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Maple Year 4

Welcome to Maple Class 23/24



Our teacher is Miss Jordan and we also have our wonderful teaching assistants, Miss Mills and Miss Dearlove on hand to help.


Our PE days for Term 6 are Monday (rounders) and Tuesday (athletics).

Project homework will be due in on Friday 12th July.




Everyone had a fantastic trip to the Earth Trust today! In the morning, we did a walk around Round Hill and compared the land today to the land in Anglo-Saxon times. Then, the bit that everyone loved - we got to charge down the hill! After lunch, we made and cooked Anglo-Saxon bread on an open fire, as well as learning how to light fires. We also had a go at the milling process, using a quern stone to turn grains into flour. The final activity we did was drop spinning where we learnt how to turn wool into yarn. Everyone got really stuck in with the activities and had lots of fun!


Some Maple Class favourite moments:


”I loved cooking the bread on the fire, I’ve never got

to do that before.”


”Charging down the hill was so fun!”

Forest School

In Forest School this term, we got to make friendship bracelets and cook s’mores on the fire. They were very tasty - even Miss Jordan had one!

In art we have been using our observational skills to draw invertebrates. Everyone really took time and care over their drawings, using shading to create different tones and shadows. We then used these same skills to sculpt invertebrates out of clay. 


Our focus in science this term has been living things and their habitats. We have spent time understanding how to identify and classify different living things including invertebrates. As part of this, we did a minibeast hunt around the school, using identification sheets and magnifying glasses to identify what we found. We also did a habitat survey to explore any dangers to the local environment.


In history, we have been learning about the Anglo-Saxons. We began by exploring who they were and how they came to England, as well as how different their lives were from ours today. Then we learnt about some key Anglo-Saxon leaders including King Alfred and King Athelstan. As part of this, we did some drama to show how and why King Alfred united the Anglo-Saxons. We also had a debate about which King we thought was more significant and why.


This term in maths, we have been learning about decimals, particularly focusing on tenths and hundredths. We have used a range of resources to find one tenth and one hundredth of different amounts to compare the sizes.

Breakdancing and Beatboxing

We were lucky enough to have a breakdancing and beatboxing workshop. Everyone had some amazing moves to show off!

Well done Year 4 on a fabulous production of Fantastic Mr Fox. We are so proud of how hard everyone worked to learn their lines, make the props, scenery and everything else. Enjoy looking through the photos!

Active leaders session

We were lucky enough to get invited to a session at Wallingford School with the Year 12 active leaders. Everyone had a fantastic time!

Brass concert

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

Art 2

Here are all of our wonderful finished puppets!


In art this term, we have been learning how to sew in order to make puppets from A Midsummer Night's Dream. Everyone has been amazing at showing perseverance and resilience - which we have also been learning about in PSHE.

Some action shots from 2 v 2 matches in badminton, where we were practising using a range of shots including forehand, backhand and overhead.

We have been exploring how to make electrical circuits in science, as well as testing what different components are needed to create complete circuits.

History - comparing the life of 12th century children to today

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After learning about what life was like for people in the 12th century, we compared the lives of children to modern day.


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In history, we were learning more about the life of people living in Wallingford Castle during the 1100’s. We interviewed some different people to find out more. Watch this video to find out about the life of a servant.

Life of a servant

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Life of a soldier

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Life of a blacksmith

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Wallingford Castle

Year 4 have been lucky enough to have the wonderful volunteers at Wallingford Museum teach us all about Wallingford Castle. We started with a session where we compared an ariel view of Wallingford and a map drawing of Wallingford Castle. This encouraged us to think about why the position of Wallingford Castle was important when it was in use. Then we labelled the different features of the castle that we could see on the Wallingford Castle map.


We then visited Wallingford Museum where we explored some artefacts from people who lived in the castle which gave us an insight into what their lives were like. We also looked at a very detailed model of Wallingford Castle, before actually going to see the ruins for ourselves in Castle Gardens.


We have explored several types of art so far this term, including graffiti and pop art inspired by Andy Warhol.

Following on from our learning about the digestive system parts, we have started to learn about different types of teeth and their functions. As part of this, we scientifically observed some animal skulls, paying close attention to their different types of teeth. We made predictions about what type of animal we thought each skull was, based on its teeth and diet.

In science, we have been learning about the digestive system. We began by drawing around eachother and labelling the different parts of the digestive system. We then learnt about how the different parts work through a very hands on experiment. Using a plastic bag to represent the stomach, we learnt about how acid (orange juice) breaks down food into smaller pieces. The food mixture then got passed through some tights which represented the intestines and we watched different nutrients passing through the walls of the intestines. Eventually the waste mixture got squeezed out of a paper cup at the end.

Forest School

This term in Forest School, we had great fun as we did apple bobbing. We then dipped the apples in cinamon and toasted them around the fire.

Take One Piece

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Our term has got off to a flying start. We have been learning about our Take One Piece - Connect It by Anna Meredith. We learnt about using body percussion to make noises and created our own body percussion piece

To finish off our Rivers topic, Maple Class had a debate about the positive and negative effects of flooding. We used formal language to try and convince the other team off our argument.

Project homework

Here is some of our amazing project homework linking to rivers!

Forest School

Maple Class had a lovely time in the forest. We were able to build dens, play in the mud kitchen and have a go at lighting fires.

In geography, we have been doing some excellent learning about rivers. We began by locating the main rivers in the UK and the world on maps and then started to learn about the different parts of a river. We carried out research on the iPads about why rivers are important and then used all of our knowledge to create non-chronological reports about rivers. Our focus was on using technical vocabulary, as well as fronted adverbials to make our sentences varied. Finally, we went on to learn about the types of flooding and the impacts of flooding.


Take a look at some of our brilliant watercolour paintings, inspired by Claude Monet and the Impressionism movement.


Our science topic this term is all about investigating states of matter. We began by learning about what a solid, liquid and gas are and played a game where we had to act out what the particles look like in each state. In lesson 2, we focused on investigating gases and were exploring whether or not they weigh anything. To do this, we weighed some fizzy drinks, shook them to get rid of some of the gas and re-weighed them. We found that all of the gases did weigh something. 


For the first 3 terms of Year 4, we will be having brass lessons with Mr Browne and learning how to play the cornet. Our first lessons have been very successful and exciting! We have worked hard to get a buzz going on the mouth pieces and have learnt our first note - middle C.


In maths this term, our main focus is on place value. We have been challenging ourselves to become more familiar with 4-digit numbers. This has included using resources to make different multiples of thousands, as well as partitioning 4-digit numbers in a range of ways. We have also done lots of work with finding the intervals on different number lines up to 10,000.

PE - netball

In PE this term, we are playing netball. Our first lesson focused on protecting the ball when we catch it. The children said...

'This is to protect it from our opponents.'


In the following lessons, we have been learning how to shoot and mark other players.

Cricket Chance to Shine

We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to have an extra cricket lesson with a specialist coach. We played lots of games to practise key skills of catching, bowling and batting.

Take One Picture

Our Take One Picture this term was the Burning of the Houses of Parliament by JMW Turner. We began by exploring this through writing, using expanded noun phrases and personification to bring our descriptive writing to life. Here were some examples of the sentences:


'As the flames grew, the ravaging fire contentedly melted the distressed bridge by licking it with its flaming tongue.'

'The helpless bridge crumbled and sobbed in fear of the fire.'


We did lots of artwork surrounding our TOP as well, recreating it with oil pastels. Finally we had a challenge where we built bridges and tested them to see how much weight they could hold.


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