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Maple Year 4

Welcome to Maple Class 



Our teacher is Miss Jordan and we also have our wonderful teaching assistants, Mrs Hall and Mrs Parker on hand to help.


Our PE days for Term 1 are Tuesdays and Fridays. 

Project homework is due in on Friday 14th October.

Our Forest day this term is Friday 23rd September. Please make sure that your child is wearing jogging bottoms and a long sleeved top as we will still have PE that day.



Take One Picture - The Burning of the Houses of Parliament by J.M.W. Turner

Questions about our Take One Picture

We began by asking some questions about our Take One Picture, using the 5 W's and a question matrix to help us. 


In Art, we recreated Turner's painting using oil pastels. First, we identified different colours in the painting and experimented with colour mixing. Then we sketched out key shapes in the painting, such as the bridge, and tried to recreate our Take One Picture with oil pastels.


In English, we used personification to bring our writing to life and to help describe our Take One Picture. We began by acting out the personification of objects and writing sentences to go with these. Then we applied our newly learnt skill of personification to our descriptive writing.


Here are some of our favourite sentences:

"The once happy Houses of Parliament lay in ruins."

"The tepid, ravaging fire swallowed the helpless, distraught bridge quickly and loudly."

"As the flames grew, the fire ravaged the helpless bridge and everything in its path."

"The fire gleefully ravaged the crying Houses of Parliament."

Design and Technology

In D&T, we explored the different 2D and 3D shapes we could see in the bridge and how these made it an effective structure. We used this to design our own versions of Westminster Bridge and then recreated these out of newspaper, cardboard and masking tape. We then tested our bridges to see whose was the strongest. The class record was that one bridge managed to hold multiple pairs of scissors and shoes!

Times Tables Support 

Recognition Awards

In the event of self-isolation or further lockdown


In the event of your child needing to self-isolate please use the links above that your child can do in any of the subjects. In the event of our class bubble isolating or a school closure lockdown, we will be using Teams online. Your child will need their username and password to access Teams.

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