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'Learning and Growing Together'

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To summarise the curriculum we provide to our children, there is something for everyone to grow and excel at.  Our school motto ‘Learning and Growing together’ epitomises our belief that everyone is a learner and we learn together. Children are given a range of opportunities to find their strengths and interests; whether academically, socially, through the arts or sports. 


Our vision and values are reflected throughout our curriculum-a curriculum that allows children to explore, investigate and question; a curriculum that excites and motivates children to want to learn; a curriculum that enriches children’s knowledge and skills that are built on each year. 


We are committed to ensuring that our children are ready for the 21st century; to have the knowledge and skills to use technology; to have the understanding and the ability to question the world around them and to be able to gather the skills and attributes of working in a team; to develop self awareness and not be afraid to fail or make a mistake. We are committed to developing children’s growth mindset and courage to go for the next challenge in whatever they are learning; giving children the opportunity to experience the arts and music; understand what being a global citizen is all about. So when children leave Fir Tree, they are ready for the next phase of their education.


The National curriculum objectives and programmes of study are at the core of everything we teach. The children develop their knowledge and skills in each subject through projects of work. Some of which are cross-curricular and others as stand-alone subjects and whole school projects as well.


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The impact of our curriculum is evidenced through the children and the work they do and the learning they achieve.