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Cedar Year 3

Welcome to Cedar Class Year 3 2022-2023

Welcome to Cedar Class!

 Cedar Class  now is full with 30 bright, smiling, sociable, friendly, caring and enthusiastic children who have a great appetite for fun and learning.  The Cedar team are  Mrs Giles,  Mrs Bones, Miss  Mills and Miss Walton.  Making learning fun is our speciality!  There are so many fun things  to look forward to in the year ahead.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you ever have any queries or concerns. 



PE days for term 3 are Tuesday and Thursday.  Please wear your PE kit to school on these days.




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Term 3 - Our projects are Take One Piece and the Romans

Design Technology - exploring the ideas behind wheels, axles and chassis and having a challenge to create a vehicle to carry 3 paper clips....

Learning the names of different parts of the body in French

Still image for this video
Here is a little sample of the 'Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes' song in French that we did in just one lesson.

Design and Technology - Designing a Roman Chariot

Using the '5W's and how' to improve the quality and detail in our sentences with Mrs Bones

Fantastic Gymnastics - our final lesson with the brilliant Mrs Sage who we will miss dearly.

We looked at pictures of Roman coins and then tried to recreate our own modern day version of Roman coins.

Steps to Success included..

  • large head  - make it a feature
  • side profile on the face, much like all our coins nowadays 
  • clay  not too thick or thin - too thin and it will snap!
  • smooth areas over with your finger if you make a mistake
  • some Roman numerals on it

Did you know, some Roman coins would have been worth 400 asses!

Being history detectives - asking and answering questions to find out about Roman artefacts from the Oxfordshire museum

Our observations and  ideas about the artefacts

The contents of the small box

  • Is it a piece of Roman chocolate?  Was chocolate around then?
  • Is it a rusty coin?
  • Is it a bullet from a gun? Did they have guns then?
  • I think I can see someone seating on a chair.
  • I can see two humans and two swords
  • Is it a piece from a necklace?
  • I can see writing and letters.


This is a coin of Emperor Julian II

On the reverse of the coin there is a  faint picture of a soldier with a shield spearing an enemy. Roman coins were often used to advertise victories. The inscription on the coin would be translated as ‘the return of happy times’.

The 4 items together

  • Are they tweezers for getting out splinters?
  • Is one of them a small arrow?
  • Is it tweezers for picking up small mosaic pieces?
  • I think one is a ‘hardie’ (a tool for cutting/shaping small mosaic stones)
  • A type of spoon
  • A skewer for putting meat and veg on for cooking/for cooking dormice
  • A spoon?
  • Chopsticks?
  • A spreader?


These items were actually a skewer, a stylus, tweezers and a spatula.

Skewer – used for cooking meat over an open fire

Writing stylus – for writing in Latin onto thin pieces of wood or wooden writing tablets covered in a layer of beeswax. The pointed end was used to make the letters and the flat end was to smooth over any mistakes!

Tweezers – probably used for cosmetic purposes for eyebrow plucking.

Spatula - for spreading ointment or applying cosmetics worn by rich woman. Red and yellow colours were obtained from ochres (natural earths) and white from chalk or lead.  The lead was poisonous to the wearer and would make them feel ill!

Scientific enquiry - developing the skills of a scientist

PE - Hockey

Gardening with Mel

Recorder learning

Responding to a musical stimulus

Our written responses to the music

Threshold Challenge - training the brain to remember details and revisiting learning.

Compose a group piece in the style of Beethoven's 5th Symphony, movement 1 - Skills included selecting and organising sounds, performing and evaluating.

Music - Graphic Scores

Maths - multiplying by 10 by using chairs to show the place value

Term 2 - Our projects are Light and the Nativity

Christmas Concert - Thank you to everyone who attended. We hope you enjoyed it and you were proud of your children. We were very proud of them all!

Excerpt from 'T'was the Night Before Christmas'

Still image for this video

Beautiful Pop Up Christmas Cards

Bouncing Santas - all at different stages of the making process, and all with different characters beginning to emerge. Now with finished santas too!

A little break to play in the snow.....

PSHE - Giving and receiving compliments - How does it feel and make others feel? Do you remember to say 'thank you when someone compliments you?

The sun - hero or villain? Reflecting on the pros and cons of the sun. In our lesson we considered sun safety.

Drawing by torchlight

Enjoying a PE session with the Year 6 playleaders

Music Theory

Football with Mrs Sage

Our Exhibition Afternoon - A massive thank you to all parents who were able to attend, it was so lovely to see you all.

Forest Time - always a highlight of the term for many!

Art - Skills practise exploring and making different shades of a colour

Science experiment to find the most reflective materials. Thank you to everyone who brought in a torch to use.

"I predict the shiny foil will be the most reflective, it will reflect lots of light."

"The bubble wrap will be the least reflective because it is transparent, and the light will go through it."

"The dark materials will reflect the light the least."

"The yellow paper reflected onto the light catcher card and made it look yellow."

"The smooth ones will reflect the light."

"People wear fluorescent colours like work men at night."

Surprisingly, the blue material did reflect some light."


What do you think?   Whay not try out some more materials and different colours at home?


Maths - Beginning multiplication, learning about equal groups

Children in Need - Thank you for all the donations to this fantastic cause. We enjoyed a dance and some colouring in to mark the occasion. Ms Khan even joined in with one of the dance groups!

Dipping into 3 children's classic story books in class. Has this whetted your appetite? Why not borrow these and find out how they end?


Spelling work

More rugby - so proud of the progress that the class are making!

Mapwork skills and knowledge

Second rugby lesson - holding the ball and passing the ball

First rugby lesson with our coach focussed on developing spatial awareness

Developing fine motor control and handwriting

Science - Mirrors

Term 1 - Our projects for this term are 'Take One Picture' followed by 'The Stone Age'.

Recipe for friendship!

Proudly announcing our class reps who were voted in by their class. They all gave fantastic speeches!

Some of the books we have been sharing connected to our projects about rocks, fossils and the Stone Age

Stone Age Art

How did people communicate ideas in the Stone Age?

What ideas did they want to communicate?

What did people use before paints, pencils, pens and sketch books or paper?

What things were important to people living in the Stone Age?


These were some of the ideas we considered prior to beginning our artwork using large paper, charcoal and our hands only to recreate Stone Age art. 

History - Comparing the differences or similarities between modern day life and the Stone Age

The elephant game! Who can be the last elephant standing?