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Maple Year 4

Welcome to Maple Class 



Our teacher is Miss Jordan and we also have our wonderful teaching assistants, Mrs Parker and Miss Dearlove on hand to help.


Our PE days for Term 3 are Monday and Tuesday.

Project homework is due in on Thursday 9th February.




PE - hockey

We have also been learning how to play hockey in PE lessons. Our key skills that we have practised are push passes and dribbling through various different games; these skills have then been transferred into tournaments.


Here are some of our favourite parts of hockey this term:

"Playing tournaments"

"Enjoying games and having fun"

"Complimenting other people for playing well in matches"

"Everybody having fun and getting to score goals"


As part of our topic (A Midsummer Night's Dream), we have been learning about puppets. We began by researching the different types of puppet and the mechanisms within them, followed by designing puppet characters from A Midsummer Night's Dream. The making process is well under way - to make them, we first had to use templates to trace around for the clothes. We then attached our clothes onto wooden spoons using glue and fixed wooden rods to the arms to allow the puppets to move. Next up is designing props for a puppet show of A Midsummer Night's Dream - watch this space!

English - A Midsummer Night's Dream

Our main topic this term is A Midsummer Night's Dream. We began by reading the text in reading lessons and familiarised ourselves with the characters. To do this, we created character webs which allowed us to see how the characters linked to one another, as well as identify the different personalities of each character. We also explored the setting of A Midsummer Night's Dream and used powerful adjectives to describe the forest setting.


Since then, we have put ourselves into the shoes of the character Helena and imagined how distraught she would be feeling at Demetrius' lack of love for her! As a result, we have decided to write letters of persuasion to Demetrius, encouraging him to marry Helena. Thus, we have explored formal language used in letters including rhetorical questions. 


These were some rhetorical questions we came up with:

"How could you resist my dazzling, blue eyes?"

"Have you considered how horrible it is crying yourself to sleep every night?"

"Who can deny my beautiful, shimmering hair?"

PE - gymnastics

This term in PE, one of our sports that we have been learning about has been gymnastics. Maple Class have loved exploring how to create sequences by using different apparatus. Within this, they have explored using different levels, balance and co-ordination to compose interesting gymnastics routines.


In science this term, we have been learning all about electricity. Firstly, we explored how electricity is generated and transported into our homes. We then classified electrical appliances into those that are battery powered and those that are mains powered. In the next two lessons we experimented with creating and testing electrical circuits. We discovered that circuits must be closed in order to work and we also found out that metal is the main conductor of electricity. Interestingly, we noticed that the paint on a metal chair leg turned the metal into an insulator; however, where the paint was rubbed away, the metal returned to being a conductor. 


Our focus for the first half of this term has been multiplication and division. We have explored many different methods including the formal column method for multiplication and the use of part whole models to solve division questions. Manipulatives such as counters and dienes have been very helpful in enabling us to solve both multiplication and division problems. 

Take One Piece

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Connect It by Anna Meredith

We have been exploring our Take One Piece which is Connect It by Anna Meredith. We began by listening to the piece and learnt that the piece is made only using body percussion. Taking inspiration from Anna, we had a go at creating a body percussion piece ourselves. We used techniques of canon and synchronisation when creating this. We also explored this topic in our English lessons, beginning by devising questions about Anna Meredith. Following this, we carried out research on the ipads to answer our questions and then wrote non-chronological reports about the amazing Anna Meredith.

Talented Musician

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Just before Christmas, one member of Maple Class played the whole school in and out of assembly on the piano. She has been working incredibly hard with her piano lessons!

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In Brass this term, we have learnt to play 3 different notes - C, D and E. We have also learnt about the different types of notes including crotches, quavers and minims. We have loved our lessons as we have started playing Mamma Mia!

Snow, snow, snow!

Maple Class enjoyed spending some time in the snow. We explored our maths topic of area outside by experimenting with making different 2D and 3D shapes with snow. For some of our children who are newer to the country, it was their first time seeing snow!

St Frideswide

As part of our Marvellous Mappers topic, we have been doing a local Oxfordshire study about the patron saint, St Frideswide. We began by learning about the story and acting it out. Next, we devised some historical questions about Frideswide and carried out research to answer them. Once we were familiar with the life of Frideswide, we put ourselves into the shoes of newspaper reporters and reported on the escape of Frideswide in Oxford. Read some of our excellent reports above! As part of this topic, we also created stained glass windows inspired by Frideswide.


For our first writing unit, we have been writing diary entries. We linked our diary entries to our learning about the digestive system, imagining that we were a piece of food going on the journey through the digestive system. We focused on using time conjunctions to sequence the events and expanded noun phrases to provide some excellent, graphic detail!


In art this term, we have been learning about Pop Art and have spent time creating our own Pop Art. We have traced over the outlines of our faces and used these to create Pop Art inspired self portraits. 

Children in Need 2022

This week we have been learning about Children in Need. We began by learning about the history of Children in Need, ways in which children are helped by the charity and why it is so important to raise money for them. We then completed a class challenge to show how important it is! We tried to run as many laps of the playground as possible without stopping. Everyone showed amazing resilience and overall, Maple Class managed to run a whopping 353 laps of the playground, with some of us running up to 30 laps without stopping! Well done Maple Class!!

Science (3)

To complete our science topic, we learnt about what food chains are and how they work. Then we acted out our own food chains, starting with a producer and finishing with an apex predator. 

