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Cedar Class  has 30  children.  The Cedar team are  Mrs Giles, Mrs Bones,  and Mrs Benny. Making learning fun is our speciality!  There are so many fun things  to look forward to in the year ahead.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you ever have any queries or concerns. 



PE days - PE will be on Tuesday and Thursday each week. Please wear your PE kit to school on these days and bring a sun hat too.  


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Getting into the Christmas spirit!

Shape work with Mrs Bones

Science - Sun - Is it a hero or villain?

Maths - multiplication and division

Shape maths with Mrs Bones

Dance Workshop with Cameron - Learning a dance routine to 'Stick It to the Man' from School of Rock

Reflecting on Remembrance Day

Over several days, we read 'War Game' and reflected on what it was like in  WW1.  From the excitement of signing up to the army thinking that an adventure lay before them, to the angst of  their parents watching their children leave, to fear in battle,  camaraderie, trauma of losing loved ones  and much more.  A football game brings people together despite everything.  There is so much to reflect on in this wonderful book.

Making lighter and darker shades with watercolour paints

Science - Magnificent Mirrors!

What would happen if we didn't have mirrors?  What impact would it have on lives as we know it?



We couldn’t see what we look like. Keira

We could never see our faces and whole body. Talitha and Theo

We wouldn’t have angles. Sienna (reflection)

People wouldn’t be able to do make up themselves. Eva

No-one could see to put their hair up. Keira

People couldn’t play mirror mazes. Sienna

We need mirrors to look at and fix the underneath of cars. Margot

Mirrors are needed when brushing teeth to check you have cleaned them properly. Juliette

We couldn’t reverse properly in cars - we would crash! Tristan

Dentists use mirrors to look at the back of your teeth. Nieva

We wouldn’t have kaleidoscopes.   Talitha

Art - Creating different shades

PE - Developing hockey skills

Science - Investigating which materials are reflective?

Door challenge!

We thoroughly enjoyed the door challenge in Cedar Class!

The class wanted leaves, lots of different coloured leaves on an autumnal tree with  some wildlife. 

We set about making sewn leaves, embellished  with beads and buttons. to further develop  our sewing skills. Children chose autumnal coloured threads and accessories.  Every child made a sewn leaf.

To generate even more leaves we did leaf rubbings with crayons and pastels.   There were exclamations of, "It's magic, it really is!" going around the class.  These leaves were cut with an emphasis on professional cutting.  Some people even looked closely at the leaves, especially the veins, and created observational drawings.

The finishing touch was an owl sat in the tree. Thank you Holly!

We really enjoyed the collaboration in this project.  We have received lots of  praise  from other  children and staff  for how colourful and attractive it looks.

Have a look at the Arts web page to see all the doors from across the school.

Door challenge preparation

RE Learning about Diwali, the festival of Light

In the story of Rama and Sita, light symbolises the victory of good over evil when King Rama defeated  Ravana.  Rows of clay lamps lit their way home.


What does light mean for you? We discussed how light makes some of us feel safe and warm.  It gives some people hope.

Maths - Number Bonds to 100

Writing - Halloween poems

PSHE One of the warm up games we played recently...... there was a lot of laughter!

Stone Age Cave Art

Spelling and Maths with Mrs Bones

History and Art - Learning how to make Stone Age dyed cloth

People from the Stone Age are thought to be the first humans to wear clothes. They made things like trousers, tunics and cloaks. Animal skins
were stretched out and scraped clean. The clothes were cut out from hide and holes were made around the edges of each piece so that it could
be sewn together using a bone needle. Later in the Stone Age, people started weaving cloth which was coloured using natural dyes such as flowers,
bark, seeds and leaves. This led us to have a go at dyeing some muslin cloth. We used a hammer to  press down to extract the colour - we could hear a slight 'crunching' sound and then quickly saw that the dye had been pressed onto our cloth.  We removed any  residue of leaves and berries and then rinsed it in cold water. It was then left to dry.   Some leaves and berries were more effective more than others because of their vibrant colours  and due to their texture  and moisture content.

Drama - Getting into role as 'Ug', a character from The Stone, in a hilarious picture book by Raymond Briggs.

