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Young Leaders

Encouraging the children to take on a variety of leadership roles to build their skills in leading others and developing the skills and attributes to be part of a team is an integral part of our ethos. 


Children have the opportunity to put themselves forward for different leadership responsibilities; being a School Councillor, an Arts Ambassador, or a Values Rep. In year 6 there are further opportunities and children can choose to be a Digital Leader, a Sports Leader or a School Librarian. For each role, the children apply and get selected or voted to the role.


Leadership opportunities don't end there, children can lead on anything they may feel passionate about. We have had children raise money for different charities or lead on organising different clubs at lunchtime. 


We have sixteen members in the School Council and we work together to make our school a better place. Each class has two School Council members who they have voted for. We have regular meetings and discuss ideas and views that are important to our classes. We work hard at making sure everyone’s views and ideas are heard.


Over the years here are some of the ideas that the school councillors have discussed and voted on that made a difference:


Making playtimes safer for everyone and reminding everyone about 'no contact' games. 


Making a school reflection:

Together we would like to think about the values that are important to us. The values of Respect, Friendship, Responsibility, Courage, Tolerance and Perseverance. Values make us the person we are. Be Friends with everyone and care about each other’s feelings

Each term the Values Reps changed the last line to fit in with the value we are working on.


Raising awareness about keeping safe when crossing roads, especially when crossing on the zebra crossing on the main road. Some drivers don't stop and children need to be extra careful. School Council wrote to our local MP Ed Vaizey and asked for the crossing to be raised and he and Cllr Lynda Atkins made it happen.


Organised a sponsor run in the school field to raise money for another defibrillator in Wallingford. We raised the money and Cllr Lynda Atkins put one on our school wall for the community to use.