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Hello and welcome to the Cherry Class webpage. Cherry's teacher is Mr Wilcox and Cherry's teaching assistants are Mrs Paxford and Mrs Eaton. This page will be updated termly with information that may be of interest to you regarding projects, timetables, curriculum maps, videos, pictures and more. It will be useful to keep checking this page for any helpful documents and pages that will keep you informed about the goings-on in Cherry this year.

Our PE days are Tuesdays (swimming) and Wednesdays (football). 


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Cherry Cake Sale


Cherry did their mini cake sale on Friday 22nd September to raise a bit of money towards the trip to Beale Park that we went on in the second week of term. We made lots of little 'top hats' which were marshmallows with chocolate Smarties on the top. Members of Cherry helped sell the cakes and in total made £105 which was roughly a third of the total we are trying to reach! Thank you if you bought a cake! 🎂💰

Take One Picture - Bird Poems


The first few weeks in Cherry have been Take One Picture. For this project, we looked at birds within a painting by Frans Snyders and then wrote our own poems inspired by the birds we saw at Beale Park. We then typed the poems up onto laptops and printed them off. After we had done that, we drew some birds that we the same birds we saw whilst at Beale Park - the macaw, sun conure and pink ibis. We then printed the typed text of the poem over the top of the drawing which resulted in some spectacular pieces of work. 

On Thursday, Cherry visited Beale Park as part of their Take One Picture project. We had an amazing time! We went and explored the bird section of the park and collected notes and vocabulary ready to write some poems inspired by what we saw. Some of the highlights included the Sun Conure birds (which Emie and Emily christened the “mango bird”) and the macaws. We then wrote our poems ready to be taken to the next level back at school. We finished the day by having a go on the giant pillow and the train - of course! 🚂 🦜 

Finding the DNA of a Strawberry


For our first science lesson of the term, Cherry class did a hands-on experiment to extract the DNA from a strawberry. With careful precision, they mashed the strawberries in a zip-lock sandwich bag to break them down. Adding a solution of washing up liquid, salt, and water, the class watched in as the cell membranes released the DNA into the mixture. The coffee filters acted as a sieve, separating the pulp from the genetic material which filtered down into a beaker below. Finally, as the students slowly poured alcohol solution into the mixture, delicate white strands of DNA began to form at the interface of the two liquids. Cherry class had successfully extracted the genetic blueprint of a strawberry!

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