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Silver Birch Year 6

Welcome to Silver Birch class!  Our teachers are Mrs Jackson and Mrs Downs and our class TA is Ms Hall.  


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Silver Birch 2017-2018

School of Rock

The year 6 production was a great success. Many comments were made complementing our excellent dances and brilliant songs. The children and adults did a brilliant job of putting together the outstanding production in only two weeks !


Auditions were held and the suited parts were given to the most confident actors  and actresses.After the parts were given we decided to watch the movie (School of Rock) .Once we had finished the film we practised scenes making sure they ran smoothly.


We had a special visitor from the West End who played a role in the musical called Cameron Sharp. He taught us one of the signature dances, stick it to the man. He also helped us to improve our acting and spent he spent some time working on some of the scenes. 


Overall the production was an awesome experience and really helped us to improve our uacting,sing and dancing skills. This production helped to build our confidence and teamwork.

by Adela and Ella 

School of Rock
What a great start to our rehearsals today!  A workshop with Cameron, an actor who is currently in the West End musical 'School of Rock'.  The morning was full of enthusiastic children as they practised dance moves, singing and acting. Cameron said he was so impressed with the energy and enthusiasm of all the children. Well done Year 6's.
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This week the class have been writing recounts about their amazing experience in Woodlands.

Here are some snippets of their writing:


On Monday 16th April 2018, the whole of Year Six (Cherry and Silver Birch) from Fir Tree Junior School set off on our residential destination: Woodlands, the county of Powys, Wales. We were going there for a week to improve our independence and team work skills. So, waving goodbye to our parents, the coach filled with pupils and teachers set off. Four hours later, we arrived at our destination. It was such a beautiful old manor house. Did they not realise who would be staying here for five days? By Lottie


Arriving at the centre, the coach filled with a buzz of excitement as we didn't know who was in our room yet and the feeling of being away from our parents for a week was overwhelming. Over the course of the next few days we did activities such as: caving, high ropes and canoeing. These challenges improved our communication skills, perseverance, independence and team work. I'm really grateful for this trip and I feel it has made memories that will last forever. By Jess


On the third day (our last night at Woodlands) our activity was the High Ropes; climbing up the tree, my hand was shaking and my legs were like jelly. Trying to get to the top, each step was a challenge but I persevered and completed the task; I felt much more confident. By Saja


I had the best week of my life at Woodlands. I conquered my fears whilst becoming much more independent. Personally, I would definitely recommend it to any year 6. By Lucas

Silver Birch Homework - April 2018

Welcome to Silver Birch Class. We are a class of 25 pupils with two teachers-  Mrs Jackson and Mrs Downs and our Teaching Assistant Ms Hall.

Please find below information that you may find useful. We will also regularly update our class page with photos and work that we have done.

Our webpage will contain lots of information about things we are doing in Silver Birch. For a more child-based insight into the class, we have decided to publish a class blog that will run alongside this site but be updated by the children. To find the Silver Birch blog, visit the link below:


Please feel free to ask questions or make comments on the blog.

Last Tuesday we had a great day at RAF Benson. Take a look at our blog to find out what we did and to see  pictures of the day. 

Homework information

Year 6 children had a fantastic PE morning at Wallingford school on Friday 29th September. The children had the opportunity to meet the PE teachers that might be teaching them in year 7 and mix with children from other partnership schools. They had great fun learning bouldering techniques, improving fitness levels, learning the Thriller dance, using the amazing trampolines and participating in invasion games. One child declared: That was brilliant fun and I'm not scared to to to Wallingford school now. Fir Tree children were complimented on their enthusiasm and behaviour - well done year 6!
Well done Silver Birch - you were all amazing. What a great fundraising afternoon you put on - face painting, biscuits, spot the fox and much more. We know all the money raised will really help the injured animals at Tiggywinkles. 
Year 6 Reading Challenge
We had a great changeover day and one of the things we discussed was our reading preferences. Mrs Downs has set the year 6's a challenge- how many books can they read before they leave year 6? See the list below for some great summer reads- good luck!

Welcome to Silver Birch Class!

School Year 2016-2017

Welcome to Silver Birch class! We are a conscientious bunch and we love a challenge!  Our teachers are Mrs Jackson and Mrs Downs and our class TA's are Ms Hall and Ms Smith. Together we make a great team! We are looking forward to an exciting year ahead, jam-packed with learning opportunities- watch this space to find out more!