RE - Reflecting on Harvest

Art - Using charcoal to explore cave painting

Do you form your numbers correctly? Correct formation helps your work to be read accurately.

Growth mindset

Music - Learning the recorder

Project work - making a project page about what we have learnt.

Mental Maths - Hit the Button

Letter formation - Mrs Bones lets them write on the table!!!!!!

'Afterward, Everything Was Different' by Rafael Yockteng and Jairo Buitrago. An amazing book plus a bonus observation in mark marking skills! So much discussion is being generated looking at this book together in class, with differing views, thoughts and opinions.

Maths - Exploring number bonds to 10 and 20 through practical games and using equipment

Learning about the properties of rocks - finding out about durability, permeability and density through our own tests.

Gardening with Mel

First Forest Session

In our first forest session with Lizzy today, we were introduced to 3 important ideas.

We must look after ourselves, each other, and the forest and it's inhabitants.


We were given a tour of the different forest areas - fire  circle, mud kitchen, screen or performance area, music area, mud pit, and two camp making areas.

We were shown how to carry sticks and much larger logs and palettes safely.  We were asked to only please get mud for the mud kitchen from the  mud pit, otherwise digging holes on the paths could make them dangerous. Also, no gun play please in the forest!


The groups were given free time to explore the area for themselves. The mud kitchen was particularly popular with all sorts of potions, soups and medicines being concocted!

Water colour technique creating sunset or dusk and silhouettes of Stonehenge which we have been learning about in our reading sessions.

'Taking a line for a walk' and further exploring mark marking including adding colour

Practising different types of sentences. Can you come up with your own ideas using these structures?


Circle Time


In a circle time activity on Friday afternoon, Cedar Class were asked what they wanted their class to feel like and be like for the entire year ahead.

Below are some of the many answers they gave.


Children coming to school and going home with a smile on their faces!




Time to think

Like home/Like a family










“Feel like fizzy sweets” (feeling lots of energy)

Lots to discover/excitement


“Delicious learning”

Extra plays (for hard word)

Children will be brave/confident

Everyone will show kindness

Trying their best

Making mistakes


We are confident that we will achieve all of the above.


Which three words or phrases do you think are the most important and why? What further ideas might we add as time goes on?

Mark Making

DT- Paper challenge to make our own version of the Eiffel Tower. It wasn't easy!

Design and technology - Exploring techniques to strengthen paper. Which techniques will be best when we have a go at making our version of the Eiffel Tower?

Recreating faces in the style of Pablo Picasso on the Year 2 change over day

Below are some of the photos and learning from last academic year.

Term 6  -  The Tempest, Plants and Wallingford

Learning about The Tempest through forest learning with Lizzie

Gardening with Mel

Drama work bringing the beginning of The Tempest to life

PE - Handball

P.E Athletics - Shot put skills

These little angels have been creating and finding right-angles! (We have been talking about the difference in spelling between angles and angels!)

Acute and Obtuse angles too!

Maths - Turns

Term 5 - Take One Tale and Amazing Bodies

Fantastic 'Amazing Bodies' homework which the class LOVED sharing with each other. Thank you to everyone for all your hard and creative work!

Bradley's homework

Still image for this video

Mental Health Awareness Week - focussing on anxiety

"I liked Bradley’s game because it was very creative."  Joe


"I liked Jago’s game because the space before the end said you had to go back to the start if you landed on it. " Eriin


"I liked Matilda’s game because it was very colourful and she had used bubble writing!"  Sarah


"I liked playing Bella’s game because every time you got near the end, if you rolled a four or six, you had to go back one place." Louie


"Freddie’s was my favourite game because if you landed on number seventeen, you had to go right back to the start." Matilda


"Sinead’s was my favourite as it was really fun. I liked that there was lots of details on it." Emily

Mental Health Awareness Week - Anxiety focus

Spelling Conga!

Games and challenges to learn days of the week and months of the year

Half of us had a session in the forest before the torrential rain!

National Vegetarian Week - Making Lasagne

'Dem bones, dem bones! Can you name all these bones with their everyday and medical name?

Geography - Learning about map symbols

Dance - Exploring the main characters of Roald Dahl's book, 'Matilda' - Mr Wormwood, Miss Honey and of course, Matilda.