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Cherry Year 6

Welcome to Cherry Class 2019/20!


This page will be updated termly with information that may be of interest to you regarding projects, timetables, curriculum maps, videos, pictures and more. It will be useful to keep checking this page for any helpful documents and pages that will keep you informed about the goings-on in Cherry this year. For a more child-based insight into the class, please visit our class blog that will run alongside this site but be far more child-led and be almost entirely created by the members of Cherry themselves. Having two different sites will mean this page will be relatively clear and simple to navigate, whilst the other will be crammed full with the really interesting things we have been doing in Cherry. To find the Cherry blog, visit the link below:




Please can children bring in PE kit every day. Ideally, PE kits can be taken home over the weekend to be washed and left in school for the week. PE will happen at least twice a week, however, impromptu sessions requiring trainers have been known to happen and so that is the reason for PE in school daily. Children with earrings must have plasters or tape, appropriate footwear is essential for all, clothing should reflect the time of year (i.e. jumpers and jogging bottoms for colder periods) and finally, girls who wear tights should bring spare socks just in case. 



Homework should take about 30 minutes for each piece. It will be sent out home on a Thursday and expected back in the following Monday. This year we have introduced 'Homework Journals' to further prepare our children for life after Fir Tree. We ask that you try to look at and sign your child's journal at least once a week, in here will be things like homework tasks, reading carried out at home and dates to remember. 



We are encouraging the children to read as much as possible within school and at home so any extra help would be very much appreciated, it could be as little as 10 minutes a day with a few questions about the book.


Examples of questions for fiction books:

  • Can you explain what has happened in your own words?
  • Why did ________ decide to _________?
  • How do you think __________ was feeling? How do you know?
  • Tell me about _________ (character) - how do you know that?
  • What might happen next in the story? What has happened ti make you think that?
  • How did ___________ make you feel?
  • Would you have done the same or something different?
  • What does ___________ mean?


Examples of questions for non-fiction books:

  • What facts have you read?
  • What new things have you learnt?
  • What does this page tell you about?