Silver Birch had a fantastic day at RAF Benson. We were given a problem solving activity as soon as we arrived- how to transport books and teachers to support an area that was devastated by flooding. We were given a Puma, but we had to calculate the weight of the items we needed to transport and take the fuel into account. We had to work mathematically and demonstrate teamwork to solve our problem. We also visited the gym and were put through our paces by two PT instructors and we met two of the chefs, who talked to us about eating healthy to stay fit. It was a brilliant morning and we learnt such a lot. Special thanks to the RAF team for giving up their time to show us around.

Homework Information

Year 6 have been busy preparing for their end of year production of Matilda. Practising lines, learning songs, making props and creating backgrounds using ICT skills. Everyone has been involved in putting the show together - whether on the stage or behind the scenes. 
This week the children have been busy  learning the skills needed to stay safe whilst cycling. 

Science work

Science work 1
Science work 2
Science work 3
The children created some informative posters about how the heart works.
Well done to all of the year 6 children from Silver Birch and Cherry class who took part in this years pancake race. Congratulations  to Amy and Amelie who came 1st and 2nd in the girl's race and Sean and Ed who came 1st and 2nd in the boys race. Thank you to all of the other classes who came down and cheered them on. 
As part of our Take one Place project on India this week the children enjoyed a drumming session learning the tradition of Bhangai drumming.

African drumming


Silver Birch are developing their music smart skills with a series of African drumming lessons. Our first lesson was a great hit ('scuse the pun) Luca said: I loved the drum lessons, we played games to learn rhythms and it was great fun! Miles reported: The drumming lesson was brilliant! I have never played the drums before and I can't wait til next week.

Silver Birch had a fantastic morning at IMPS (Injury minimization programme for schools) where we learnt a range of first aid skills. We learnt how to administer CPR, make an emergency call and put someone into the recovery position. We also learnt about the importance of defibrillators - did you know Fir Tree has a defibrillator to help local people in an emergency. After a tour of the hospital, we had our fingers put in plaster - don't worry parents we didn't have any 'real' casualties! Check out  our posters below that illustrate further examples of our leaning this morning.
Picture 1
Picture 1

Our amazing visit to the Ashmolean Museum

Silver Birch were lucky to have the opportunity to visit the Egyptian gallery at the Ashmolean museum in order for us to hear from experts about what life was like for the Ancient Egyptians. We became detectives when we examined a range of real life artefacts that were over 3000 years old! We learned about the importance of the river Nile for early settlers, walked around Taharqua's shrine and we saw a beautifully decorated sarcophagus. Everyone agreed it was a great start to our new topic and we are raring to find out more about the Ancient Egyptians.

We worked in pairs to create counter balances, using each other's body weight, to perform a range of moves.
Silver Birch spent the afternoon at Fir Tree forest, which was an amazing experience and we learnt many new skills. Emma (our forest teacher) taught us how to use a saw carefully and many of us enjoyed sawing wood for our fire. Before we lit the fire, Emma explained the  rules that would keep us safe near the fire. In addition to lighting the fire, we were given the opportunity to make decorative wreaths out of holly, fir leaves and willow. We are really looking forward to our next forest school session.
This morning we created Russia dolls linked to the story of Baboushka. We had to work in teams to design and create our own Christmas version of the dolls. 'It was a really enjoyable morning'' said Emily, 'as we were able to work together using our artistic skills.' 

We did posters to help us remember how to write a remainder as a decimal and a fraction. Here is one of them:

We did posters to help us remember how to write a remainder as a decimal and a fraction. Here is one of them: 1
Silver Birch enjoyed their latest Science lesson when a visitor from STEM came in and did an investigation with them. They learnt all about bacteria and had to take swabs of different areas around the classroom: door handles, table tops, light switches..... They then had to predict which areas would be the cleanest. The samples  were sent off to the lab and the results came back last week. The children had a great time checking the results and realised how important it is to wash their hands! 
Silver Birch brought in all their spare change to fill our Pudsey and one young lady did a sponsored silence and managed to keep quiet all morning! We are very proud of our amazing headteacher, Ms. Khan and the fabulous Mrs McRobbie, who stood in the freezing cold whilst pupils threw wet sponges at them- what good sports!

Read one of our Hanukkah non-chronological reports.