Science (2)

After learning about the digestive system, we have gone on to learn all about teeth. We carried out an experiment to find out whether sugary drinks cause tooth decay. We put eggs into a variety of different sugary drinks and have been observing them over the past week. We recorded our results in a table and then summarised our findings at the end.


This term we have been learning about the digestive system. We began by learning about the different parts of the digestive system and spent time creating life sized versions of them. We drew around our partners and then added in all of the different organs and parts of the digestive system. In the next lesson, we carried out an exciting scientific experiment to explore the functions of each part of the digestive system. We used a range of materials to recreate the digestive system and discovered what each different part does - it was incredibly messy!


In geography, we have been magnificent mappers! Firstly, we created our own sketch maps of lower school and learnt about why a key is important. We then learnt about the different compass points and used these to follow sets of instructions around the playground. In the next lesson, we looked in detail at the different symbols that are used in a key and tried to find all of these on some real maps of Wallingford and Oxfordshire.


We had a brilliant first joint PE lesson with Ash Class where we began to learn the skill of evading in Tag Rugby. We played a game called Seaweed where children had to use their evading skills to avoid being tagged by the shark. Even Miss Jordan and Miss Hutchings joined in!


In the following lessons, we have been learning about the key 5 skills needed for a successful pass in rugby. We have also learned about the attacking and defensive formations that are used in a game of rugby.

Forest Friday

In Forest this term, we made a camp fire and toasted marshmallows on them. As part of this, we learnt about fire safety. We also spent time identifying different leaves and making leaf jewellery including necklaces and bracelets.


Thankyou everyone for all of the lovely comments! We loved showing you our work and have had a wonderful term.


In the final week of Term 1, we learnt about the causes and impacts of flooding. We then had a debate about whether flooding is positive or negative. Our motion was 'Flooding is awful'. Everybody was brilliant at considering both sides of the argument and why flooding can be both good and bad. We enjoyed our debate so much that we even went on to do a second one!

Special Visitor!

As part of our 'Rivers' project, we had a special visitor in who taught us about flooding and run off in different areas of the country. We carried out a scientific experiment where we poured water on lego (our urban area) and sponges (our countryside area) and we measured which area had more run off and was more likely to flood. We discovered that there is more run off in urban areas because it is harder for the water to be absorbed into concrete than soil. Thankyou Morag for a brilliant afternoon!


This term in English, we have been writing non-chronological reports about both river features and animals within a river. Throughout this unit, we have focused on using paragraphs accurately, as well as improving our sentences by adding fronted adverbials. We even pretended that we were newspaper reporters to help us write our non-chronological reports!


Here are some examples of our wonderful posters depicting the features of a river. Our focus in geography has been rivers and we have learnt all about the different parts and features of a river. We have learnt about how rivers are created and we have also located key rivers in the UK and other countries around the world on a map. 


Our topic in science has been States of Matter where we have been learning about solids, liquids and gases. We have spent time learning about the properties of each, as well as the processes involved when materials change state. We have done lots of interesting experiments about changing states, including melting chocolate and making ice cream. Take a look at the ice cream making process above! We have also learnt about the water cycle and we made our own mini water cycles with ziploc bags and coloured water. We stuck these on a window and the heat from the sun caused evaporation which then condensed back into water. We loved watching these develop over the week!


This term, we have started learning to play the cornet in music. We have been practising 'buzzing' with our lips and have been very successful at playing a few short tunes! Furthermore, we have started to learn about musical notation and key musical vocabulary including pulse, pitch and dynamics.


In maths this term, we have spent time learning about the place value of numbers all the way up to 10,000. We have practised partitioning and representing these numbers in a range of different ways. Finally, we have started learning about column addition. We have focused on making our work neat and laying it out carefully to help us with our adding up.


In PE this term, we have been focusing on our skills in netball. We have practised how to have quick reactions, as well as passing, marking and shooting. We have enjoyed putting these skills into some matches.


In Art, we have explored using both watercolour and paint to recreate some river paintings. In these examples above, we used Pointillism to recreate the images. We learnt about George Seurat who founded Pointillism. We practised the technique using cotton buds and paint.

Take One Picture - The Burning of the Houses of Parliament by J.M.W. Turner

Questions about our Take One Picture

We began by asking some questions about our Take One Picture, using the 5 W's and a question matrix to help us. 


In Art, we recreated Turner's painting using oil pastels. First, we identified different colours in the painting and experimented with colour mixing. Then we sketched out key shapes in the painting, such as the bridge, and tried to recreate our Take One Picture with oil pastels.


In English, we used personification to bring our writing to life and to help describe our Take One Picture. We began by acting out the personification of objects and writing sentences to go with these. Then we applied our newly learnt skill of personification to our descriptive writing.


Here are some of our favourite sentences:

"The once happy Houses of Parliament lay in ruins."

"The tepid, ravaging fire swallowed the helpless, distraught bridge quickly and loudly."

"As the flames grew, the fire ravaged the helpless bridge and everything in its path."

"The fire gleefully ravaged the crying Houses of Parliament."

Design and Technology

In D&T, we explored the different 2D and 3D shapes we could see in the bridge and how these made it an effective structure. We used this to design our own versions of Westminster Bridge and then recreated these out of newspaper, cardboard and masking tape. We then tested our bridges to see whose was the strongest. The class record was that one bridge managed to hold multiple pairs of scissors and shoes!

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