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At Fir Tree Junior School, we follow the Oxford Diocese Board of Education Scheme of Work, which is based largely on the Pan-Berkshire agreed Syllabus.


Learning about Christianity forms the main part of the RE syllabus, in accordance with National Guidelines. In addition, other world faiths including Judaism, Hinduism and Islam are also taught. Through celebrations in assemblies and embedding school values,  festivals from other cultures such as Chinese New Year and Holi are also covered.


Each unit that is taught has a 'big question' in which the children are encouraged to 'Engage, Enquire, Evaluate and Reflect'. The lessons may not necessarily be taught in a linear fashion and that in order for teaching to ensure depth and progression, 'the DFE recognises that progress in RE is not likely to be linear'. In accordance with guidelines, we at Fir Tree  ensure that the curriculum offers opportunities to re-visit and deepen understanding of core concepts. 


Please find the RE Policy that outlines our aims for teaching RE and other useful documents that gives further information on the teaching and learning of Religious Education.


Chinese New Year

On Friday 12th February 2021, the world celebrated Chinese New Year. 

Each year is named after an animal after a famous story about animals having a race across a river.

2021 is the Year of The Ox

All over the world, people celebrate the new year by watching street processions where a dragon dance would be performed to scare away evil spirits.

Despite lockdown, classes explored the story behind Chinese New Year and explored the traditions associated with this festival. 

Year 3

Year 5

Year 6

Christmas Message from Bishop Steven

The children in Sycamore loved listening to Bishop Steven's Christmas message that he sent to Fir Tree Junior.

He asked a special request of them; to send in their favourite jokes in order that he can possibly compile them into a book.


Click on the link below to watch his message

Reverend Rice very kindly sent in some instructions on how to make a Christingle orange. It is the Christian tradition to make a Christingle during Advent.


Click on the links above to view the instructions and his Christmas message


The children learnt that each part of the candle has a different meaning :-


Orange : the world

Red Ribbon : the blood of Jesus

Candle ; the light of Jesus

Cocktail Sticks : the 4 seasons

Fruit : the fruits of the Earth


On Sunday 6th December the Wallingford community was invited to join a virtual Christingle service in which people were invited to light their candle and display it somewhere for all to see.

During our assembly and lesson time , each class has been exploring the Festival of Light celebrated by Hindus known as Diwali. 


The children discovered that this is one of the biggest festivals for Hindus and lasts around 5 days.


They also understood that many Hindus consider this to be the start of a New Year and a celebration of the return of King Rama. They really enjoyed the story that all Hindu children read at this time about  how Rama and his bride Sita and wanted to see if they could spot any clay lamps that some Hindus may have lit in their windows around the local community.


The children all recorded their learning in their RE books.


Click on the link above to see some beautiful Hindi Rangoli patterns that Maple produced. 


Due to Covid restrictions, celebrating Harvest is a little different this year.


The children were extremely lucky to have Harvest assembly streamed by a recording from Reverend David Rice.


He kindly sent a clip he had created specially for Fir Tree Junior School so that all staff and children could benefit from his teaching about the understanding, meaning and values of Harvest.


Each class talked and recorded work in their RE books which helped them to understand this special Christian celebration

Above you can see some beautiful work produced by Ash class who investigated the meaning of Harvest and all the important messages to remember its meaning.