Read one of our Hanukkah non-chronological reports. 1

What a great afternoon we had on Monday when we visited 'Le Manoir aux Quat' Saison' in Great Milton as part of our Take One Picture project.  We explored the beautiful gardens and learnt all about the different herbs, fruit and vegetables grown in order to use in the kitchens of this two star Michelin restaurant. We taste tested many different types of herb and plant e.g. Vietnamese coriander, mouse melons, Stavia (sugar plant without calories) and many more. The afternoon finished with a meeting with Raymond Blanc himself. Silver Birch listened as Raymond Blanc talked about the qualities needed to succeed in life. He said: 'Talent alone is not enough, you need to work hard!'


Silver Birch made some delicious chocolate chip shortbread for our Macmillan Cake sale. We worked in groups of four and demonstrated great team work. Well done to Kadi, Amalie and Rebecca who volunteered to stay after school to sell our buttery biscuits.

Year 6 spent the morning at Wallingford School taking part in a variety of PE activities.  Children had the opportunity to try bouldering, trampolining, invasion games, dance and the fitness station. It was great to work with children from other schools and to meet the PE teachers at Wallingford School.




Macbeth characters brought to life- textured collages using a range of media.

Amazing feedback from the parents that attended our Shakespeare open afternoon.

Amazing feedback from the parents that attended our Shakespeare open afternoon. 1

Term 1 Macbeth (2015-2016)

School Year 2015-2016

Welcome to Silver Birch class! We are an enthusiastic, hard-working team who thrive on a challenge. In our class we have two fantastic TA's, Mrs Atkins and Mrs Southon, who encourage us to do our best. Our teachers are Mrs Jackson and Mrs Downs.


Congratulations to Jack Wells and Evelyn Hansell who were voted in as Silver Birch Class Councillors. They will do a super job as they are such a conscientious and motivated pair.  Well done to everyone who took part.

We were very lucky to have a Samba teacher in this morning. It was excellent fun and learnt so much. Here are some of the things we learnt during our session:


Picture 1

Arts and crafts - vintage style notebooks

Arts and crafts - vintage style notebooks 1
Arts and crafts - vintage style notebooks 2
Arts and crafts - vintage style notebooks 3
We have been busy making our 'vintage' style notebooks to be sold at our summer Faye. At £1.50, we think think they're a real bargain! 

The children have been working hard this term to create their own computer programmes. 


Abstract artwork

Abstract artwork 1
This week in art we have been developing an abstract design using negative shapes of the skull.

The children enjoyed a packed day at RAF Benson today where they experienced using science and mathematics in the work place. They carried out experiments, solved mathematical problems, learnt the importance of weather conditions and keeping fit.  


Once back at school the  children reflected on what they had learnt.




What a gorgeous day to start our cycle training. Today we learnt how to check that our bikes are safe to ride by using the 'M' check and then learnt about the importance of control and awareness whilst cycling. 

Staying Alive

Staying Alive   1

We had to think about the key elements that keep us alive such as food, water, air, our heart. We then made a stencil to represent the key elements and used printing techniques to create our whole class image as part of our 'Staying Alive' project.

We think it looks striking - do you agree?


Picture 1
We were lucky to have a visit from a science expert. She explained all about gene therapy and we learnt some amazing facts. She was very impressed with the questions that Silver Birch asked- we have some budding future scientists in our midst. See above for an example of our learning.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Some examples of our outstanding homework. Well done Silver Birch for always going the extra mile.
Picture 1

Term 3 Wallingford Pancake Race


Thank you to everyone who came and cheered on our year 6's this morning as they took part in the annual Wallingford pancake race.

There was an excellent atmosphere as the children raced twice around the course. Looking fab in their Royalty themed fancy dress.

A special well done to Sophia and Topaz who won the girls race, and Harry who won the boys.



To celebrate our learning during our Ancient Egyptian project we invited our friends and families along to our open afternoon where we shared everything we had researched and produced during this project. 


Term 1 

We started the year studying a painting called 'Man with a donkey' by the famous artist Horace Moore-Jones. As part of this study we visited the Donkey Sanctuary at Brightwell Cum-Sotwell where we found out about the amazing work that the volunteers do there to care for abandoned and mistreated animals. This led us to think about ways in which we can help. Watch out for our fund raising event that we will be holding in the near future to raise money to help look after the donkeys. 


September 2015

Silver Birch had a fun yet educational trip to the Donkey Sanctuary which prompted us to hold a fundraising day so that we can raise money to adopt a donkey.   This was a great success and we raised enough money for every class to adopt their own donkey.





Over the past couple of weeks the children have shown tremendous enthusiasm learning how to write their own computer programmes. 

The Curriculum and Assessment at Fir Tree