds using a range of vocabulary.

Ash Class thoroughly enjoyed making their 'My Worlds; what an imaginative bunch they are!

We celebrated Christingle and learned about the symbols behind each part

We've really enjoyed our Chance to Shine Cricket lessons

Maths Day - we created tally charts and bar graphs to represent the number of letters in words in our reading books

Maths Day art - using symmetrical patterns

Ash Class fun in the forest!

Surprise me homework

Term 1 


This term, we begin with a mini project, ‘Take One Picture’ where we will be looking at a painting by Wassily Kandinsky. We shall be exploring the artwork, the artist, the historical context and making links with different curriculum areas. Recreating the artwork, exploring how it makes us feel and writing about it descriptively will be a large focus of the work we do.

Our main project is ‘River Journey’, with largely a geographical and scientific focus looking at how rivers form and the water cycle. There are many new scientific terms to learn which you can find on our project map for the term. We would strongly recommend a visit to ‘The River and Rowing Museum‘ in Henley.

Our overriding goal this term is to settle the children back into school routines and support their social, emotional and academic progress. Please drop us an email via the school office with any worries or concerns.

Science - water cycle in a cup - how is yours developing?

Celebrating the meaning of Harvest Festival

Ash Class visited the garden!

Science has been all about investigations

Surprise me work on rivers - I've already been blown away by some children bringing in model rivers and research - well done!

Ash Class visited the forest!

Ash Collaborative Artwork!

It has been great to return to school, we started by looking at a famous painting by Kandinsky – Squares with concentric circles. We each chose a colour that made us happy, our favourite colour and one that made us feel calm. As you can see, our collaborative work is very different – we all think of different colours when we are thinking about our emotions. We have enjoyed reading lots of books that helped us understand our emotions too – have a look at Lucy’s Blue Day, The Colour Monster and The Day the Pencils Quit. We have really enjoyed our colourful start to the year!