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Sycamore Year 5

Welcome to Sycamore class 2020-2021


Welcome to Sycamore class. Our teacher is Mrs Taylor, and our teaching assistant is Mrs Stockley.

Over the year we will use this page to capture snapshots of our learning, progress and experience.

Please feel free to get in touch  if you have any queries. 

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Updates - our PE days for this term will be on Monday and on Wednesday (starting 7.9.20)

Please can children come to school in their PE kits for these days (please see our Parent Information Document for further details on PE kit)

Wecome to Sycamore Class

Sycamore Tree

Sycamore have settled back to school in a fabulous manner, showing a keenness and a positive growth mind set towards their learning and behaviour.


Take One Picture

Using pastels
Blending colours together
Using water colours
Our classroom display
A poem inspired by the painting
A detailed pastel drawing

Sycamore class have had a super week enjoying their Take One Picture Project based on Claude Monet's painting 'Dusk in Venice'


Popping with lots of questions, they used expert research skills to explore facts about his life, his inspiration for his art work and the techniques he used. Lots of interesting facts were discovered including ; he had lots of  famous friends  such as Degas, Manet and Renoir, and that he mainly painted outside. Using light, he often created the same picture in different colours depending on the time of day as well as the Seasons. For this reason, he often had to work quickly. 


Having found out amazing facts about Claude Monet, the children were keen to experiment with different art techniques in their sketch books, including stippling, scrumbling and hatching. Feeling confident, they couldn't wait to apply their skills to their own recreation of the painting.


The children were fascinated to learn that Monet and his friends created an art movement known as Impressionism, and that all the artists used the same criteria for their work. These included:


- They never used black

- They used different light 

- They mainly worked outdoors

- They worked against time

- They would used layer of paints


To compliment their beautiful art work, the children rounded off their project by writing poems. By including powerful verbs, exciting adjectives and interesting adverbs, they were able to visualise what it would feel like to be painting in Venice. Using their 5 senses, they captured the atmosphere in a creative and imaginative way.


Finally, they enjoyed finding out about his other famous paintings, that were often painted at his beautiful home in France and included water lilies.