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Cedar Class  has 29  children.  The Cedar team are  Mrs Giles, Mrs Bones and Mrs Hall. Making learning fun is our speciality!  There are so many fun things  to look forward to in the year ahead.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you ever have any queries or concerns. 

PE days - Term 5 is on  Monday and Tuesday   Please wear your PE kit to school on these days and bring a sun hat for those sunny days we are long overdue!  

***EDIT 15.4.2024 - The PE focus has had to change - we shall be doing handball and cricket again this term as many sessions were missed due to poor weather last term.









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Term 5 -Take One Tale and Amazing Bodies

PSHE - A focus on friendship relationships

Science Investigation - Do people with the longest femur have the longest jump?

Art - Drawing detailed bodies in pen. Look. Look again. Look some more. Look at shapes. Look at size. Look at detail. Draw it in pen so you can't rub out. Thanks to our fantastic models, Louie and Olivia!

Cricket - Using all previous learnt cricketing skills, we experienced playing a diamond cricket game!

Science - Which could be the odd one out and why?

Collective class thoughts on  what could be the odd one out.


  • only one that doesn't have legs/feet/only one that moves by slithering
  • only one that is a reptile
  • has a very flexible spine and can coil right up
  • it's spine is made up of many bones (between 200-400 vertebrae)
  • it  may have more bones than the others

Elephant (or is it a woolly mammoth?)

  • it has tusks
  • only mammal
  • it has the biggest, strongest, heaviest bone
  • it is the only one with  4 legs/ it is the only quadruped
  • it has teeth
  • could be the only one extinct now if it is a woolly mammoth
  • maybe it has the least number of it's species left in the world 
  • it is the only one that doesn't lay eggs
  • only one with ears on the outside


  • only one that would have had feathers
  • it cold fly
  • only one with a beak/wings
  • it has small bones
  • birds have hollow bones
  • it has claws
  • it has 2 feet/ is a biped


What else could we have added?

RE - Developing a World View. What do you and others see in these optical illusions?

Forest Learning and Fun

Developing Mapping Skills - We looked on Google Earth at aerial views of the school to understand drawing with a bird's eye view.

Talitha was a beat boxing expert! We learnt many different rhythms and effects in the session. Who would have thought so many different sounds were possible?

Still image for this video

Breakdancing was brilliant fun, if not a little exhausting and challenging, too!

The results of the 'Big Waste' count for Cedar Class. Thank you to everyone who took part in the survey!

Kassim and the Greedy Dragon - story mapping to help us learn the story off by heart.

Learning about a balanced diet, different food groups and nutrients. Can you name food examples containing different nutrients? Quiz your family at home.

Measuring in cm, m and mastering measuring non-straight lines.

Learning about the artist, Julian Opie, and recreating his style

Term 4 - 'May the Force Be With You' and  Robots

Prints from collagraph

Magnetic magic trick and magnet strength testing

DT - Designing a pneumatic robot head

World Book Day 2024 - Visiting author and illustrator, Gary Northfield, shared top tips for creating and illustrating characters.

A fun PE session with Wallingford School Year 13 Young Leaders

Science - Attract or Repel?

Forest Fire Fun!

Writing - Developing word power by using a thesaurus!

Generating robot sketches ready for making a collagraph

Investigating friction

Identifying forces - Miming actions and naming the forces

Exploring Pneumatics - Pneumatics is a Greek word meaning 'air' or 'gas'.

RE - What happens if we do wrong? The word 'immoral' is the opposite of moral and means unacceptable, unfair, wrong or dishonest.

Exploring fractions

Music retrieval quiz - What can you remember?

IT - Exploring Coding with Angry Bird and Pig! Lots of children wanted to further explore this at home!

Exploring different sentence types and their effect

Science - Odd One Out?

"Maybe the odd one out is the third one because 1 and 2 have humans involved. No-one is touching anything in number 3.

"Could it be the drawer because  it is the only one that has a push and pull?"

"It's the one with the magnet because it is the only one with a magnetic force."


What other reasons could there be?




Basketball with Mr Mule

Term 3 Take One Piece and Romans

Kenning poems about Romans

A big thank you to Clare for coming in and sharing her expertise with us with talking us through some Roman artefacts and then leading our session on making clay Roman coins.

PE - Gymnastics with Mr Mule. Here is a snapshot of what they have been getting up to in lessons.

DT - Starting the making process for our chariots

Finding out facts and history knowledge about Roman chariots

Design Technology - Designing a Roman chariot

Sequencing the Story of Romulus and Remus

Making totals with the smallest number of coins

Music - Our own composition for recorders

Romans - What do we already know? What do we want to find out?

History - Learning about timelines and sequencing significant events of Roman history

Finishing off learning about Shadows from our project last term

Take One Piece - Drawing and writing a response to the music we had listened to without knowing what it was all about

Give it a title

We had to create the best name for the music that we had heard.   We had no idea what it was actually called. Why not listen to Anna Meredith's 'Connect It' and  see which you think  suits it best from the suggestions below.  In class we talked about everyone  having a different and individual response to what we had heard, therefore no suggestions are wrong!  We talked about  the need for capitalisation of the title and the possibility of using  alliteration to make it catchy. We agreed that  a short title would be more  memorable than a long  choice of words. 

Puffy Penguins

Banging Sticks

The Terrible War Goes On

Roman Fight

Banging Fireworks

Kicking Rockstar

Bang Go Intrigued Indians

Roman Battle

Banging Romans

Dance Along

Battle Brothers

Loud Lane

Tango Dancing

Titanium Hero

Sound Wave

Battle Of Shipwrecked Boats

Cavemen Singing of Torture

Banging Drums

Clap Stomp Clank Boom

People Who Kill

Music of the Beat

Noise From the Jungle

Raging Fireworks

Developing retrieval skills from a text about Anna Meredith, the composer of our Take One Piece music called, 'Connect It'.

Mrs Bones' maths group are learning about money

Extra forest Christmas session

Christmas Dinner - Siva and Sanusha do an amazing job. A massive thank you also to all parents who helped with preparations and on the day itself.

Finished Pop Up Cards

Thank you for your fabulous feedback. We couldn't be more proud of all the Year 3 children!

DT - Investigating and exploring pop up card designs. Thinking about what a professional looking pop up card needs.